spit roast

Buddies Tied me Up Before Spit Roasting My Wife

I don't know what my friends were doing to my wife, but I could hear her being pushed backwards and forwards while slobbering on what sounded like a Popsicle.
2 Cocky White Thugs Spit Roast My Wife, aka Their Boss

Laryssa hired a young white thug named Dougie as a bouncer at her nightclub. Now she's being spit-roasted by him and his wigger-friend, Slaine, in her office.
New Employee Gave My Wife His Big Dick

My wife and I hired a student named Justin to work at our store. Within weeks, he fucked my wife, became my boss, took my condo and had me paying his rent.
Girlfriend Cheated on Me With 2 Buddies

I never should have introduced my girlfriend, Selena, to Andrew and Rob, the only members of the so-called "Big Dick Club".