My friends Rob and James were talking to each other low enough that I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I knew they were making fun of me. They must have thought I was such a chump sitting in front of my wife and my beta male friend, who were flirting on the couch in front of me.

My Wife Flirted with My Beta Male Friend in Front of Everyone

It all started when Rob and James came over Friday night to hang out with my me, my wife Laryssa, and her two friends, Sara, and Evie. The boys weren’t expecting Andrew to be hanging out with me watching wrestling matches when they arrived, assuming the girls would be at my place upon their arrival instead. Andrew was my beta-male friend, about five years younger than all us. Because Andrew’s life revolved around WWE and Star Trek, I always felt superior to him, a beta to my alpha. Ironically, I felt like a beta to the alphas that were James and Rob. I think my relationship with Laryssa kept me in the “in crowd,” for lack of a better term. My wife was way out of my league, a perfect 10 and popular since high school. We had only been married for a year but had been dating since high school. Laryssa was the only girl I had ever been with, and vice versa.

I felt like Rob and James were judging me upon seeing me hanging out with someone like Andrew. Here we were watching WWE on a Friday night. Doing so was a typical night for Andrew, but I was usually out with either my girl, the boys, or sometimes a mix of all of us on weekends. I felt like James and Andrew were looking at me like I wasn’t on their level. I had become persona non-grata.

My wife and her friends finally came come, all of which were dressed very hot. Everyone greeted each other while Andrew just sat and looked on, which Laryssa noticed. When everyone sat down, my wife went out of her way to sit beside Andrew. Because of the lack room one the couch, my wife ended up practically snuggling my beta male friend. Andrew instinctively put his arm around my girl for comfortability’s sake, which seemed to go a long way with her based on the way her face lit up.

My Wife Flirted With My Nerdy Friend in Front of My Friends
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Within moments, everyone in the room was talking to someone except me. With the noise level as loud as it was in the room, Laryssa was forced to speak right into Andrew’s ear so she could hear him. Andrew noticed that I caught this and smirked at me. His eyes then went to my crotch as my dick began twitching uncontrivable watching him mingle with my girl. Andrew nodded to me while looking at Rob and James. The boys saw my throbbing boner thanks to him and tried to conceal their laughter while avoiding eye contact with me. Andrew whispered into Laryssa’s ear, and suddenly her eyes were watching the party in my pants.

Andrew Made Me Look Like a Wimp in Front of My Wife and My Friends

At one point, the girls all stepped into our bedroom to gab as girls do. With them gone, Rob took Laryssa’s seat beside Andrew and began to ask him about his relationship with my wife, not even caring that I was right in front of them. Andrew just shrugged and sighed, which made him a man of mystery to my two buddies. It was surreal seeing an alpha male like Rob making small talk with the beta male of the group.

My wife said she needed a man to help her lift something, and just as I was about to get up, Andrew exhaled and confidently walked over to her. They both exchanged a look and a smile before he picked up one of the boxes and carried it to another side of the apartment with one arm. Not wanting to look bad, I lifted the second box but struggled and panted in the process. I needed both hands and was wobbling all over, losing my balance as I walked. I told Andrew he must have picked the lighter box, but my wife unintentionally makes me look like a fool by saying that both boxes the same weight. Laughing to himself, Andrew walked over to me and took the box out of my arms and lifted it effortlessly with just one of his. He didn’t even break a sweat, while I needed a towel to dry off. After Andrew was finished doing what I couldn’t, Laryssa then grabbed two beers from the fridge. Once again, I looked like an idiot in front of everyone as I stuck my hand out to grab one of the beers because neither one was for me. Her hand surpassed mine and went straight to Andrew’s to hand him a bottle. The fact that she didn’t take out three beers spoke volumes to me.

Back in the living room, all the girls and guys were coupled up, making me look and feel awkward like I didn’t belong. James was with Evie, Rob was with Sara, and Andrew was with my wife. I might as well have not even been there, as no one even noticed I was there. I sat down on the other side of my wife on the armrest, but any attempt I made to talk to her was intercepted by Andrew.

Rob suggested they all head out to a pub and asked Andrew to join them. It felt like Rob was asking Andrew to come instead of me. My wife grabbed Andrew’s hand, looked into his eyes, and told him she wanted him to “come” too, making everyone in the room raise an eyebrow. She was flirting with my beta male friend right in front of me with no regard for how it would make me feel or look.

I knew she wasn’t doing it maliciously – she’s just not that kind of a person. However, she was so into Andrew at the moment that her sensitivity to me went right out the window.
“Eh…guess you’ll have to watch wrestling alone-ah…” Andrew said to me, making the boys laugh. What the hell – he was the wrestling nerd, not me! He was making me look like the beta male in front of everyone. And he was also implying that I wasn’t coming with him, my wife, or my friends to the pub.

