As someone who ran an educational institution, it was completely inappropriate of me to behave the I did thinking about one of my students, Kyle. Granted, it wasn’t like I was robbing the cradle – Kyle was a senior that was behind a couple of grades due to some jail time he received. A 21-year old student wasn’t unusual at our school, as we had a very forgiving acceptance tolerance. But since Kyle was the oldest “kid” at our school, he was also the top dog around his peers.

High School Cuckold Stories: The Alpha Male Knows He Can Fuck Me

I was only four years older than Kyle, the youngest person ever to rise to the top of my position based on my academics. I was a good person, I paid my taxes, I was happily married to my high school sweetheart, and I made rational decisions. The way I fantasized about the school bully, the way he made me wet just thinking about him, contrasted with my character.

School Bully Fucked My Girl
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Kyle was what you would call a “wigger,” a stocky, white thug, about 6’2”, maybe an inch or two taller than me. He dressed like he was from the ghetto, and was your typical school bully, picking on those who he knew wouldn’t stand up to him. Each time he would be called into my office, he would look at me with a smirk, and that would kickstart a range of butterflies in my stomach. I tried to hide my quivering legs from him by keeping a desk between us, but the way he looked at me told me he had me figured out.

Kyle would be sent down to see me so many times that we became familiar with one another. His appearances in my office became a series of “what did you do now?” conversations. I would scold him about the way he treated the other students would have no effect on him. He wasn’t formal in my office after a while, either. He would often stretch out on my office sofa, even being as bold enough to put his legs up on my glass coffee table.

Wife Seducing the School Bully
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Today was different, though. Kyle was assertive today. With his iPhone in one hand, he walked around my office while listening to me lecture him about whatever he got in trouble for this time. I stared at the big wigger in awe as he paused at my bookshelf and thumbed across some of the shelved items. He resumed walking and stopped upon reaching my desk, then sat on it while looming over me in my office chair. I squeezed my legs together and looked up at him with eyes of passion. That was the moment I lost any authority I had on the kid. Kyle took my chin in his hands, lifted my face up and slid his thick meaty thumb in my mouth with a smirk.

“Suck,” Kyle commanded.

I wrapped my lips around his salty thumb and sucked on it hard. Kyle slid his thumb out of my mouth and tucked my hair between my ear while his other hand began unbuckling his belt.

He took my wife’s chin in his hand, lifted her face up, then slid his thick meaty thumb between her lips.

“Suck,” the bully commanded with a smirk on his face.

At that moment, my husband walked in, making me yelp away from the school bully. My husband didn’t see what was happening between the school bully and me. He just saw the two of us and excused himself, assuming I was in a meeting with a student. I had completely forgotten that he was picking me up for lunch.

“Apologies,” My husband said walking out the door. “Honey, I’ll be outside in reception waiting for you.”

“Looks like he’s gonna be waiting a while,” Kyle said to me as the door closed behind my husband.

Looking into the big bully’s eyes, I took the initiative and unzipped his jeans. I leaned in to kiss Kyle again but was surprised when he grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my face down to his crotch. I instinctively dropped to my knees and found my face being smothered in the crotch of his sweaty boxer briefs. It was warm down there, and this throbbing cock was ready to burst out of his underwear.

School Bully Shoved His Beer Can Cock in My Girl's Mouth
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I looked up at the dominant white thug and pulled down his boxer briefs. His beer can-thick cock hit me in the face. It was at least 10”. His balls were the size of a small orange. The heat from his cock blasted me in the face. There was nothing romantic about this. To Kyle, I was just another notch on his belt. For some reason, that made me wetter. Still, I was reacting without a plan. I didn’t know what to do, what Kyle expected me to do. I fantasized about this moment time and again, yet as it was about to become a reality, I realized how inexperienced I was when it came to sex. As I said, I married my high school sweetheart.

