I was in my roommate Andrew’s room using his computer, as mine was on the fritz. Andrew lay on his captain’s bed watching Star Trek as I worked. My girlfriend, Laryssa, called me to say she was on her way to work and wanted to stop by our place first. I got up to unlock the door for her, so she could come in without knocking. I then sent her a text to let her know I would be with Andrew in his room.

College Cuckold Stories: Your Girlfriend Visited Your Cocky Roommate on Her Way to Work

“Perfect!” She replied, making my heart skip a beat. I had just assumed she was coming by to see me, but I realized this wasn’t the case the moment she arrived. I told Andrew that Laryssa was popping in for a moment, and I got a tingling feeling in my gut when I heard him chuckle. I felt like there was something neither he nor Laryssa was telling me. I started to worry.

When Laryssa walked in, Andrew got all her attention. When she walked over to him, he started getting up, so she could sit down. My girlfriend pushed Andrew back down on his bed and rolled over him, falling to his left side. She snuggled up with him as he put his arm around her. They were both excited about where this was headed, checking to see if I noticed their mischief. I didn’t turn around pretending to be oblivious to their actions.

My girlfriend and Andrew made small talk, but from the monitor’s reflection, I could see her hand rubbing his chest and slowly making their way down his stomach. I could see her knee grinding into his crotch. You could not have scrubbed the smile off Andrew’s face.

Noting that she was chilly, Laryssa suggested she and Andrew get under his covers. I offered to turn the heat up, but my girlfriend said she didn’t want to raise our heating costs, saying it would be cheaper – and more comfortable, to just cover up with a duvet. Andrew gave me a thumbs-up as my girlfriend cuddled up with him under his bedsheets.

“You sure it’s big enough for the both of you?” I asked nervously while nodding to the bed. My tone implied that I wasn’t comfortable with what was discretely happening behind me.

“It’s even bigger than I imagined it would be.” She said to me, making Andrew laugh at her innuendo.

“Bigger than you’re used to?” Andrew asked her, smirking, looking down at her, knowing they were on the same page.

“There’s no comparison,” Laryssa replied, looking up at him, biting her lip. I stayed silent and focused on the computer monitor. My king size bed was bigger than Andrew’s captain’s bed. She could have tried to be a little vaguer flirting with Andrew behind my back (literally).

My girlfriend was oblivious to the fact that I could see her stroking Andrew’s big cock behind me under the covers, via the reflection in the computer monitor in front of me. There was rapid movement around his crotch area. There was no question that my girlfriend’s hand was pumping my roommate’s big cock. Andrew closed his eyes and opened his mouth, breathing heavy, while my girlfriend watched him in awe. Then suddenly, the movement stopped.

“Why did you stop-ah?” Andrew whispered to her.

“He’ll catch us.” She replied, nodding to me.

“Eh…fuck ’em.” He smiled.

“Mmmm…fuck…” Laryssa moaned while biting her bottom lip. There was suddenly now movement around her crotch area. I knew Andrew’s hand was touching a place it had no business being anywhere near.

I excused myself to go the bathroom, intentionally staying on the throne until the noises my girlfriend and Andrew were making in his bedroom ceased. I’m sure they were trying to be discreet, but the heavy breathing, the wet stroking noises, and the squeaking of his bedsprings traveled through his bedroom’s vent and right into my ears.

My Girlfriend Gave My Roommate a Handjob Behind My Back
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When I walked back into Andrew’s room, Laryssa was standing at the door, talking to Andrew while adjusting her clothing. She seemed to be asking him for more of something, apparently for when I wasn’t home. Their conversation abruptly stopped when I walked in. Andrew remained on the bed, lying under his covers, his hands behind his head.

“I gotta head out, sweetie.” My girlfriend told me without even looking in my direction. Was she avoiding eye-contact out of guilt?

“Uh, okay,” I said disappointingly. She hadn’t even spent a minute with me upon arriving. I was mindful of the smell of sweat and cum lingering in the air as Laryssa put herself together. I looked over at Andrew, who was smirking at me. His cocky smile was getting under my skin.

“See you soon.” My girlfriend said to Andrew with a smile as she left the room. I walked behind Laryssa to let her out.

“Yup-ah,” Andrew replied while looking me in the eye as I turned my head his way. “You sure will.”

Now I was really worried.

Knowing You Weren’t Home and Your Roommate Was, Your Girlfriend Left Work Early and Went to Your Place

Feeling uncomfortable around Andrew after what had subtly transpired behind my back, I returned to his room after letting Laryssa out, thanked him for letting me use his computer, then showed myself out of his bedroom. Andrew just smirked without looking at me as I walked out. That cocky smug on his face was getting to me. I imagined him thinking to himself, “I’m going to fuck your girlfriend, and there’s nothing you can do about it, buddy.”

I left to run some errands, and when I was done, I texted Laryssa offering to pick her up from work. To my surprise, she told me the staff got to go home early, so she came back to my place. I could have sworn she knew I would be working that day. Did she come over knowing I wasn’t going to be home, or did she come by to surprise me upon my arrival? My worrying was rampant at this point.

“How long have you been waiting for me, babe?” I asked my girlfriend.

“I wasn’t waiting at all. Andrew was home. He’s with me right now. Say ‘hi’ to your roommate, stud.”

“Eh…what’s up-ah…” I heard Andrew say. I could tell he had that smirk on his face when he spoke. I could also tell by his low volume that he was very close to my girl, proximity-wise.

“Uh, I’ll be right over…” I said with my heart racing. What was I going to walk in on?

“Oh, take your time sweetie,” Laryssa said to me. “I’m in good hands with Andrew.”

“REAL good hands-ah…” I heard Andrew comment, making my girlfriend giggle.

I was conflicted. I wanted to barge in there and stop whatever was happening between my girlfriend my roommate, and not in the physical sense. On the other hand, they clearly didn’t want me around. I felt very obligated to respect their alone-time, though I had no idea why. Besides, I didn’t know what to say when I confronted them. There was also the possibility that I was reading way too much into what I saw and heard, and that perhaps I was being paranoid about my girlfriend’s fidelity. Maybe my roommate didn’t have cuckold intentions with her. Maybe I was over-thinking this whole scenario.

Things became crystal clear the moment I came home. My girlfriend was laying on her back in my bed. She was only wearing panties, which looked like they had been stretched, tugged, and yanked. I wonder if it were a pair of hands or a big cock that did the damage to her panties.

Suddenly, Andrew came out the bathroom in my room wearing only a wife-beater and boxer-briefs. He smirked at me once again as he picked up his jeans from the floor and put them on one leg at a time. Looking back at Laryssa, I realized her lips were glossy and shiny, and that her long blond hair was slightly tangled on the sides like they had been gripped tightly. I turned my head back to Andrew after being distracted by the sound of his zipper being pulled up. My roommate gave me a big thumbs-up, then looked over at my girlfriend and gave her a wink.

I looked back at Laryssa after Andrew walked out of my bedroom heartbroken. I wasn’t sad because my girlfriend had cheated on me, though. My worry had turned into disappointment because I didn’t get to watch what happened between her and Andrew.

You see, I wanted to watch my roommate destroy my girlfriend’s tight pussy with his big cock. I wanted to the moment I got an inkling that it was a possibility. I was feeling awkward around Andrew because he saw the erection in my pants whenever he and Laryssa were together. He knew I wanted him to cuckold me. You can understand, then, why I was so worried. I didn’t want to miss a thing.