“Have fun, sweetie,” Laryssa said right after as if she was finding a kind way not invite me. “I’ll be home later.” Andrew put his arm around Laryssa’s waist as they both turned around and headed out the door.

“Eh…you can tag along with us next time-ah…” Andrew said over his shoulder as they left the apartment. Once more, Andrew got a laugh. Making me look bad was an effective way to make him look good. Everyone was impressed with his sudden dominance.

As I looked out the window and watched my friends ditch me, I couldn’t help but notice how attentive my wife was to Andrew – she was like a girl on a date with her crush. Andrew could sense it, but kept his cool. He was acting like she wasn’t that big of a deal to her, and I could see it was having an effect on my girl.

As my buddies and my wife walked away, Andrew turned his head and caught me watching them from my window. He nudged Rob, who looked at me as well. Andrew and Rob then looked at each other and laughed, with Rob making the jerk-off gesture with his right fist. They both looked back at me and gave me a condescending thumbs-up before they were out of sight.

When I got home, I logged onto Facebook while on my laptop. As the feed was showing the most recent pics of the people I was friends with, I was suddenly exposed to a series of new pictures taken by friends of ours at the pub I had just left. I could see Andrew and Laryssa in several of those images and was taken back with the lack of awkwardness between them. They were so comfortable around each other that if you didn’t know them, you would assume they were a couple.

My wife was never an overtly sexual being, but what made it noticeable is when she was around Andrew, she was very hands-on with him. I would catch her with her fingers going through is hair or caressing his chest when they talked. I saw her reach out to hold his hand when they were walking in front of me at the time. She even volunteered to sit on his lap in front of me and everyone else at a pub we were all at, as no seating was available. The smirk Andrew gave me as she lowered her tight ass onto his crotch made my dick twitch once again, and all the boys at the table saw the movement in my pants. The murmuring and snickering surrounding me made me want to dig my head into the nearest hole I could find. I sat there the rest of the night drinking ginger ale alone while everyone else mingled. Andrew had his arm around Laryssa they socialized with my friends and hers. I left the pub early that night out of awkwardness, and when I told my wife this, she didn’t even try to stop me. She kissed me on the cheek, told me she’d see me later, and not to wait up for her.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Andrew and Laryssa all night. I know I should have been worried about losing my girl, or angry that she was opening flirting with my beta-male friend. But the more I thought about two of them together, the more my dick had a life of its own. There was so much pre-cum leaking through my boxer briefs that they were on the verge of becoming soaked. I needed a release and was relieved that I had the place to myself to make that happen.

The idea of them together was making my boner throb uncontrollably, forcing me to pull my jeans and boxer briefs down to my ankles. I began stroking my cock looking at a picture of Laryssa cuddling up with Andrew on a couch. Another picture of my wife kissing on the cheek made my balls tingle – I thought those cheek-kisses were exclusive to me, and yet my jealous came second to being turned on by this. Another picture was a group shot of all our friends, with Andrew and Laryssa in the back. Everyone else had their eyes on the camera, smiling, except for Andrew and Laryssa. They were too busy with their eyes closed and their lips locked. My wife kissed my beta male friend on the lips. I began stroking my cock at a furious pace zooming in on the two of them. He had his hands on her ass, and she had her arms wrapped around his neck. He was merely receiving the kiss; she was the one throwing herself at the moment. This was no friendly peck. My cock began throbbing uncontrollably as I realized that kiss would have probably happened even if I remained at the pub. The idea of my beta male taking my girl in front of all my friends gave me a sensation I can’t describe. I had never felt this good masturbating.

Your Wife and Your Buddy Walked in On You Jerking Off to Pictures of Them Together

I was going to come, but decided to try out this masturbation tactic I had read about called “edging.” I didn’t want this little jerk-off session of mine to end. The fantasy might have been wacky, but I had never been more turned on. The concept of what was turning my own was perplexing, but it wasn’t something I wanted to analyze at that moment. All I wanted to do was think about Andrew and Laryssa…. together…without me.

I downloaded and opened the picture of Andrew and Laryssa kissing, then split the screen went on a porn tube site looking for a couple that resembled my wife and my beta male friend. It didn’t take me long to find an amateur porn clip of a girl with my wife’s hairstyle kneeling between the legs of a big-cocked guy who had Andrew’s figure. Not wanting the neighbors to hear me watching porn, I put my headphones on. I found a picture of Andrew’s face and placed it on top of the guy in the video getting a blow job. Now my cock was at full-past. I had never been harder in my life. There was no halting this…I was about to blow my load. The sight of the two people you trusted most kissing on the lips in conjunction with the picture of Andrew’s face above the dude getting blown was too much. I jerked my cock faster than I ever had in my life, and accidentally blinded myself as the first shot of cum I released hit me right in the eye. Another went straight into my open mouth; a few shots landed on my chin and the rest on my chest. I had never seen so much of my own cum before. I looked at the reflection in the window in front of me and realized how pathetic I looked at that moment. Reality was sinking in. My beta male friend was with my girl while I was alone at home beating off to pictures of them. It was a humbling moment, but I was relieved that it couldn’t get worse.