“I…I don’t…” I stammered as the white thug’s big dick made its way closer to my face. Kyle shoved his monster cock into my mouth, getting about 1/4 of it in. He seemed disappointed with my lack of initiative. I wasn’t trying to be a prude, but I knew at that moment my stock was plummeting in his eyes. I began to panic. Suddenly, being thought of as a disappointment by the wigger overwhelmed me. This was a completely foreign experience to me, and I was screwing it up royally.

“Geez, do you know how to suck a cock at all?” Kyle asked. His expression all but shouted that I was wasting his time.

“Nmmpphphhoooo…” I tried to respond with a mouth full of my student’s beer-can cock.

“Fuck, just…do what I say,” Kyle sighed. “I’ll fuckin’ make the best of this shit.”

I felt heartbroken. His disapproval was a major punch in the gut. I wasn’t going to get a second chance with this guy. I decided to be spontaneous in order to win the big bully’s interest back. I pulled my mouth of his big cock. A large pop sound came out when my lips broke contact with his shaft.

“The fuck are you doing, bitch?” Kyle shouted with anger, yanking my head back with my hair in his meaty, thick hand.

I stood up, pulled back, yanked my bra off, pulled my panties down and lay on the couch. I invited Kyle to me with my finger, making him smile. Kyle kicked his sneakers off and pulled his jeans off before hovering on top of me, and you couldn’t have scrubbed the shit-eating grin off his face at that point. He was beaming as if he had just won a bet. I smiled at how I saved the situation and quickly turned things around.

School Bully Drenched Me in His Cum With My Husband Next Door
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I knew I was acting completely out of character at that moment, but I honestly didn’t care. I looked into Kyle’s eyes as he adjusted his body on top of mine. I felt the tip of his dick attempting to penetrate my tight little pussy. I was tight, and there was no way he was going to fit inside of me. I don’t think he cared. He wasn’t trying to shove his big cock inside of me with impatience. Rather, he was taking his time like a tiger playing with his food. He was gliding his throbbing cock on the lips of my soaking wet tight pussy. The concept of the school bully moments away from shoving his big cock into an authority figure’s forbidden-yet-sexy tight pussy was making us both hot. Without saying it, we both knew the objective was to eventually get the entirety of his massive cock inside of me.

“You’re tight as fuck, bitch,” Kyle commented. “I ain’t ever seen anyone as wet as you before either.” He was grinding into me and increasing the tempo and depth of his thrusts. More than just the head of his big cock was inside of me at that moment.

School Bully Fucked My High School Sweetheart
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“You almost done, honey?” I heard my husband shout after knocking on the door. Fuck, I had forgotten he was waiting for me. That’s how into the moment I was – the man I married was waiting outside my office while I was being manhandled by the school bully’s big cock.

“Just…wait…out….there…,” I moaned as Kyle grinded into me harder.

“I’m…in…the…middle …ooooof….something…really…really…biiiiiigggg…”

“What?!” My husband replied with confusion. “I’m coming in.”

“NO!” I shouted before the door opened. “JUST….wait outside! Fuck!”

“Okay, okay, geez,” My husband responded. “Uh, take your time, I guess.”

“Ohhhh…fuuuuckkkkk….” I moaned out with my eyes closed.

When I opened them, Kyle was hovering over me, that cocky smirk on his face reminding me of how hypnotized I was by this “kid.” I knew that he was going to milk the situation – there’s no way a 21-year-old with so much newfound power wouldn’t. At that moment, I didn’t care. My only goal was to get another inch of the school bully’s big dick inside of me.

It wasn’t until Kyle was completely inside of me that I remembered Kyle walking around my office earlier, specifically when he paused in front of my bookshelf. He was holding his iPhone before he got to the bookshelf, but when he sat on my desk, his hands were empty. I should have realized that a bully like him would have wanted bragging rights. I looked at the bookshelf and found the camera as my legs wrapped tightly around Kyle’s ass. While that was happening, Kyle lunged into me horizontally, his body weight collapsing onto me. He grunted and thrust his pelvis one last time into mine aggressively. We were cumming together and not only was it caught on camera, but I was looking right it during the “money shot,” albeit unintentionally. The stream of cum that oozed out of my hole with his beer-can cock still inside of me was captured in HD. This sudden reality was hitting me as my orgasm wore off and Kyle pulled his still throbbing, cum-coated cock out of me. I looked up at him in horror.

