You had a double date planned. It was supposed to be you, your wife, your friend James, and his girlfriend, Amy. You had to work unexpectedly that night, but told your wife to have fun with them. James immediately called up his buddy, Mike, and asked him to come, which your wife thought was a great idea.

Mike and you didn’t get along. James was friends with both of you, closer to Mike, but Mike, for whatever reason, was always rude to you, insulting you in front of the others, telling you what to do instead of asking you. He was a jerk, at least to you. And yet no one ever thought less of Mike, in fact, he got along with everyone, except you. He even got along with your wife; she didn’t dislike him at all. In fact, she once referred to the big bully as “cute.”

It had never gotten physical between you and Mike, but if it did, you wouldn’t fare well. He has an athlete’s body, despite being on the hefty side. He outweighs you by about a hundred pounds.

So, when James invited Mike when you canceled your plans, you had mixed emotions. You felt insulted that you were so easily replaceable, both by your buddy and your wife. You also were mad that, of all people, the one person you couldn’t stand was the one taking your girl out instead. And yet despite that, your erection kept getting harder thinking about your wife and your rival out on a date…without you around to get in the way.

Hotwife Went on a Date With My Bully and Best Friend
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Your Wife is On a Date with Your Rival

Somehow, you found someone to replace you at work, pulling some strings, and told the others you could come, but James said they had already invited Mike, saying it would be rude to un-invite him. When you suggested Mike tag along with the four of you, your wife remarked that having Mike and yourself at the same table was a recipe for disaster, and would ruin the night for everyone. When Mike came by to pick the three of them up, he looked you right in the eyes when he hugged your girl. You took a mental photograph of that moment. Mike spit on the driveway right in front of you as they all got in his car. They didn’t think anything of Mike spitting, as it was something he often did, but you know he spat at your feet as a ‘fuck you.’ The look in Mike’s eyes frightened you. He looked like a guy with bad intentions, and your wife was now in the passenger seat of his car. You knew this night wasn’t going to end well, at least not in your favor.

Cocky Bully Took My Wife on a Date and Fucked Her in My Bed Afterward
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You decided to go out yourself that night, hitting a bar, not returning until midnight. When you got home, James and Amy were making out on your couch, oblivious to your presence. Your bedroom door was slightly closed, and you could hear your wife screaming and begging for more of something she kept describing as big and thick.

As you got closer to the bedroom, James finally saw you and told you not to go in, almost with a smirk on his face. Ignoring him, you pushed the door open, and within seconds, all the blood in your body had rushed to your dick. Your wife was bent over the bed, clutching the edges of the mattress, holding on for dear life, like she was riding a bucking bronco.

Wife Cheated on Me With Big Cock Bully
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“Oh fuck, Mike, your cock is so fucking big,” your wife cried out.

“Fuck yeah, bitch, fuckin’ take it,” Mike replied with a cocky grin. “Gonna bust my nut all over your pretty little face. Maybe I’ll take a picture and send it to your pathetic excuse for a husband.”

“Oh fuck,” Your wife moaned.

“Ha, you just had another orgasm. Fuck, you are so wet for my big dick, bitch.” Mike laughed.

“Uh…oh fuck…oh…Mike…you…are…su-u-chhh…a….bully….FUCK,” your wife tried to say between the thrusts she was taking. Mike was hammering your girl into your bed with his enormous cock.

Bully Fucked My Wife in My Marital Bed in Front of Me
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“You love it bitch,” Mike snarled.

“Fuck yeah, I do” your wife responded with an ear-to-ear smile.

You had never heard your wife talk so dirty before. She had never been bossed around by anyone, let alone a brute like Mike. She had never been so physically manhandled before by anyone. This behavior was completely uncharacteristic. And yet, here she was, completely naked, her hair yanked and gripped by Mike’s fist, who was also naked, behind her. Mike’s other hand was gripping your wife’s firm, cute ass. He was power-fucking her, roughly, not holding back on bullying her petite body with his burly football-player physique. Your wife was in a state of ecstasy, not even paying attention to you. She was completely indifferent to your presence.

Cuckolded by Big Cock Bully and Hotwife in My Bed
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Your Rival Power-Fucked Your Wife in Front of You in Your Bed

When Mike saw you standing in the doorway, he had a look of disgust on his face, like you were ruining the mood. He gave you the finger, and you instantly back-peddled out of the room, like his glance was instructive. The look on Mike’s face told you to get out of your bedroom so he could fuck your girl in your bed. You hoped he hadn’t seen your erection watching him dominate your wife with his big dick.

You looked over at James, who was now sitting on the couch, his pants pulled down to his knees, his hand gripping the back of Amy’s head, who was bobbing her mouth up and down on his fat cock, worshiping it. He really was smirking at you now, like he was proud of his buddy’s conquest of your girl.

“I told you not to go in, chump,” he said, chuckling to himself after spotting the tent you were pitching in your pants.