Author’s note: this is another take on Joseph’s story, the original one you can read here if you like.

Laryssa lay in bed at night, waiting for Joseph to come home. Her boyfriend slept peacefully beside her, oblivious to her mischievous intentions. You see, Joseph wasn’t Laryssa’s boyfriend, he was her boyfriend’s next-door roommate.

Laryssa Had a Crush on Her Boyfriend’s Roommate

Joseph was a few years younger than Laryssa and her boyfriend, in his early twenties. He tended bar on weekends, played video games on weekdays and occasionally played ice hockey with his jock buddies on weeknights. When he worked, it wasn’t unusual for him to come home around 4:00 am. Laryssa originally didn’t like staying over at her boyfriend’s place, as it housed four other guys in total, but as of late, she was coming over more to see Joseph than her own boyfriend.

Laryssa was somewhat of a goody-two-shoes, raised in an upper-class neighborhood with wealthy parents, going to the best schools and never wanting for anything. She lived away from her family during university, and that’s where she met her boyfriend, the only guy she had ever had sex with. Like Laryssa, her boyfriend was a saint, and they meshed well together. She never thought of anything sexual beyond him, but when she got to know Joseph, her desires seemed to change.

Joseph was manly, the polar opposite of her boyfriend

Joseph was a bit of a slob, a typical guy, with dirty clothes thrown on the floor, unwashed dishes in the sink, and cumshots left dripping down the bathroom tiles after ever shower he took. He was the polar opposite of her boyfriend, and that’s what drew her to him.

Laryssa’s boyfriend often talked about Joseph’s lack of cleanliness, emphasizing his roommate’s lack of respect for the other tenants. While she sympathized, she was in awe of the amount of cum Joseph left dripping off the bathroom tiles after showering. There was nothing wrong with her boyfriend sexually, and she never thought about semen one way or another, but the amount of cum her boyfriend said was left on the tiles each morning seemed like an exaggeration. It wasn’t until she saw some of his mess in person that she realized her boyfriend wasn’t exaggerating at all. Joseph left a Jackson Pollock of cum dripping down bathroom tiles, a copious amount that implied something about his package, which seemed to go along with his somewhat deep voice – at least a voice deeper than her boyfriend’s.

Laryssa Saw Her Crush’s Cum Drip Down the Bathroom Tiles

She lay in her boyfriend’s bed one evening, listening to Joseph cheer and rally his favorite team, the Maple Leafs, during a hockey game he watched on television. She knew he was talking to his buddies over the phone, touching herself listening to a bunch of jocks clamoring on about nothing important, at least to her. Her fingers circled her pussy each time she heard Josephs’ voice, getting wetter the louder he got. She shut her eyes and imagined Joseph carrying on that loudly while on top of her, imagining him looking down at her with a smirk on his face, his big dick throbbing inside of her. When she was about to orgasm, her boyfriend walked in. Eager to release her sexual tension, she came on to her boyfriend, throwing herself at him. She felt beyond disappointed when her boyfriend said he was tired and just wanted to go to sleep, mentioning something about already masturbating earlier. Laryssa decided to go back to her own place and masturbate, but as she came out of her boyfriend’s room, so did Joseph, who was leaving the bathroom and about to re-enter his bedroom.

When their eyes met, Joseph could tell she was eager to see him. Her eyes lit up, her smile flirtatious, her hands touching his arm and chest a little too much as they made small talk for a few minutes, with Joseph cutting the conversation short to get back to the game. Joseph was caught off guard with all the attention his roommate’s girlfriend was giving him. He wondered if he made a mistake dismissing her so quickly.

“Could I have hit that?” Joseph pondered to himself.

He masturbated in bed after the game thinking about Laryssa, her beautiful tits, her perfect ass, her innocent looks, not realizing that she was masturbating at the same time thinking about him.

The next day, Laryssa came over to her boyfriend’s place earlier than he was expected to be home, intentionally. She planned to knock on Joseph’s door, coming up with an excuse of being locked out of her boyfriend’s room, with the intention to hang in his room till he boyfriend got home. She had no plan, no motive, she just yearned to be near him – this dirty jock, this alpha male, this stud who spewed enormous cumshots on a daily basis. She didn’t have to go to such lengths when she arrived, as Joseph was in the kitchen making a sandwich when she walked in the unlocked door.

Joseph offered Laryssa half of her sandwich, and though she wasn’t hungry, she ate with him, just so she could spend some time with the hockey jock. The other roommates were home and passed by the Joseph and Laryssa talking in the living room, noticing the sexual tension between them. It was clear Laryssa was doing most of the flirting, while Joseph just took in all the attention he was getting. When her boyfriend came home and joined them in the living room, Joseph and Laryssa looked at each other with disappointment. At that point, it was clear they were both on the same page, feeling each other’s chemistry.

Laryssa’s boyfriend took the opportunity to bring up the cumshots on the tiles, trying to look authoritative in front of his girlfriend. When he asked Joseph to clean up his messes, Joseph could feel Laryssa’s eyes on his package.

“I’ll find someplace else to dump my load.”

“Sure, buddy,” Joseph said to Laryssa’s boyfriend. “I’ll find someplace else to dump my load.” He winked at Laryssa before walking away, noticing her legs quiver as he did. Joseph was all but certain he made her cum without touching herself at that moment. He was right.