He looked down at me with that cocky smirk.

And just like that, I melted in his presence again like a smitten girl. Except this time, I had my crush’s cum oozing out of my about-to-be ruined pussy and onto my office couch.

“You bitches are all the same,” Kyle said with a laugh as he put his jeans back on. Walking over to the bookshelf, Kyle picked up his phone and ran his fingers on the screen a few times, presumably to ensure what he intended to record was captured. The ear-to-ear smile on his face that suddenly appeared told me it was. Kyle looked up at me and gave me a wink before walking out of my office. The big wigger came out of my office sweaty and buckled his belt. Upon seeing my husband in the reception area, he fleshed my husband a shit-eating grin and fired a finger-gun at him. My oblivious cuckold of a husband fired a finger gun back at the big bully. Kyle turned broke out in laughter as he exited the office area.

I should have been terrified about the consequences of what I had just done, but I knew Kyle wasn’t going to cost me my job. I would be completely useless to him if I didn’t retain the position I held at the school, so I felt ‘safe.’ I didn’t know what Kyle was going to do with that footage, and for some reason, the concept of his power over me made me wet all over again. I got off the couch and put myself together before my husband knocked on the door again.

“So, can we go now?” He asked, none the wiser to the life changing decision I had just made.

“Yeah, sure,” I replied grabbing my purse. Looking at my husband after being with Kyle was like looking at a McDonald’s hamburger after eating a steak.

My Student Invited Me to His Place Afterschool

The next day I got a text from Kyle asking me to come over afterschool. I knew that he rented a room in a house shared with other degenerates in a ghetto part of town. Still, it was a Friday night, my husband had plans with his friends, and Kyle and I were both adults, so why not. At least, that’s the way I mentally justified it – I just wanted to see the big wigger again, so much to the point where I didn’t care if others saw us together. Rumors would start, but at that moment, it was totally worth it. I was getting wet and touching myself under the desk just thinking about him. My really tight pussy had never felt as good as it did when that beer can of a cock was throbbing inside of me.

When I rang the doorbell, Kyle answered it with a smile, and we shared a hug that seemed inappropriate for two people who had only met. Kyle showed me around the house – which reeked of pot – and introduced me a couple of his roommates named Mike and Scoopz. Just like Kyle, they were bling’d out, wearing overly baggy clothing and obligatory baseball caps turned sideways. They were clearly older than Kyle by a couple of years. They were cute though. They had his attitude. They were eyeballing me like an animal looks at prey.

“Dis bitch runs your school, dawg?” Scoopz asked Kyle. He was asking a question about me right in front of me while butchering the English language in the process.

“Damn straight,” Kyle responded as the two white thugs fist-bumped him.

“Yeah, dawg, no worries,” Scoopz assured his friend. “You’se gots ta spread the wealth though, dawg,”

“Wait, hey—no,” I jumped in. “Guys, I’m here with Kyle,”

“Bitch, shut the fuck up,” Mike said loud enough to wake the dead while getting in my face. He then turned to Kyle. “Bitch thinks she can just bark orders in another man’s home? Bitch needs ta learn some manners, y’heard?”

“Hold on, hold on…” Kyle chuckled. “Guys, this is all new to her. She’s not like us, she’s…pure. She’ll adjust.”

“Bitch, you lucky Kyle’s looking out for you,” Scoopz said eyeing me up and down with a scowl on her face. “I woulda had my big cock shoved so far down your throat by this point for talkin’ like that to me. Bitch needs to learn some goddamn manners. Who the fuck is this bitch?”

I was soaking wet by this point. I wanted all three of them to manhandle me on the spot. A text from my husband suddenly came in. I quickly put it on silent and shoved the phone back in my purse.

