My bully, Rob, my girlfriend, Sara, and I all attended the same college. I was more of a square, while Sara hung with Rob’s crowd – they were part of the ‘cool kids’ kliq, I guess you could say. Rob was a year older than Sara and me and loved talking to my girl. The big bully saw me as no more than an irritating fly that would not go away when he wanted her company. They’d talk during classes, and when I asked Sara what she saw in that brute, she said she saw a manly man, someone different from me.

My Girlfriend Sat on My Buddy's Lap in Front of Me
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I know she didn’t mean that as an insult, but that’s how I took it. I mean, Rob was athletic. I, on the other hand, was meek, and wasn’t the coolest guy at school. The fact was, I was lucky Sara even gave me the time of day. We weren’t as physical as I would have liked, and sex wasn’t something she seemed to be into when we were together. I was content with our love, however. She and I had an unbreakable emotional connection.

As our relationship evolved, so, too, did her friendship with Rob. There were times she’d go to keg parties with him, house parties as his date, and even spent nights hanging out with him at the gas station where he worked.

Rob enjoyed bullying me around in front of people. I once saw my girlfriend talking to him in the hallways, and as I approached them, Rob, with one hand, pie-faced me into the ground, which garnered laughs from everyone around us. Another time, I crashed a house party and saw Sara sitting on Rob’s lap, whispering things in his ear. When Rob saw me coming, he got up, twisted my arm behind my back and literally threw me right out of the party.

I always tried to conceal my humiliation from my girl, but she always caught wind of whatever Rob put me through. Straight from the horse’s mouth, actually – Rob always bragged about his domination of me. I once asked her for help after Rob suffocated me with his jockstrap and was relieved that she promised to talk to him for me.

Sara asked me to come into her dorm room the next day, and when I walked in, I was shocked to find her snuggled up with Rob on her couch.

“Have a seat, buddy!” Rob eagerly shouted at me. I made my way to the couch to the seat beside my girlfriend, but Rob immediately stopped me in my tracks.

“On the floor, numbnuts,” Rob said, chuckling. “My feet are fuckin’ killing me, and your girly hands are just the thing I need to make ‘em feel better.” I could see Sara concealing her laughter from the corner of my eye. Great, so much for Rob taking it easy on me, I thought.

Rob slipped off his smelly sneakers w/his feet, flicking them right at my head.

Big Cock Bully Made Me Inhale Sweat From His Running Shoes After Hockey Practice
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“You’re a dick,” I said to Rob in frustration. “A really big dick.” For some reason, this caused my bully and my girl to look at each other and smile.

“If having a big dick means you are one, then I guess I’ll take that as a compliment, buddy,” Rob laughed, prompting my girlfriend to laugh with him like a sycophant. Rob calling me ‘buddy’ was clearly intentional too. He was mocking me, perhaps his way of pretending he was not my bully anymore, as promised.

“Whatever,” I replied, dreading where this was going.

“You know what,” My girlfriend eagerly shouted jumping to our feet. “Let’s see who’s bigger between the two of you!”

“I laughed it off thinking she was making some sort of joke, but Rob parlayed that into a way to humiliate me once again. The big bully got up and stood in front of me.

“Great fuckin’ idea!” Rob shouted. “Take my pants off, needle-dick.”

“Fuck you, Rob,” I replied, shaking my head.

“Fine,” he said, “if you won’t maybe your girl will.”

“No need to ask me twice,” Sara replied with an ear-to-ear smile, her eyes almost glued to Rob’s. She wasn’t behaving like she was my girlfriend at all.

Big Cock Bully Made Me Scrub His Toilet Before He Fucked My Girl
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Wasting no time, Sara got and faced my bully, their bodies a centimeter apart, while I remained seated on the floor. To see them both turn their heads in my direction and look down on me caused my dick to twitch, for some reason. Sara dropped to her knees with a smile on her face. She was now at eye level with me. Sara put her hair up in a ponytail, which Rob grabbed as if it was a harness. My girlfriend didn’t seem insensitive to his touch. How inappropriate it was for my bully to touch my girlfriend in such a way! As Sara peeled down Rob’s jogging pants, the aroma of his cock sweat was almost palpable. It practically hit us in the face. It was hard not to be impressed by such masculinity. I felt very intimidated in the presence of such an alpha male.