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“I’ll Find Somewhere Else to Dump My Load.” Joseph Said to Laryssa’s Boyfriend While Looking at Her

Joseph went to work the next evening, while Laryssa and her boyfriend went to bed around midnight. Around 3:50 am, she woke up without awakening him and prettied herself up in the bathroom. She heard Joseph trample in the hallway, walking past the closed bathroom door. She walked into Joseph’s room, happy to see he hadn’t locked it yet, as a knock might have awoken her snoring boyfriend. You could not have scrubbed the cocky smirk off Joseph’s face when he saw his roommate’s girlfriend approach him, wearing something straight out of a Victoria’s Secret catalog.

“How was work?” She asked him with a devilish smile, her hand caressing his chest and torso.
“It was good.” He said, the hard-on in his jeans getting thicker as her fingers traced his upper body. “Long night.”
“Can I help you…unwind a little?” She said, not-so-innocently.
“Only if you ask nicely.” He said, the smirk on his face growing, with only a centimeter of space between their bodies at this point.
“Please?” She asked him, smiling, and looking up.
“Please, what?” He said, knowing he was making her wet by getting her to beg for it.
“Please…” She whispered, lowering herself slowly to her knees. “Let me help you relax after such a long day.” She unbuckled his pants like a kid on Christmas morning opening presents.
“Have at it, baby.” He said, watching her pull his boxer briefs down.

“It’s even bigger than I imagined it would be.”

Joseph’s fat cock had a life of its own and leaped at her the second his boxers were pulled down. She could smell the sweat, leftover piss and pre-cum fill her nostrils. As his big dick traced her lips from left to right – without either one of them touching it – she could taste the salt from his pre-cum.

“It’s even bigger than I imagined it would be,” Laryssa said, using two hands to hold his big dick, looking at it, mesmerized.
“You imagine what my dick looks like?” Joseph asked her, half-joking, half surprised.
“Only when I touch myself.” She said with a smile, stroking his dick before sticking her tongue out and licking the head of his dick, his pre-cum leaving a trail between her lips and his cock. She was cupping his big, orange-sized balls with one hand and stroking the base of his shaft with the other. Laryssa realized she was going to need two hands to stroke him properly. She was in awe of holding another man’s dick and needing both hands to do it.
“Good girl.” He said, chuckling, not wanting to do any more talking. He grabbed hair long blond hair with both hands and guided the back of her head back and forth while she struggled to get as much of his huge cock in her mouth. It was clear she had never given head before, but he didn’t care. He felt honored that she wanted to do this for him.
“I’m not very good at this…” She said when taking the head of his cock out of her mouth, wiping the pre-cum trail away that was attached to her lips.
“I can tell.” He said, looking in the direction of her still-snoring boyfriend’s room.
“This…this is what a real man is supposed to taste like…”
“Heh heh…real man, eh?”
“Yeah…fuck yeah…”
“You are not who I thought you were. Not that I’m complaining.”
“I never…I never wanted to do the things I want to do to you with anyone else, ever.”
“Then open your mouth and show me what you got, babe.”
“You fucking stud. You mppphphhpph-—”

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Joseph aggressively shoved his cock straight into his roommate’s girlfriend’s mouth, taking pleasure in watching her gag, trying so hard to accommodate his girth. His crotch thrust into her face rhythmically, and it didn’t take long for her to get into a grove. She was mindful of his comfort, using her lips and teeth to cover her teeth.

My Girlfriend Seduced My Next Door Roommate
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Joseph looked down at the girl worshiping him as a reward for a day’s hard work. She was like a gift given to him that he didn’t even ask for. He sighed, closed his eyes, and enjoyed the blow-job, and neither he nor Laryssa realized the snoring in the next room had stopped. When Laryssa began to suck harder and faster, knowing Joseph was about to blow his load, they were interrupted by someone clearing their throat. Neither one of them had to look to the doorway to know who was standing there, watching them.

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Laryssa assumed her boyfriend must have gotten up to use the bathroom, and looked in Joseph’s room, wondering why his girlfriend wasn’t in bed. Joseph assumed both he and Laryssa must have made too much noise, awakening his roommate. And yet, neither one of them slowed down, let alone stopped what they were doing. Joseph was about to cum, and no guy stops right before that moment. Laryssa had gone through all of this and didn’t want her boyfriend ruining this moment for her. Neither one of them knew what they were going to say or do after they were done, but they were caught in the moment, and nothing else mattered.

I Walked In on My Roommate Cumming on My Girlfriend's Face
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Joseph cocked his head back, pulled his big dick out of Laryssa’s mouth, held her chin and stroke his throbbing, pulsating dick. The first load of cum blasted her right between the eyes, the second and third shots landed in her hair, the fourth on her forehead, the fifth covered her mouth, and the rest poured onto her cleavage. Even Laryssa’s boyfriend was impressed with Joseph’s orgasm, his domination of his girlfriend leaving him speechless.

“Well, at least I didn’t leave it on the bathroom tiles this time.” Joseph chuckled to himself, giving his roommate the thumbs-up, backing away from Laryssa, who was still on her knees. He grabbed a towel and wiped the cum off his fat cock and big balls before tossing it to Laryssa, who wiped up her face and hair with it. By the time she turned around to look at her boyfriend, he was no longer standing there, seemingly back in his room. Laryssa looked at Joseph, and the two of them shared a smile before she walked out of the room.

Laryssa and her boyfriend lay in bed together, not saying a word to each other, not knowing what to say. They were both on their backs, staring at the ceiling, wide-eyed. Unlike them, Joseph slept peacefully in the next room, out cold and snoring loud enough to wake the dead.


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