My Dick Throbs Thinking About My Wife Cheating on Me With My Tag-Along Sidekick, Andrew
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I was so caught up in the moment that I was oblivious to Andrew and Laryssa standing over my left shoulder. I hadn’t heard them because of the headphones I had on. What were they doing back so soon?!

I wasn’t sure how much they saw, but the sight of cum dripping down my chin and my pants around my ankles with my deflated cock in my hand was enough to make my wife’s jaw drop. She was speechless as she examined the scene before her. Andrew’s eyes were on the screen. He saw that I had placed a picture of his face on top of the dude getting blown in the video. He saw the picture my wife kissing him on the lips. Without missing a beat, he took out his phone and snapped a picture.

“Eh…wait ‘till Rob sees this-ah…” he said softly to Laryssa, texting the photo while shaking his head in disbelief.

I struggled to compose myself. The first thing I did was shut off the monitor, then grabbed a cushion and placed it on top of my crotch. I grabbed a handful of tissues to wipe the cum off my face, my left eye still squinting from the cumshot that hit it earlier.

“Eh…Laryssa felt bad for leaving you here,” Andrew said to me. “We came by to pick you up.” A look of disgust was now embedded on his face. There was no way getting out of this. You were caught masturbating by your wife and your beta male friend…and you were caught jerking off fantasizing about them! The lengths you took to make your session as specific as possible was undeniable, and I knew there was no way Andrew was going to keep this quiet. Fuck, fuck, FUCK!

“This…this isn’t what it looks like!” I panicked.

“We’re gonna give you a moment,” Laryssa said to me as she turned her back and headed out the door, grabbing Andrew’s hand in the process. “Pull yourself together, sweetie.” Andrew didn’t say anything else. He just looked at me with a snarl, shook his head in disgust, and left the apartment with my girl. As the door closed, I knew that I had just inadvertently given my wife to my beta male friend.

Andrew and My Wife Walked In On Me Masturbating to Pictures of Them Together
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The incident never came up again, and although I didn’t know if Andrew or Laryssa told Rob or anyone else about what they walked in on, I felt like there was no way they couldn’t know. I knew Andrew, and I knew he would use this against me just to make me look bad. That’s just the way he treated me, regardless of how nice I was to him, regardless of the fact that I was the only guy to ever give him the time of day before his sudden popularity.

A few days later, Rob invited Andrew to the cottage, but not me. Suddenly, I knew what Andrew had felt like all this time, intentionally ostracized. I felt jealous that he was going to be hanging out with my wife and my buddy without me again, this time taking my place to go somewhere I had been going with Rob to for years.

My Alpha Male Friends Invited My Wife to the Cabin Without Me

Even though I wasn’t invited, I decided to crash Rob’s cottage getaway, assuming everyone would be happy to see me. Instead, no one got out of their chair when I arrived. Andrew and Rob looked irritated that I showed up. Laryssa coddled me, but the look on her face suggested I wasn’t welcome.

Rob used my presence as an asset though, asking me to prepare food, clean-up, and anything else he could think of. I was happy to get my hands dirty, feeling guilty about dropping into something I wasn’t invited to.

I felt like a 5th wheel while there – my wife spent all her time with Andrew, while Rob spent most of his time with his now-girlfriend, Sara. I just assumed I was sleeping in the same bed with my wife, putting my things in her room, but Rob told me to take my bags and put them in the ‘kid’s room‘, with the bunk beds. I assumed my wife and I were going to sleep on top of each other, but when I grabbed her bags, he told me to leave them, as she would be staying in her own room.

rob put me in the bunk beds, while giving my wife and Andrew their own private room

That evening, after I had prepared dinner and washed dishes, I joined everyone outside by the campfire. With no lawn chairs around, Andrew lay in the hammock nearby, while Laryssa made herself comfortable in his arms, cuddling up with his stock body. They looked cozy together, excited about something, smiling at each other every time they made eye contact. I sat alone and drank two beers, which was enough to get me drunk. I went over to take a leak, and at some point, passed out on a pile of leaves, bottle in hand, in the woods.

Shortly afterward, Rob and Andrew were outside having a smoke. Andrew walked over to where I lay, not noticing me in the darkness, and inadvertently pissed right on my face, which seemed to awaken me. Sensing movement, Andrew realized what his piss was landing on, and whistled for Rob to come over. Rob looked down and saw me laying in a pile of leaves and piss, half-awake in a drunken haze.