“Was that your husband?” Kyle asked me.

“She’s married?!” Scoopz laughed. “This bitch is married, and she runs the school? Kyle, my brotha, respect.” A manshake was performed right in front of my face. I cringed and yet got wetter at the same time.

Kyle and I made our way to the kitchen and made small-talk over a beer. I stayed close to Kyle while he and his friends got in on our conversation. I snuggled into the big wigger’s body as his arm pulled me in closer. I wrapped my arms around his neck and moved my face closer to his. The wigger’s lips were thick, and his trimmed goatee tickled my smooth skin. The stubble on his cheeks was barely visible since he was a dirty blond, but his cheeks were baby-soft. I was analyzing every aspect of this incredible stud while I kissed his lips and tasted the sweat off his neck. I was so caught up in the moment that I hadn’t realized how swiftly Kyle buried his face between my big tits. I moaned and cocked my head back as his thick thumb traced the outside of my wet pussy. Kyle’s index finger alone was bringing me to the point of orgasm. His thick finger slid inside of me and tickled my clit.

Mike and Scoopz sat down at the kitchen table on opposite sides. They were commentating while Kyle pushed me onto the table between his two friends. Dirty cereal bowls and juice glasses feel to the floor as I Kyle hovered his body on top of mine. The big wigger’s strong body kept mine in place. Even if I wanted to, I wasn’t going anywhere. The table shook and made a commotion as Kyle manhandled me on top it, particularly since its legs were uneven. I was in the process of feeling the thug’s beer-can-thick cock inside of me again, and I was smiling in anticipation. I was completely oblivious to Scoopz and Mike holding their phones. The only focus I had at that moment was Kyle.

The boys were going to get a front row seat watching Kyle fuck the shit out of me on his filthy kitchen table. He fucked me roughly, but without hurting me. He was bullying me around with his body like an amateur wrestler does with his opponent. I was twisted from my back to my side, and eventually, the wigger thug cock-walked me from the table to the chair, then to the counter, so he could get me into the doggie position, standing up. I liked to think of myself as a strong, independent woman, but at that moment, Kyle was in charge, and I was following his lead.

I lost count of the number of orgasms I had, and started to come back down to reality when Kyle pulled out and splattered his load all over me. I think he was aiming for my big tits, but so much cum spewed out of his big dick that half of it covered my lips.

Kyle put himself together the same time I did and walked me out of his house like a gentleman, which seemed uncharacteristic for a guy like him, and yet that act made me like the thug even more. I walked away from his place feeling awkward and guilty about betraying my husband for the second time. Was this what the “walk of shame” felt like for taken women? The reality of the situation was beginning to me. Even though he was in his 20s, I had just had sex with a student in my school. I hadn’t even taken my reputation into consideration, let alone my marriage.

They Might Have Been Students, But They Were Fucking My Wife

I got a message from Kyle appeared on my phone – it was a short clip of him fucking the shit out of me from the side – that’s when I realized at least one of Kyle’s friends had recorded us fucking. How could I have been so careless? Was I that enamored with the big wigger that all common sense went out the window? And what about the footage Kyle obviously recorded from our office fuck the day prior? At this rate, he was going to have a whole library of me having sex on tape. His message wasn’t accompanied by any text, nor did it have to be. The message was loud and clear. Kyle was telling me who was in charge from now on. The wigger thug was exerting his authority over me, and as mad as I should have been, I got wet all over again.

I didn’t hear from Kyle for the whole weekend after that. I tried texting and calling him, but he wasn’t picking up. I felt ridiculous for chasing around a student from my school, so I backed off. I really did want to see him, though. Every time I closed my eyes, I could see him on top of me, looking down at me with that smirk of his. He was such an alpha male.

On Monday morning, I expected to see Kyle, but didn’t see him anywhere when I walked the school’s halls. I asked one of his friends if they had seen him, and was told he chose not to come to school that day. I realized Kyle was exploiting his power over me – he knew he wouldn’t be penalized for his absence. I was sad I wasn’t going to get to see him for the third day in a row, and when I texted him in the afternoon, I was so happy to hear him respond.

