Laryssa was a happily married woman. She loved her high school sweetheart, in spite of his inability to satisfy her sexually. She dismissed that one flaw, as everything else about her marriage was perfect. So what if her husband wasn’t that good in bed. It wasn’t a big deal.

Why a Young, Sexually-Deprived Female Boss Should Not Hire a 21-Year-Old Stud

Laryssa was the successful manager of a popular nightclub who worked long hours, which did take her way from her husband more than she would have liked. Still, the dividends were worth it. She loved running the club, and the company did well, financially. It brought her a nice house, car, clothing, fine dining, proper nutrition, and a kick-ass body she worked on during her free time.

Laryssa hired a bouncer named Dougie at her nightclub, impressed with the way the husky oaf presented himself during his interview. Dougie was only 21 and came from a housing community, a wigger who had the body of a linebacker. He spoke like he was from the ghetto and dressed in clothing that was too big for him, even though he was at least 250 lbs. For a rugged guy, he was boyishly cute, and his trimmed goatee made him look older than he truly was. He was strong and wasn’t a slacker. He protected the club seeing customers on the verge of vandalism or fisticuffs. The only downside about him was the friends he had, who often hung out at the club, a rowdy bunch, most of which were wiggers like Dougie.

Dougie’s closest friend was Slaine, another wigger with a similar build and attitude. Slaine was one of the guys who spent a lot of time at the club, and as such, built up somewhat of a rapport with Laryssa. Truthfully, he was working her over, in spite of her marriage. Laryssa didn’t discourage the way Slaine came on to her and was guilty of flirting back with him, more seductively than innocently.

One night after work, a female co-worker and Laryssa were having drinks at the bar. She shouldn’t have, but she revealed to her fellow employee that she had a crush on both Slaine and Dougie and often fantasized about being at their mercy in bed. Gossip traveled fast, as Laryssa wasn’t very quiet about her secret. Within a day, Dougie and Slaine found out what their boss says about them. Dougie and Slaine high-fived, hatching a plan to make Laryssa’s fantasies come true.

Bully Employees Heard Hot Boss Wanted Them to Thug-Fuck Her
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The Boys Decide to Tempt the Hot Young Married Nightclub Owner

Laryssa was used to Slaine showering her with attention on weekends when the club was open, but when he started giving more attention to other girls at the club, she felt neglected. Little did she know that this was part of Slaine’s master plan! Knowing what she would do, Laryssa started chasing Slaine almost desperately, missing the attention she took for granted from the husky wigger. She even began sitting beside him during working hours, inviting him to the VIP areas, offering him complimentary drinks, always with a very hands-on approach. Slaine’s could-shoulder demeanor towards her turned Laryssa into a clingy girl desperate for attention. Mission accomplished.

Eventually, Laryssa’s lust began to settle, and she realized how foolish she must have looked chasing a customer around. Feeling embarrassed, Dougie consoled her upon seeing her melancholy in her office that night. She felt comfortable with Dougie’s arm around her, appreciative that he was thoughtful enough to check on her, and embraced the big bouncer passionately. She was also still very turned on by the wigger, and the embrace turned into a grinding session for them both. Dougie and Laryssa looked at each other and smiled, and just like that, the boss’ lips were touching the bouncer’s.

Dougie put his giant thumb on Laryssa’s lip and caressed her cheek with his thick index finger. She suddenly became nervous for several reasons. Dougie was a big boy, and if he wanted to manhandle her around her office, there was nothing stopping him. Then again, she wanted nothing more than to be manhandled by him. She was willing to cheat on her husband with Dougie, but it would change everything afterward, not just for her, but for Dougie and her husband, too. And what about Slaine? She still yearned for him too.

The big wigger put his hand under his boss’ chin, forcing her to look up at him. Dougie was such an alpha male, so superior, so unlike her meek husband. Dougie’s thumb went back to her lips, and this time, invaded her mouth. She could taste his sweat on that thumb, marveling at how much girth it had. If this thumb was this thick, she pondered how fat his cock must have been.

Laryssa began sucking Dougie’s thumb as she yanked down is boxer brief’s. She could smell the sweat emitting from his balls. Slaine might have been the one she threw herself at, but her bouncer was going to be the one who reaped the benefits. Laryssa almost felt like she was “getting back” at Slaine for ignoring her, by fucking his friend instead.

Laryssa stood up and wrapped her arms around Dougie, and within seconds, her soft, pouty lips were tasting his once again. He tasted good, manly, and the grip he had on her ribs, on her ass, on her tits, everywhere he touched, was with such force, such power. With almost no effort, Dougie tore open her blouse with one hand and hiked her skirt up. His meaty index finger slid into her wet pussy, and Dougie smirked at how wet she was.

“This bitch is a slam dunk.” Dougie thought to himself. “Either her husband wasn’t fucking her, or he had a needle-dick.”

Either way, the bouncer was going to shove his fat cock into the owner of the nightclub.

21 Year Old White Thug Shoved His Big Dick in His Boss' Mouth
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How to Get Your Hot 26-Year-Old Boss to Worship Your Big Cock

Dougie twirled Laryssa’s hair and gripped it so he could guide her head down to his crotch. The wigger’s big dick almost hit her in the face. She had a look of fear and astonishment on her face as Dougie pulled her closer to his big dick. She was salivating and his dick was throbbing. Like a real man, he hadn’t shaved his pubic hair, and a masculine scent emitted from this bush. The 21-year-old bouncer’s balls were the size of a small orange, proportional to the beer can cock he so smugly rubbed all over his boss’ face.

Tiresome of the foreplay, Dougie slid his fat cock into his boss’ mouth the second she made an “O” with her lips. He didn’t know if she was giving him an “in”, nor did he really care. He looked over his shoulder as the door opened. Slaine had walked in with a smile on his face, rubbing his own hard-on through his jeans.

“Mission accomplished, dawg,” Dougie said to his buddy, fist-bumping him in the process. His hand was clutching Laryssa’s hair, forcing her face onto his cock.
“Worked like a charm,” Slaine said, walking behind Laryssa, hiking her skirt up. “Fuck, this bitch is soaked.”

Laryssa wanted to get up and address Slaine, looking like such a slut after flirting with him. Now here she was blowing his best friend. Dougie wasn’t letting her up.

“Did I say you could stop, bitch?” Dougie chuckled down at his boss.

Laryssa realized at that moment she had been played. The boys manipulated her emotions and now, here she was, a big dick in her mouth, and another about to be inserted into her pussy from behind. Even if she wanted to put an end to what was about to happen to her, she’s not sure if she would have been able to. Slaine and Dougie looked like the kind of guys that didn’t put up with teases. Still, she had no intention of stopping them from spit-roasting her.

Laryssa’s mouth went deeper onto Dougie’s cock as Slaine slowly slid his beer-can cock into her, doggie-style. Dougie grabbed the back of her head to keep her head in position. Slaine held the nightclub owner’s ass and began to thrust into her hard, then harder. The sound of skin slapping was in sync with her throat gagging and choking.

This is what she wanted. This is what she needed.