Rob and Andrew Looked Down at Me and Laughed Before Pissing on My Face
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“Aw, can’ I get in on the fun?” Rob asked Andrew, unzipping and grinning ear to ear.

“Eh…go ahead-ah.” Andrew replied, looking down at me with a similar grin.

Nerdy Friend and Jock Took a Piss on My While I Was Drunk at Cottage
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They both laughed like maniacs as a double blast of piss hosed me down. I saw them walk away after zipping up, but wasn’t able to move, passing out again. When I came to, my white shirt was stained yellow, and my breath smelled like piss.

I Could Hear My Wife Shouting About How Big My Alpha Male Buddy Was

When I walked into the house, Rob refused to let me in, saying I was going to stink up his cottage, and that I would have to spend the rest of the night outside. Understanding his point of view, I made myself comfortable outside of the cabin, but was unable to sleep from the noise the boys and girls were making inside. On one side of my ear, I could hear Rob’s girlfriend shouting his name and how big something was. In my other ear, I could hear Laryssa doing something physical, breathing hard, giggling. Her voice implied she was moving, but in the same place, almost like she was bouncing up and down.

Andrew and Rob Took a Piss on My Face at Rob's Cabin
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I woke up to another blast of water attacking my face, but this time, it was cool, and without a scent. Rob was laughing at me again while hosing me down with cold water. He told me to go inside and shower, justifying the hose-bath by saying he couldn’t have me smelling like piss walking into the cabin. I felt both his and Andrew’s eyes on me as I took the walk of shame, ignoring the snickers and laughter from them behind me. I was way too intimidated and humiliated to mention getting pissed on, hoping neither one of them told Laryssa about what they did to me. I mean, how was I going to explain to my her that my beta-male buddy and my best friend pissed on me?!

When I got out of the shower, my bags were missing. Looking around for them, I saw my stuff outside the door. Rob was waiting for me, thumbing to the exit, telling me they had plans, and quite frankly, I was in the way. I apologized to my best friend, telling him that I didn’t mean to inconvenience anyone. I told him I would grab Laryssa and leave at once, motioning towards her room. Rob grabbed my shoulder, preventing me from moving, and surprised me by saying she wanted to stay behind. He assured me he would be safe in Andrew’s hands, smacking my cheeks a few times before walking down to the dock, where Sara, Laryssa, and Andrew waited for him. My wife waved at me before Andrew put his arm around her, looked over his shoulder and grinned at me once again.

My Alpha Male Buddies Pissed on Me While Laughing
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My Alpha Male Friends Humiliated Me One More Time Before I Left

I scrambled to get myself together, wanting to be gone by the time they got back. I wanted to leave a note for Laryssa since our cell phones didn’t work at the cottage. I put a note on her pillow, noticing the bed was unmade, with Andrew’s stuff around the room, mixed with hers. I saw her silky panties beside the pillow and picked them up. The bottom seemed stretched out linearly, with white stains inside of it. I had stepped on Andrew’s boxer shorts on the way out, and wondered why his stuff would be in her room – surely Rob made the neighborhood loser sleep on the couch?!

I took longer than I thought because the four of them were walking back to the cottage just as I got into my car. Andrew’s hand held Laryssa’s, and noticing me, called out to Rob and thumbed in my direction. Rob and Andrew looked at each other and smiled before they all walked towards me. Rob knocked on my window and motioned for me to get out of the car. I did, and within seconds of me turning around to shut the car door, Andrew had me in a wedgie, yanking my boxers hard enough to make me squeal. If he wanted a laugh from his new friend, he got one. Sara laughed too, while my wife averted her eyes, embarrassed for me.

Andrew and Rob Humiliated Me in Front of My Wife
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Shamed and humiliated, I got back into the car with my head down, and when Andrew knocked on the window and motioned for me to roll down the window with his finger, I assumed it was to apologize. I should have known better, because once I had the glass halfway down, Andrew swiftly shoved his dirty sweat-sock into my open mouth, which got another round of laughter from Rob and Sara. The three of them walked back to the cabin without saying goodbye. Laryssa shrugged her shoulders with a ‘boys will be boys‘ expression on her face, kissed me on the cheek and told me she would be home in a couple of days. I assumed she hadn’t kissed me on the lips because my mouth was still stuffed with Andrew’s dirty white sweat sock. Pulling it out, I told her to enjoy herself, and apologized, once again, for imposing.

As I pulled out, I saw my tag-along friend and my best friend watching me from the doorway. Rob was talking to Andrew, nodding towards me, and making the ‘jerk-off‘ gesture with his right hand. That grin on his face seemed to go hand-in-hand whenever he laid eyes on me. Beside him, Andrew was shaking his head, listening to whatever Rob was saying to him. He gave me a condescending thumbs up before I turned the car and drove away.