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Buddies Tied me Up Before Spit Roasting My Wife

I don't know what my friends were doing to my wife, but I could hear her being pushed backwards and forwards while slobbering on what sounded like a Popsicle.
My Big Dick Buddy Was Promoted as My New Boss

I convinced my wife, who was also my boss at work, to hire my big-dicked buddy as my assistant. She hired him as my new boss and made me his assistant.
My Wife Left Me for My Alpha Male Friend

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Andrew Shoved His Dirty Sock in My Mouth

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My Wife Flirted With My Tag-Along Friend in Front of My Buddies

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Girlfriend Cheated on Me With 2 Buddies

I never should have introduced my girlfriend, Selena, to Andrew and Rob, the only members of the so-called "Big Dick Club".