Married life was awesome. I was married to my hot wife, Laryssa, who was the sexiest girl in our neighborhood. She was way out of my league, and I was so grateful that she wanted to be with a guy like me. Laryssa was one of the cool kids like my alpha male buddy, Rob, while I was more on the nerdy side, like my tag-along friend, Andrew. Laryssa looked like she fell out of a Victoria’s Secrets catalogue, Rob looked like he could play for a professional hockey team, Andrew looked like a chess club member, and I looked like your average Joe.

Rob and I met at work when he was hired as an assistant. It didn’t take long for Rob to move on up in the company, as everyone loved him. All the guys wanted to be his friend, while all the girls wanted to fuck his brains out. Rob actually ended up taking my job away, while I was demoted to his assistant. It wasn’t because of my work ethic or performance. Rob just had a way of getting what he wanted. Also, rumors circulated that our boss was addicted to Rob’s big cock.

This didn’t affect my attitude towards Rob, though. We actually became friendly and hung out after work with some of our mutual friends. Before long, Laryssa would hang out with us too, and at times, even Andrew tagged along.

Rob didn’t like Andrew at first. He didn’t care for Andrew’s diatribes about science fiction and pro wrestling, and often left the room when he saw Andrew coming. Rob just didn’t like being around someone he thought of as ‘the neighborhood loser.’ Andrew was the opposite of Rob socially – women were drawn to Rob and guys loved him, while no one of consequence gave Andrew the time of day.

Rob realized Andrew wasn’t what he thought he was on the day my nerdy friend shoved his dirty sock in my mouth, just to shut me up. Andrew shoved his big toe between my lips while I was on all fours, wiping up a drink he spilled. He kept playing video games with Rob, sitting my couch while I cleaned up his mess. He even used my back as a leg rest as I wiped the floor, just because he knew it would get a laugh out of Rob! When I kicked Andrew out for the way he treated me that day, the last thing I expected to see was Rob leaving with him.

Since that day, Andrew’s slapped me around at my birthday party in front of all my friends (he didn’t even break a sweat before making me scream for mercy – I was out of breath just trying to fight back). Laryssa, in an effort to help Andrew capitalize on his popularity (she never gave him much attention until she saw him as more of my bully than my tag-along friend), pretended to be his girlfriend at a small get together with Andrew’s fellow nerds. I don’t know what happened at that party, but overnight, the dynamic between my friends, Laryssa, Andrew and myself had completely changed. Andrew became the most popular guy in the neighborhood, while I became the new neighborhood loser.

Laryssa kept the illusion of being Andrew’s girlfriend going. They hung out at get-togethers with my friends, without me.At that point, whenever I saw Andrew and Laryssa together, it felt like she upgraded in comparison to being seen with me.

Further, when my wife wasn’t with Andrew, Rob was, and the two became the neighborhood alpha males everyone wanted to hang out with. My wife referred to them as the ‘Big Cock Bullies’ once, though I don’t know why.

My Wife Pretended to Be My Buddy’s Girlfriend, But Took Things Too Far

It was getting to the point where Laryssa began to spend more time with Andrew than she did with me. Coincidentally, the pair of them began to lose a lot of weight with each passing day. Within weeks, Andrew had a flatter stomach, while my wife’s already tight and toned body became the most solid I had ever seen it. Neither one of them would tell me their diet secret – it was an inside thing between them.

When I asked Rob if he knew how they were getting into such great shape, his boyish grin all but told me he knew something I didn’t. It gutted me that my alpha male buddy and my smoking hot wife had a better relationship with Andrew than they did with me.

One day I came home from work early and saw my wife dressing up rather provocatively. She was shocked to see me, as if my presence was inhibiting her plans in some way. Seeing her dressed so sexy made me think she was dressing up to surprise me, but my hopes were squashed when she suddenly asked me to pick up a few things at the supermarket. As I opened the door to leave, Andrew had his forearm up while standing at the door, clearly prepared to knock on it. Andrew looked just as surprised and bothered to see me. I caught Andrew and Laryssa sharing a look. He brushed past me and said something quietly to her. Laryssa put her hand on his chest and murmured something back I couldn’t heart. Feeling awkward, I announced my leave, prompting my wife to say “bye” and wave. Andrew, on the other hand, looked over at me without saying a word, looking at me like I was taking too long to get out of my own house.

