Andrew and I were polar opposites. He was your typical meathead bully, and I was the cliched nerd he liked to pick on. One day I was playing cards with some friends when Andrew joined the table. The bully got along with everyone except me, so when he sat down, he suggested it was time for me to go.

Rival Cuckold Stories: My Girlfriend Went Out on a Date With My Bully

“You can leave now, buddy,” Andrew said as he nudged me in the arm. “Before you go, grab me a soda.”

When I told Andrew to get his own soda, it was because I didn’t want to look like a pussy in front of my friends. Andrew wasn’t in the mood for my bravado, though. Andrew told me that if a soda wasn’t in his hands within the next 30 seconds, he was going to beat the shit out of me. I acted tough like I wasn’t intimidated, but the truth was, Andrew was about 6’1”, while I was 5’9”. He had the body of a linebacker, outweighing me by at least 100 lbs.

One of my friends at the table, Rob, was filming this confrontation with his phone, and I wish he hadn’t been, because he put the footage on his Facebook page, tagging me in it, so everyone on my friend list could see it. Rob recorded Andrew grabbing by the front of my shirt, slapping me on both cheeks a few times, then tossing me out of the room with one hand effortlessly. The guys laughed as he did it and fist-bumped him as I scurried away in embarrassment.

My Bully Beat Me Up at Poker Table in Front of My Girlfriend
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My girlfriend, Laryssa, had already watched the video multiple times by the time I called her to whine and complain about how big and strong Andrew was in comparison to me. When I told her the details of what happened, Laryssa told me I should be thankful that Andrew didn’t do worse, that he clearly went easy on me, and that I should thank him for restraining himself. The weird thing was, as she was telling me this, I could hear her vibrator in the background in addition to the audio from Rob’s footage.

The following Friday, Laryssa and I had a double-date with Rob and his girlfriend, Sara. I got called into work at the last-minute, telling my girlfriend to go without me. With a mischievous smile, Sara whispered something into Rob’s ear, and with a smirk, Rob asked Laryssa if she wanted Andrew to come. The mere mention of the bully’s name made my girl’s eyes light up. I clenched my first at the thought of Andrew going out with my girl, invited by a friend of me, no less.

After I finished work, I drove straight to my girl’s apartment and when I pulled up, as I assumed she would have been home by then – she wasn’t responding to any of my texts all night. Sure enough, there she was, standing in front of the building…with Andrew standing in front of her. They were facing each other, and my bully’s hands were around my girl’s waist as they talked. I got out of the car, and both their eyes went to me. Laryssa, startled, pulled away from Andrew, whispered something in his year, and walked into her building holding my hand. Andrew looked at me with a snarl on his face, spit on the ground in front of me, and walked away.

Laryssa said she had a great night with Andrew, Rob, and Sara. She was happy she got to know Andrew, calling him a great guy who made her laugh all night.

“What made him so funny?” I asked my girlfriend.

“If you really want to know,” Laryssa replied, “He made fun of you for most of the night.”

I felt a twinge of jealousy knowing that the girl I planned to marry one day had a good time with my rival. Laryssa surprised me even further by telling me she invited him over for dinner the next day, along with Rob and Sara. I reminded her that I had to work that evening, but she insisted that the four of them would be fine without me.

I tried to get comfortable in Laryssa’s apartment, but she told me she didn’t want me to spend the night, as she was pretty tired. I asked why she brought me up in the first place, and she flat-out told me if she hadn’t, Andrew would have slapped me around in front of her. My girlfriend was implying that she had saved me from my bully. After a quick peck on the cheek, Laryssa shooed me out, and I made my way back to my car. From my peripheral vision, I saw her text someone as I left.

As I pulled out of my parking spot and drove away, I saw Andrew walk towards my girl’s building. I was thankful that our paths didn’t cross without my girl around. I didn’t know where he was going and I didn’t care. As long as it wasn’t anywhere near me.

