My wife, Carolyn and I are no strangers to our son having his friends over. Our son, Cornelius, is in his second year of college but is home four days a week, every week. Cornelius has always been a partier, and while I’m proud of him being the responsible man he is, his friends, who are over at our place with him very often, are rather rambunctious.

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One of Cornelius’ friends, Kyle, was the ringleader of this rowdy lot. All of them were athletic, the smallest being our son at 5’10”. Though Kyle came across as a typical meathead and wasn’t the sharpest one of the pack, he was the alpha dog at 6’, with the body of a stocky quarterback. Kyle was working in the city while his friends were in college.

Carolyn and I had a laugh the first time we caught Kyle checking her out. He was clearly into her, the bulge in his jeans always apparent when she was around him. Carolyn loved the attention; it was flattering for a woman in her early forties to know she still had it. Not that it should come as a surprise – my wife is a knockout. She’s got the tightest, curviest ass you’ve ever seen on a blonde and a pair of tits that walk into a room a couple of seconds before she does. As cute as it was at first, I could tell Carolyn fancied Kyle and even caught her touching herself thinking I was asleep in bed one night beside me, whispering his name. One night during sex, we fell into a verbal fantasy where I pretended to be Kyle, telling her he was going to fuck her “like a real man.” That might have been the first time I ever made my wife cum.

She wasn’t the only one getting turned on by this kinky little scenario. My go-to fantasy was to think about my hot wife getting fucked hard by my son’s alpha male buddy. That jock would have Carolyn’s legs spread while thrusting his apparently fat cock into her tight little pussy made my dick go from flaccid to chubbed up in seconds. Especially when I would fantasize about him making fun of me while he fucked her.

You can imagine the thoughts that ran through my head when Cornelius asked Carolyn and me if Kyle could stay with us for a while, as he was having some difficulties financially. The idea was that Kyle could sleep in Cornelius’ room while he was at school, and when he was home, Cornelius could take the couch in his room. Carolyn or I had no problem with it, and Cornelius thought no more of our kindness to his down-on-his-luck friend. But the second Cornelius turned around, my wife and I shared a look and a smile that all but revealed mischief was afoot.

Kyle got surprisingly comfortable with us as soon as he moved in. This was not unusual, as he was over frequently, so our home was no stranger to him. But the boldness he had – walking around in nothing but his boxers with my wife and me around, leaving his laundry on the hallway floors (underwear here, socks there), even the volume of his music was very inappropriate, downright rude. You would think Carolyn or I would have approached Kyle about his lack of domestication, but instead, we enabled him by doing his laundry, preparing his food, and even shopping for him. My wife and I had never had greater sex knowing our son’s friend had subtly taken over as the man of the house.

Cuckolded by My Son's Friend
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You must understand that I thought the situation was harmless because I never thought Carolyn would follow through on being with Kyle sexually, but everything changed when that stage of this scenario occurred. The more I saw them flirt, the more body contact they had when they were in the same room, or cuddling up to watch TV right in front of me, the more I became paranoid that I might actually be cuckolded by my son’s friend! The reality of how humiliating that would be was setting in. It would change our marriage forever if my wife cheated on me. But…is it cheating if I enabled her betrayal? Am I still a cuckold husband if I want my wife to cheat on me?

I lay in bed one night waiting for my wife to come to bed. I had turned in an hour before she usually did, and lay in the dark listening to her giggling and talking to Kyle in our living room. When the giggling stopped, the silence spoke volumes. If they were together and not talking, what were they doing? I had to take my dick out, as it was throbbing uncontrollably. The thought of my wife’s lips on some kid in my own house was making my heart beat rapidly fast.

I stuck my head out of the open bedroom door, and I saw something I had never seen my wife do. She was on her knees, in her pajamas, bobbing her head up and down into Kyle’s crotch. Kyle had his pants down to his ankles was shirtless. His head was cocked back, and his eyes were closed. He smirked while holding my wife’s head like a basketball, guiding her up and down on his big dick. His other hand rested behind his head.