I got back about twenty minutes later and heard a commotion coming from the master bedroom window. Laryssa was shouting, and Andrew was grunting loudly. The windows were closed and fogged up, while the shutters were sealed. The headboards of my bed seemed to be smashing the walls, while the bed’s box springs were bouncing up and down to the point of squeaking. When I unlocked the door, I saw that the deadbolt was locked from the inside, preventing me from getting in. The backdoor was also deadlocked shut, leaving me locked of the house. Meanwhile, my wife and my tag-along friend were causing a ruckus in my bedroom! I made my way to the master bedroom window and knocked on it.

“Everything okay in there?” I shouted.

“Eh…what the fuck is he doing back so soon-ah?” I heard Andrew say to Laryssa sounding out of breath.

“Mmm…everything’s fi—fine ho-honey—oh god, right there, fuck….” My wife responded.

I heard movement from the bed that spilled onto the floor. Footsteps seemed to barrel my way, and I jumped back when the shutters slammed on the fogged-up windows from the inside.

“So good, sooo….fucking…gooooood….” My wife whimpered from behind the window.

“You guys sure you’re okay?” I shouted, oblivious to whatever my wife and my tag-along friend were doing together. “You need my hand with anything?”

“Eh…your wife’s doing just fine, get the fuck out-ah…,” Andrew replied.

“Harder, oh yeah, god,” Laryssa chimed in. “Honey, he’s right, go away for a while, go for a walk or something, I’ll text you when you can come back. Oh, that’s perfect, right there…that’s so fucking perfect….oh fuck…OH FUCK…OH FUCK THAT’S FUCKING BIG…” Laryssa shouted back.

I shrugged my shoulders in defeat and decided to take her advice. They obviously didn’t want me to be a part of whatever they were doing, and I didn’t want to be where I wasn’t wanted. Still, I couldn’t figure out why the shutters kept slamming against the windows over and over again rhythmically just like the headboards seemed to be doing against the wall moments ago. The sounds of heavy breathing and wet slapping sounds were also peculiar.

“Eh…tell him to leave-ah…”

“YES! OMG, YEAHHHHH!” Laryssa shouted from the bedroom as I walked away. “Leave, honey, I’ll see yoummmgpphh…” My wife sounded like her mouth was suddenly stuffed with something.

I Cleaned My Buddy’s Toilet While My Wife Screamed His Name in the Bedroom

One day, Andrew asked me to come over and clean up his room because he had a girl coming over. He also instructed me to be finished and out of his place by the time she arrived because he didn’t want me spoiling the mood. I honored his request since he was getting supposedly getting laid (which I found hard to believe – Andrew was as nerdy as me, after all. Quite frankly, I got lucky with Laryssa).

Whomever this girl was, she came home early and didn’t expect me to be there. Andrew stopped her from coming inside before ordering me to wait in the bathroom, shutting the door behind me as he shuffled me in there with one swift of his forearm. I heard murmuring behind the door. She was saying something about “almost getting caught,” while he was arguing against whatever her point was, saying something to the tune of “let’s just make him watch.” Ultimately, she seemed to win the debate. I heard Andrew tell the girl to wait in his room while he had a word with “you-know-who.”

Andrew told me it was time for me to leave, but as I made my way out the door, he changed his mind, saying that while I was in the bathroom, I should remain in until it’s spotless. Andrew slapped my cheeks a little before telling me not to bother him, and to show myself out when I was done cleaning.

I did as he asked and when I was ready to leave about 20 minutes later, I decided to eavesdrop on whatever Andrew and this girl were doing. The idea of any girl giving him the time of day was surreal to me, and I needed a visual of what kind of woman Andrew as capable of getting. I made my way towards the door and ended up stepping on Andrew’s sweatsocks and boxer shorts. Beside his clothes were what looked like the same panties bra my wife likes to wear. I was sure I saw her in that very pair earlier that morning.

The headboards of Andrew’s bed suddenly began banging violently against the wall. The bed was creaking so loudly; I thought it would break.

“YES, GOD YES, YOU’RE SO GODDAMN BIG!” a familiar female voice shouted. I picked up Andrew’s boxers with one hand, the panties with the other, threw them on the couch and decided to call my wife’s cell, wanting her to hear what I was listening to.