“Now the boxer briefs, babe,” he said. The fact that my bully called my girlfriend “babe” without her flinching troubled me. I watched in shock, unable to speak, as Sara slipped off my bully’s underwear, her face now millimeters away from his crotch. Rob’s thick beer-can nine-inch cock leaped out at her, tracing her lips upon being set free. Rob wasn’t lying about his big dick. It was thick, and his balls were shaven and smooth. His girth kept bouncing on my girlfriend’s nose.

“Your turn, little dude,” Rob said with a smile.

“You better do it,” Sara said, licking her lips. She was holding onto Rob’s big cock like it was a handle. Her face remained a hairline away from his big round and hairless ballsack. I felt so out of place, like I was the wallflower being taunted by the cool kids at school. Not wanting to seem like a party pooper, I got up and pulled down my pants. I was hard as a rock in spite of my humiliation. I began to shrivel up as both Sara and Rob broke out laughing.

“Why are you hard?!” My girlfriend asked me, dumbfounded. “I mean, I get why Rob’s hard – there’s a girl’s hand on his big dick. But what’s your excuse, honey?”

“Forget that, where’s your dick?” Rob asked rhetorically while pointing to my crotch, making my girlfriend laugh even harder.

“I know, right?” She said looking up at Rob with her arms out, as if someone understood her for the first time.

I pulled up my pants and ran out of my girlfriend’s dorm room, humiliated beyond belief. I wasn’t in a rush to get back, afraid of what I would come back to. I didn’t talk to anyone for the rest of the day, including Sara, walking around aimlessly, trying to process what had just transpired. Hours later, Sara texted me to say she had some good news for me, and to meet her in the parking lot in front of the school before class the next morning. I tried to bring up her behavior around Rob, and how it made me feel. Sara cut me off and told me they were just having a little fun, and that I had “nothing crazy had happened.” Trusting my girl, I calmed down and told her I’d see her in the morning.

I saw Sara enter Rob’s 4×4 truck at school the next day. She asked me to meet her at 10 am, so I still had a half hour or so before that. I went to class but left early when it was time to meet Sara. When I walked out, I seemed to have everyone’s attention. It was like people were waiting for my reaction to something. Some of my friends wouldn’t make eye contact with me, while other students snickered as I walked by them. The windows of Rob’s truck were fogged up, for some reason – I assumed they were ‘hotboxing’ with some good weed, lucky them. I knocked on the passenger’s window, and out came my girl, a smile on her face, her hand wiping away a dripping transparent liquid stream from the side of her mouth. I looked up at Rob who had an ear-to-ear smile on his face. He winked at me and zipped up his jeans.

When I caught up with her, Sara told me the good news she mentioned over the phone. She said that Rob was willing to go easy on me, which I was relieved to hear.

“I made him see that you’re more than just a beta male,” My girl said to me, kissing my lips, which seemed glossier than usual. My girlfriend’s lips tasted unusually salty, too. “He won’t be so hard on you now.”

Sara was partially right about Rob no longer bullying me. Rob did indeed stop picking on me just because he could, and instead, slapped me around a little anytime I didn’t do things to his satisfaction. You see, my girlfriend convinced my bully that I was a hard-working guy with a can-do attitude. This realization didn’t bode well for me, unfortunately – Rob decided to make me his personal errand boy. In exchange for doing what he told me to do, Rob promised not to beat me up anymore. It was a deal I couldn’t refuse, even if I wanted to.


Suffice it to say, Rob had broken me by that point. One day I was in his dorm room scrubbing the big bully’s toilet when he suddenly warned me to hurry up and get out.

