“Take off your wedding ring,” My son’s bully said to me with his big dick buried inside of my wife.

Wigger Cuckold Stories: My Wife Cheated on Me with My Son’s Bully

How did I even find myself in this scenario? It wasn’t long ago that I was happily married to my new bride, Anna – the hottest girl on the planet who was ten years my junior. We lived comfortably, had great careers, and never wanted for anything. We both came from wealthy families, so that wasn’t an issue from the get-go. Now I’m standing beside our marital bed listening to her beg for an arrogant white thug’s big cock.

So, who was this wigger, exactly, and how did he end up in our lives? His name as Kyle. He and his college-aged friends lived in our neighborhood, and he loved to pick on my son, Milton, who was attending school in another state. Kyle’s friends either attended school with him or bought weed from him. The wigger ran with the wrong crowd and made a living selling pot. He held a lot of power for a kid his age, carrying himself with authority. He had the body of a linebacker and was very confrontational with anyone he didn’t like.

Though I was a decade older than her, Anna was only a couple of years older than Kyle and Milton. She and I crossed paths with Kyle often just by walking around the neighborhood or when in town. Kyle was just as standoffish with me as he was with Milton, and looked at me like I was beneath him. Anna, on the other hand, got along great with the big white thug. They ran into each other enough times to have lengthy conversations upon seeing each other. I could tell she was smitten with the wigger, and wasn’t very surprised to hear that Kyle had asked her to attend a house party later that weekend. I was surprised to hear Anna tell me she planned on going with him.

I was fine with my wife going to a party, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to let her go without me. When I got there, however, things got confrontational between Kyle and me. He obviously didn’t want me around – the invite was for my girl, not me.

“What’s that wimp’s old man doing here?” I heard Kyle ask one of his fellow white thugs as he approached us.

I reached my hand to greet Kyle formally but was instead spun around and shoved out the door with one arm. I turned around confused, but was suddenly pie-faced to the ground – Kyle literally palmed my face with his thick football-sized hand and pushed me back, making me fall on my ass.

“Get the fuck outta here, dumbass,” Kyle shouted at me before shutting the door.

I leaped up and pounded on the door listening to the guys laugh from behind it. Anna bent over and stuck her head out the window. I could see Kyle standing behind her.

“Ugh,” Anna said to me as I tried to compose myself. She was about to say something, but Kyle seemed like he had thrust into her from behind. Anna laughed, which struck me as odd, because of someone I barely knew made inappropriate contact with me like that, I’d have a much more astounding reaction. Her body language told me that she was friendlier with Kyle than I had believed. It seemed that they were actually friends, rather than just someone she greeted on the street.

“Just…ugh…go…go home, honey…” Anna said in breaths. Her head seemed to be propelling more outside the window with each word. Kyle was still standing behind her, and I could tell he was looking right at me.

“I’ll be fine with Kyle,” Anna said as she pulled her body in. “T-t-t-hanks for driving m-m-me here. I’ll s-s-s-eee you at home, sweetieeeee-ooooh fuckkkkk…” With that, my wife shut the window closed in my face. I watched my bride walk away from me with my son’s bully’s arm around her shoulder. There was definitely familiarity between them, more so than she let on.

I walked away from the party with my eyes down, hearing people snickering and remarking about my inferiority towards my son’s wigger bully. I looked like such a wimp in the eyes of just about everyone. I practically handed over the love of my life to my kid’s bully…what was wrong with me? I had a sudden flush of bravery, turned around and tried to make my way back to the part. Rather than go through the front door, I thought it would be less embarrassing if I entered from the back – after all, not everyone saw Kyle bully me out of the place.

My Son’s Bully Made Me Lick His Spunk Out of My Wife’s Pussy

I crept around the side of the house and stopped short when I passed by a bedroom window. Inside, my wife and my son’s bully were sitting on a bed.

Kyle placed his fingertips against the lips of Anna, who was moaning, and I realized why when I saw where Kyle’s other hand was. He was thumb-fucking my wife’s pussy. For a moment, it looked as if Kyle had made eye contact with me watching from outside.

I was conflicted with emotion. My wife had betrayed me. My son’s bully was humiliating me. And yet, I had never had a more raging hard-on in my life. Suddenly, I was pulled from the window and slammed against the side of the house by one of Kyle’s friends, Scoopz.

“Yo, Kyle!” He shouted into the window. “I caught the sissy cuckold beatin’ off watching you workin’ his girl ‘n shit!”

“Ha-ha!” Kyle laughed. “What a douche. “Bring the little pussy in here!”

Neighborhood Wigger Bully Made Me His Servant
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Scoopz dragged me by the hair from the outside of the house right into the party. Everyone we passed by laughed at me, including people my son knew. With one hand, his buddy slung me onto the floor of the bedroom Kyle and Anna were in. As I fell to my knees, I looked up and saw my wife laying on the bed, biting her lip. She was completely naked.