Suddenly, the headboard banging & creaking stopped. “FUCK,” Andrew shouted, angry. A cell phone rang from Andrew’s room. It was the same ringtone as my wife’s.

“Hello?” I heard my wife say out of breath. The sound was loud, actually, almost like she was literally a few feet away from where I was standing. Andrew erupted with laughter behind his door, and for some reason, I thought I heard him on the phone, too. Realizing I was getting a bad signal, I decided to hang up and redial from outside. Walking back, I tripped and fell over Andrew’s stinky running shoe, landing face-first into his dirty sweatsocks. Suddenly, his bedroom door swung open, and Andrew’s shirtless, sweaty upper body popped out. He smirked at me, gave me the thumbs-up, and went back to his room.

“Eh…you-know-who is spying on us-ah…” Andrew said to the girl in his bed. “Eh…let’s give him something to listen to-ah…”

I had no idea what he was talking about, but I also didn’t want him to think I was listening to him have sex, even though I was. I was impressed that Andrew actually was with a girl, and fucking her, no less. She seemed to be way into him from the sounds of things, to boot.

I called Rob on the way home and told him what I overheard. Rob laughed hysterically & asked if I saw the girl. I told him I didn’t.

“Why, you know her?” I asked my alpha male friend.

“Oh yeah,” he chuckled. “Dude, you should tell everyone what you just told me. Especially your wife.”

“Sure, I guess,” Not clueing-in on why that would be entertaining to anyone. “So, I guess Andrew’s not the neighborhood loser anymore, is he?” I said in jest.

“Nope,” Rob replied. “HE isn’t.” Before hanging up.

My Wife and My Buddy Went on a Vacation that I Paid For

I was overwhelmed with a sudden influx of work Rob assigned me before a vacation my wife and I were taking, a trip we planned out months ago. Seeing how busy I was going to be, Laryssa suggested that Andrew take my place, as opposed to postponing our vacation, because her schedule was just as busy as mine. She wasn’t going to get another chance to take a holiday, so I agreed to her alternative. Laryssa suggested that I tell Andrew the good news and hand-deliver my ticket to him. She really wanted to be present for that moment, for some reason. It struck me as odd that Rob would hand me so much work before holidays. However, I was sure he wouldn’t have derailed my plans unless he had to, and I had no intentions of second-guessing his judgement.

Locked Out of the House While My Wife and Friend Had Sex
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I came home that night to Laryssa sitting on Andrew’s lap feeding him a strawberry, oblivious to my arrival. I approached Andrew with my ticket in hand, but before I spoke, Andrew told me that looking up at me was giving him a neck-ache, asking me to come down to his level. I made my way to the seat beside him, but Andrew placed a pillow on the spot, telling me it would be better to tell me whatever I had to say by kneeling before him. My wife was caressing Andrew’s head and running her fingers through his hair as I asked him to go on vacation with my wife. He took the ticket out of my hand, slapped my cheeks a few times and gave me a big thumbs-up.

Andrew noted that the tickets were economy seats, calling me a cheap-skate in front of my wife. He made me feel like I wasn’t respecting my wife by letting her sit in the cheap seats, and that she deserved to be treated like a queen. Of course, sending her to sit alone wouldn’t be right, so naturally, if I was upgrading her seats to first class, I needed to upgrade his, too. He made a valid point, so I did as he suggested. Andrew ruffled my hair and noted that I wasn’t as dumb as I looked. I knew he was kidding, but Laryssa laughed at that comment a little harder than she should have, I thought.

Shortly after landing at their destination, Laryssa posted an update on her Facebook feed about her and Andrew now being proud members of something called a “Mile High Club,” I figured they must have been treated to something in first class I wasn’t aware off, and made a note to ask them what it entailed. I looked up “mile high club” online, but couldn’t see anything other than porn scenes on airplanes.

Andrew suggested that they upgrade their hotel room too. The room I booked for us was fine, but Andrew told me that if they were to check in as a couple, they’d get a discounted rate, and since I was paying for the vacation, the upgrade would benefit my bank account. I couldn’t argue with that logic and upgraded their room. The only downside was that there were only single rooms available, so Andrew and Laryssa would have to share a bed. Fortunately, neither one of seemed to be troubled by that inconvenience.