My Bully Dressed Me Up Like a Sissy Before I Cooked Dinner For Him and My Girlfriend

Laryssa asked me to come by her place the next day as she thought everyone would love my cooking. I was so happy that she invited me, though I was concerned about how Andrew and I would get along. When I brought this up to my girl, she was getting herself dolled up real pretty – she had just gotten her hair done, and the new Victoria Secret outfit she had on was sexy as fuck. Laryssa corrected me by saying I wasn’t invited, that it was just going to be herself, Andrew, Rob, and Sara at the dinner table, but she did appreciate my help with all the food. Sensing my disappointment, Laryssa suggested that I stick around for a while, and if things got tense between Andrew and me, that I should take the initiative and leave. After all, I wasn’t invited in the first place.

When the guests arrived, I kept to myself preparing the table, getting the food ready for the four of them, tidying the kitchen, and refilling everyone’s drinks. Andrew insisted that if I was going to be doing all of those things, that I should at least wear an apron. The only one Laryssa had was a pink frilly one, very feminine, but when Andrew told me to me put it on the second time, I knew I would feel his wrath if he had to say it to me a third time. Rob and Andrew snickered at me as I tied the string around my waist. Laryssa was watching Andrew, not me, when this was happening, while Sara couldn’t even make eye contact with me.

Afterwards, I noticed that Andrew and Rob were talking to each other low enough that I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I knew they were making fun of me. Also, I couldn’t help but notice that my girlfriend went out of her way to sit beside Andrew. She was practically snuggling my bully. Andrew instinctively put his arm around my girl for comfortability’s sake, which seemed to go a long way with her based on the way her face lit up. With the noise level as loud as it was in the room, Laryssa was forced to speak right into Andrew’s ear so she could hear him. Andrew noticed that I caught this and smirked at me.

Shortly afterward, Laryssa went to get something from her bedroom, and once inside, shouted out that she needed a man to help her lift something. Just as I was about to get up, Andrew exhaled and confidently walked over to her. They both exchanged a look and a smile before he picked up one of the boxes and carried it to another side of the apartment with one arm. Not wanting to look bad, I lifted the second box but struggled and panted in the process. I needed both hands and was wobbling all over, losing my balance as I walked. I told Andrew he must have picked the lighter box, but my girlfriend unintentionally made me look like a fool by saying that both boxes weighed the same. Laughing to himself, Andrew walked over to me, took the box out of my arms, and lifted it effortlessly with just one of his. He didn’t even break a sweat, while I needed a towel to dry off. After Andrew was finished doing what I couldn’t, Laryssa then grabbed two beers from the fridge. Once again, I looked like an idiot in front of everyone as I stuck my hand out to grab one of the beers because neither one was for me. Her hand surpassed mine and went straight to Andrew’s to hand him a bottle. The fact that she didn’t take out three beers spoke volumes to me.

I decided to make my way out the door as I felt like a complete 5th wheel. I tried to speak to my girlfriend before I did, but Andrew intercepted the conversation and got all her attention. No one noticed me leave the apartment except for Andrew, who looked me right in the eye and gave me the finger while I closed the door behind me.

I went over to the pub across the street and decided to get a little drunk. I figured I would leave my car in the parking lot and cab it home. I was trying to process everything that was happening. I was in denial that I was losing my girl to my bully, but the alcohol put things into perspective for me. It’s funny what a few beers can do for your confidence – perhaps not in a good way – because within a couple of hours I decided to be brave and confront Andrew, to stand up to him, to look like an alpha male in front of my girl!

When I got to her apartment, the door remained unlocked, which told me Laryssa was so into Andrew’s conversation when I left that she neglected to even lock the door. I made my way inside and stepped all over everyone’s shoes. The lights were very dim in the living room, while giggles and moans came from the couch. I switched the lights on, Andrew and Laryssa pulled apart from each other, startled to see me. Rob, on the loveseat beside them, turned his head around to see me, while Sara quickly rose from her knees to her feet.

My Buddy and My Bully Fucked My Girlfriend and Her Best Friend
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“Fuckin’ cockblocker.” I heard Andrew mutter to Rob. From my peripheral vision, I saw my girlfriend pulling her skirt down and adjusting her blouse.