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“That’s a good girl,” Kyle encouraged my wife. “Don’t forget about the balls too, baby.”

“Mppphhpapphaahahaahmmmm….” Carolyn replied.

“Been a while since you seen a dick this big, eh?” Kyle chuckled. “Ain’t no way that dipshit you call a husband is givin’ it to you how you need it.”

“Mmphhhaaammph…” My wife responded with a mouth full of cock.

Neither one of them could see me, as they were too involved with one another. That gave me carte blanche to take my dick out and beat it while watching them. I stuck my head out of the bedroom to spy on my naughty wife. I watched my wife sucking big dick like like this was the biggest test of her life. She was doing everything right – lots of saliva, caressing the balls, rapid head movement…the things I was making girls do to me when I was Kyle’s age. The kid was a stud, and I was having a hard time being mad at either one of them at that moment (literally and figuratively speaking).

Kyle began breathing heavy, suggesting that he was about to cum. My wife began to pull her head back and rapidly stroke his cock, but Kyle wasn’t planning on letting her go. He held her head tight with both hands while getting on his feet, then began thrusting his crotch in and out of my wife’s face. Yup, my son’s friend was skull-fucking my wife while I hid in the shadows and watched. He was aggressive, and at first, I was worried he was hurting my wife but breathed a sigh of relief when she began moaning passionately, encouraging him to be rough with her.

“Fuck, bitch, I’m gonna cummm……” Kyle moaned. “You ready for my load, Carolyn? You ready???”

“Mmmmmphhh!!!” My wife muttered with her mouth full, eager to take what she had coming.

“I knew it…I fuckin knew it…” Kyle moaned out. “I knew you were a fucking whore…”


“Whose whore are you? You’re mine, aren’t you?”


My Son's Friend Skullfucked My Wife
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Kyle pulled his dick out and hovered his orange-sized balls in Carolyn’s face.

“Tell me who owns you, bitch.”

“You do, Kyle.”

“Got no man at home who can give you the D, bitch?”

“Fuck, no.”

“Come running to me for it, bitch? Fuckin’ ready to take my load?”

“Yes! Mpphhppp”

“Fuckin’ take it! Fucking TAKE IT!”

Kyle squirted at least five enormous cumshots all over Carolyn’s face, the rest pouring down to her lips, causing her to open her mouth and taste his cum.

“Am I bigger than your husband, bitch?”

“Soooooo much bigger, Kyle.”

“You hear that, asshole?” Kyle said, turning his head towards me. “I just cuckolded your bitch-ass.”

Fuck. I had no idea he knew I was watching.

“Enjoy the show, sweetie?” Carolyn asked me, surprisingly calm, almost if she knew I was there.

“You wanna see more?” Kyle taunted me. He wanted to fuck my wife, but he wanted to make me look like I wanted it more. Maybe on some level, I did.

Suddenly, the sound of a car pulling up our driveway distracted the three of us. I looked out the window and saw Cornelius get out of his car and grab his books from the back seat. Our son was home early.

“Oh shit.” My wife and I said in unison as the doorknob slowly twisted.

When the door swung upon, my son saw Kyle and smiled.

“Hey, buddy. Hey, Mom.” Cornelius said before seeing me standing to his right. “Oh, hey dad. Am I interrupting something?”

Carolyn and my wife’s eyes immediately went to Kyle, who thankfully had his pants back up before our son opened the door. Something told me this wasn’t the first time he was in a situation like this. I had my dick already back in my boxers too, though I was concealing my erection with the bedroom door. Carolyn, on the other hand, was caught in the moment and didn’t react as fast as Kyle and I did. The only thing she had time to do before the front door opened was stand up and adjust her top.

Cornelius instinctively leaned in to give his mom a kiss on the cheek before he noticed her face covered in Kyle’s cum. He realized a second too late as his lips made contact with a cumshot dripping down.

“Gross,” Cornelius said with a confused look on his face. “Mom, what’s all this gooey stuff all over your face?”

You could hardly blame Kyle for laughing uncontrollably right after. My son’s friend had made a cuckold out of me and become the man of the house without breaking a sweat.