“Take care of the boys.” Was all his text read.

I didn’t know what he was talking about at first, but just before I was about to text him back, Scoopz and Mike walked into my office with shit-eating grins on their faces. Mike walked over to me while Scoopz locked the door behind him.

“W—what are you two doing here?” I asked. I was very intimidated by Mike at that point. He was looking at me like a piece of meat.

“You know exactly what we’re doing here, bitch,” Mike responded with a smile. “Cut the shit. You came to our house lookin’ for dick yesterday, take a guess what we’re here for today?”

“I’m Kyle’s girl,” I said backing away from Mike.

“See, the thing is,” Scoopz said walking around her office. Without trying to hide it, he placed his phone on a shelf and aimed it at me. “You’re not Kyle’s girl. Kyle is in bed right now fucking another girl. You were Kyle’s girl when his dick was inside of you. When he busted his nut, you were just another dumb bitch.”

“Yup,” Mike said grabbing a handful of my hair. “Just another dumb bitch.”

“Guys, I’m not looking for trouble,” I said trying to push Mike away.

“We’re not going to do force you to do anything,” Scoopz said standing behind me. I was now sandwiched between the two white thugs.

“Kyle’s cool with this, by the way,” Scoopz continued.

“We like to share the wealth,” Mike said caressing my cheek. His thumb slid into my mouth.

“We just came to say ‘hi,’” Scoopz said to me. “We can leave if this is a bad time. We don’t even have to see each other again. Is that what you want, bitch?”

I was speechless. I was so confused. Logic was conflicting with desire. I was so wet at that point that my legs were quivering uncontrollably.

“He asked you a question, bitch,” Mike said to me with a stern tone. He then placed his hand on my stomach. “I bet if I touched you right now, you would be as wet as Kyle said you would be,”

“Well, don’t leave me waiting,” Scoopz laughed. “How wet is this bitch,”

I had an orgasm the second Mike’s thumb touched the edge of my wet hot pussy lips.

“Holy fucking shit,” Mike said to Scoopz. “Dawg, this shit is going down NOW.”

My Son's Bully's Cumshots Were All Over My Wife's Face
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The big angry wigger put his hand under my chin and forced me to look up at him. Mike was just as much of an alpha male as Kyle was, perhaps more so. I had just met him and knew nothing about him. The absolute worst decision I could have done was be sandwiched between two white thugs during school hours in my office. And yet, here I was with Mike’s big thick thumb in my mouth. I looked him right in the eye and sucked it. When he slid his thumb out of my mouth, it made a popping sound. I could feel Scoopz taking off my skirt while Mike distracted me. I was so focused on Mike thumb. It tasted salty, and it was so thick. If his thumb was that tasty, how big must his cock be?

Scoopz pushed my head down until I was at eye level with Mike’s crotch. He swiftly yanked down his jogging pants, grabbed the back of my head and smothered my face in his boxer briefs. I could smell the sweat emitting from his balls.

Mike twirled my hair so that it was a handle he could use to guide my head. This was obviously something he had done many times, and once again, the pressure of doing a good job for another wigger overwhelmed me. When Mike released his monster cock from his underwear, it smacked me in the face. I was salivating, and his dick was throbbing. Like a real man, he hadn’t shaved his pubic hair, and a masculine scent emitted from this bush. He was just as thick and long as Kyle. His balls were the size of a small orange, proportional to the beer can cock he so smugly rubbed all over my face. I could hear a belt being undone and a zipper being pulled down behind me. And at that very moment, someone knocked on my door. It was my husband.

“Honey, you in there?” I could hear him say. “You’re not answering your phone, I thought I’d surprise you for lunch again.”

This made the boys laugh, which my husband surely heard.

“So, what’s it gonna be, bitch?” Scoopz asked me. “You want us to leave? Or do you want us to make your husband leave instead?

And just like that, I orgasmed without touching myself.