Laryssa got up, walked towards me, and asked me what I was doing there. I was about to speak my mind and say what I mentally rehearsed in the pub, but before I could utter one word, Rob jumped up from the loveseat and intercepted though.

“Turn around.” He said to me, his eyebrow arched, a look of seriousness on his face. “Believe it or not, I’m saving you here, bro.”

I looked over at Andrew, who had his arms crossed. He was shooting daggers at me with his eyes. I also noticed that his belt was unbuckled, his jeans were unbuttoned, and his zipper was down.

After Fucking My Girlfriend, My Best Friend and My Bully Took Turns Pissing on Me

With my head down, I waddled out of her apartment dejected for the second time that night. I walked back to the pub, and about a half hour later, I got a video text from Rob – who seemed to have sent out a group text. It was a Snapchat POV video from his phone of Sara kissing his chest and moving her lips from his stomach to his crotch. She began to unbuckle his pants when suddenly, Andrew’s voice was heard. He said something to Rob, causing him to shift the camera to the right.

It was Andrew who was now on camera, relaxing, his eyes closed, a smirk on his face. You couldn’t see from his waist down, but he was clearly gripping something with both hands, guiding it in a rhythmic motion. Andrew was breathing heavy and slow. His moans echoed by a wet suction sound beneath him.

My Girlfriend Sucked My Bully's Big Cock While I Got Drunk at a Pub
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Suddenly, Andrew’s eyes opened, and that cocky smirk on his face grew into a full-blown smile. He raised his hand and gave the finger to the camera. Just as the camera’s POV started to fade out, the footage stopped. I assumed the Snapchat’s time limit had been reached.

Comments began to form under the video, most of which were thumbs-up emoticons, and words of support for the guys, but of what I didn’t know. I wondered to myself if Rob had sent that to me accidentally, via the mass-text, or did he want me to see whatever he and Andrew were up to?

Now even more shitfaced, I decided to go back to Laryssa’s apartment with some more liquid courage in me, but the fact of the matter was that I was a lightweight drinker. It didn’t take much to get me drunk, and by the time I got close to Laryssa’s building, I tripped and fell over something and landed onto a pile of leaves in the grass. I was so out of that that I didn’t want to get up. The world was spinning, and I didn’t have the strength to get back on my feet. I told myself I would rest for a few minutes before heading back to Laryssa’s place. I must have been camouflaged into the ground as anyone who walked by missed me completely. I figured it would be best if I just took a little drunken nap for a bit. Again, I was hammered, so logic was out the window.

Shortly afterward, Rob and Andrew came outside to have a smoke. Andrew walked over to where I lay, not noticing me in the darkness, and with a cigarette in his mouth, he unzipped his jeans, took his cock out, and inadvertently pissed right on my face, which awakened me. Sensing movement, Andrew realized what his piss was landing on, and whistled for Rob to come over. Rob looked down and saw me laying in a pile of leaves and piss, half-awake in a drunken haze.

Rob and Andrew Looked Down at Me and Laughed Before Pissing on My Face
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“Aw, can’ I get in on the fun?” Rob asked Andrew, unzipping his jeans and grinning ear to ear.

“Eh…go ahead-ah,” Andrew replied, looking down at me with a similar grin.

My Bully and My Best Friend Pissed on Me After Fucking My Girlfriend
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They both laughed like maniacs as a double blast of piss hosed me down. I saw them walk back into Laryssa’s building after zipping up, but wasn’t able to move, passing out again. When I came to, my white shirt was stained yellow, and my breath smelled like piss.

Eventually, I mustered the strength to face my girl and my bully. I knocked on Laryssa’s front door, which was now locked. Rob answered the door but refused to let me in. He flat out told me it wasn’t a good idea for my girl to see me drenched in piss. I wanted to tell him that half of the piss I was soaked in was his, but I figured what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. After all, he couldn’t have possibly known that he had taken a piss on me earlier. I’m sure of it. I understood his point and began to walk away. As Rob shut the door, I could hear Laryssa doing something physical. She was breathing hard. Her voice implied she was moving, but in the same place, almost like she was bouncing up and down.

My Bully Fucked My Girlfriend After Pissing on Me
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