“I got a girl coming over soon,” Rob said to me. “You gotta be outta here before she arrives. She doesn’t want you to see her sucking my big dick”.

My Girlfriend Struggled to Get My Buddy's Big Cock in Her Mouth
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Without missing a beat, I hustled. However, I didn’t see what the big deal was if I happened to see the girl. My bully had plenty of different girls over while I cleaned up his apartment, ironed and washed his clothes, and prepared his meals. Why couldn’t I see the latest girl who was going to worship the big bully?

“Is she shy or something? “I asked, trying to make conversation while scrubbing the inside of his toilet.

“Or something,” Rob replied with a smirk. “I’ve been banging this girl for the last month or so.”

“Cool. Is she anyone I know?“ This seemed to amuse Rob as he grew an ear-to-ear smile.

“Oh yeah, “He devilishly replied with a wink. “But not as well as you think.”

His response was cryptic, but I didn’t read too much into it. Besides, it was impressive how easy it was for Rob to score chicks, at least to me. Women were naturally drawn to him, and he never had a problem sealing the deal. He’s had all kinds of women – club girls, corporate lawyers, doctors, even his bosses. I’ve tagged along behind Rob holding his bags and idly waited while strangers flirted with him. Every girl who ever gave Rob their numbers ended up getting his big dick in exchange. Hell, I even drove Rob around while girls attempted and struggled to suck his huge cock. They all tried to handle his full girth, and from what I saw, most girls could only handle half the size of my bully’s thick dick.

I hadn’t been spending as much time with Sara by that point also, but it’s wasn’t like she was sitting home waiting for me. Like Rob, she was popular, and part of the same social circle as him. Sometimes when she was free, I was too busy tending to Rob’s needs, and when I was free, she was out who-knows-where. Our busy schedules began to distance us. I knew I had to start spending less time taking care of Rob if I ever want to rekindle the romance between my girl and me.

I was so lost in thought that I hadn’t realized Rob was standing right over me taking a piss with my hand right in the toilet. I pulled hit out before his piss landed on my skin, causing Rob to chuckle. I tried to move away, but Rob stuck his leg out to prevent me moving.

“Just stay put,” He said as if it was a command he was giving a child. I didn’t say anything when a drop of his piss landed in my hair before he finished. I flushed the toilet for Rob as he washed his hands. My bully grabbed a paper towel, dried his hands, and threw the crumpled-up paper at my head. The paper towel ricocheted right into the wastebasket. I didn’t even question whether he was aiming for the trash.

“Hurry up and finish,” Rob said walking out. “She’ll be here any minute. Show yourself out when you’re done. Wash your hands, too. Can’t have your pissy hands touching doorknobs ‘n shit, you know?”

“Yeah, I’m almost done, I’ll be right out,” I said, obediently.

“Good boy,” Rob said with a wink before leaving my line of sight.

It took me another five minutes to finish cleaning the bathroom and washing up. Just as I opened the front door to leave, Sara stood in front of me outside the door with her hand raised. She was clearly about to knock. What was she doing here? Rob said he had a girl coming over to worship his big dick. I was trying to leave hastily so I wouldn’t cockblock him, but now that my girl was there, I had to convince her to leave with me before Rob’s girl arrived.

Strangely, Rob was just looking at the two of us with his arms crossed, curious as to what was about to unfold between the three of us. It was like he was expecting my girl to be there. Could he have invited her, and if so, why would he do that knowing his mystery girl was about to worship his big cock?

“Oh, hi honey,” I said with a look of confusion on my face. “He’s got company coming, so I’ll walk you out. What are you doing here, anyway?”

“I told you what she was doing here, numb-nuts,” Rob laughed over my shoulder. “At least, what she will be doing.” This time Sara was the one who got the wink.

“Oh no…” I muttered.

“Oh yeah,” Rob replied as he pulled my girl into his arms. My bully lifted his foot, placed it on my ass, and shoved me right out the door. ”Fuck yeah.”