“You’re about to watch your girl get thug-fucked, pussy,” my son’s bully snickered down at me.

I had never seen such a look of ecstasy on Anna’s face before. She was so turned on by what was happening in front of her.

“Get over here and work your magic, babe.” My son’s bully said to my wife, motioning for her to get on her knees. As she did, Kyle unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. Anna tugged down his pants, then slid his boxer briefs down. The scent of a sweaty cock filled the air, making Anna moan with passion. She was face-to-face with the thickest cock I had ever seen, although she wasn’t looking at it in shock. Almost as if this wasn’t the first time she had seen it.

“No hands this time, babe,” Kyle said to her with a cocky expression. I watched in horror and awe as about half of Kyle’s beer-can sized cock slide into my wife’s mouth. Turns out, I didn’t know my new wife as well as I thought I did.

“Fuck, hold on,” Kyle screamed out after a couple of minutes of his hips thrusting in and out of my wife’s face. “I’m gonna cum if you keep doing that. Get on the bed, bitch.” Anna giggled and complied with her order.

Scoopz stepped my chest, making me lie on my back, preventing me from getting a good view of the fucking my wife was about to receive from my son’s bully. All I could do was listen to them have sex, even though they were only several feet away from me.

“Your cock is sooooo fucking thick,” Anna screamed out. “Sooooo…goddamn…. biiiiiggggg…. I’m already cumming!”

I could actually hear Kyle’s cock going in and out of my wife. It sounded like a plunger hitting the toilet. The bed was shaking so much from all the pressure it was taking as a result of the young white thug savagely screwing my beautiful bride. It couldn’t have gotten any worse than this.

Or so I thought.

Jock Meathead Fucked My Wife While I Washed his Truck
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I listened to my wife have orgasm after orgasm. Thankfully, Scoopz had left the room out of respect for his bro. I heard one of the bed frame’s legs break from all the punishment it took. Eventually, Kyle needed to cum.

“Cum, baby!” My wife begged my son’s bully. “Finish me off!”

“Not yet,” Kyle said, pointing to me. “Go sit on your boyfriend’s face.”

Anna squatted down over my head and lowered her wet hot pussy to my face. My wife used to be tight; now she was full of my son’s bully’s cum. She didn’t say a word to me, only giggled as the stubble on my face tickled her hot pussy lips.

“On all fours, babe,” Kyle commanded from behind me. I began to panic. What did he have in store for me next? Anna obediently got comfortable in the doggie position, and suddenly, Kyle’s big balls were hovering over my mouth.

“If you touch my junk,” Kyle warned me, “If you make any contact with any part of my skin, I won’t hesitate to smack the shit outta you. You got that, dumbass?” I nodded yes, too afraid to speak or even look at my son’s bully.

And just like that, Kyle’s beer-can cock began shoving its way into my wife’s wet tight pussy, right over my face. Anna clenched and yelped as he forcefully entered her, begging for his big dick in the process. Any concern for how she was making me feel was non-existent. I might as well have been a stranger in the room. My naked hot wife was covered in my son’s bully’s sweat and cum, and yet you couldn’t have scrubbed the smile off her face.

My Son’s Bully Turned My High School Sweetheart into His Whore

“Give me your wedding ring, bitch,” Kyle said, still thrusting into my girl. I watched her yank the wedding ring I gave her right of her finger. Anna placed the ring right in Kyle’s open hand as if she was handing over the keys to the kingdom to him.

“Yours, too.” My son’s bully said looking down at me. “By the time I bust my nut, that ring better be off your finger.”

Kyle started drilling my hot wife harder. My son’s bully was about to cum inside of my new bride. I thought about running away, but I didn’t think I would get very far. I thought about saying ‘no,’ but didn’t want to get slapped around in front of my girl.

My son’s wigger bully slammed his beer-can cock into my young bride with all his might, and before long, he shouted that he was about to cum. He effortlessly shoved me out of the way with his right leg, and I scurried away as quick as I could.

“No, stay,” Kyle sternly ordered. I meekly obeyed.

Kyle pulled out of Anna and threw her on her back, using his free hand to motion for me to come closer. As I walked towards him, I slid my wedding ring off my finger and attempted to hand it over to my son’s bully like my wife did. Instead, Kyle tossed my wife’s ring into my hand, telling me to hold my hand out. He then stroked his beer-can cock towards my hand and spewed cumshots into it for what seemed like an eternity. The wedding rings were drenched in Kyle’s warm cum, with my cupped hand serving as a bowl.

“I want those cleaned and those melted down,” Kyle said to me with a raised eyebrow while wiping the sweat off his body with my wife’s top. “And for what it’s worth, I’ll stop picking on your son. Why bother when I have the two of you now under my thumb?”

My dick twitched upon hearing that last sentence. I’m pretty sure my wife had an orgasm without touching herself reacting to Kyle’s statement as well.