One day you were looking for something in your boss’ office and saw a file on his laptop screen with your girlfriend’s name on it. Curious, you double-clicked the icon, and while the video footage was only five minutes, it felt like a lifetime.

You watched your boss pulverize your girlfriend in the doggie position from a low-angle shot. Your heart raced the more she laughed – were they laughing at you? She was covered in his sweat, and with each thrust of your boss’ big cock, she begged him to fuck her harder, even when they changed into the spoon position. You froze the screen when you saw your boss stick his finger in your girlfriend’s mouth. She never even gave you a handjob, but she was willing to suck his dirty finger?!

You remember that it was you who introduced the two of them to each other during a company event one night. You found it interesting that every time you turned around, they seemed to be talking to each other. You were surprised at how well they got along based on all the body contact they made between smiles.

You turned off the video and walked into the office’s boardroom. Your boss and Jordan – a colleague who is gunning for your position in the company – were sitting comfortably when you walked in. You never noticed it before, but they’re all smirking at you as if they know something you don’t. Only now you do know, but they don’t know that you know. You now realize each time they smiled at you in the past; it was because they knew the boss was giving your girlfriend his big dick.

A week later, at another company event, you came back from the restroom to find your boss and your girlfriend talking. The way he was looming over her wasn’t bothering her at all, but from your perspective, his body language was that of an alpha male. You tried to join in on their conversation, but your boss’ wingman – Jordan intercepted you before you could reach them.

“Don’t be a fucking cockblocker, buddy,” Jordan said to you as he put his arm around you and directed you towards the bar. “Go have a drink or two.” He patted you on the back a few times and ruffled your hair before walking away.

Halfway through your first drink, you noticed boss taking your girlfriend into some room before turning around and giving Jordan a thumbs-up. Jordan reciprocated and smiled as your girlfriend unbuttoned her blouse. Before your boss closed the door behind him, both he and Jordan looked right at you and chuckled.

You texted your girlfriend pretending not to know where she was. You wanted to leave and assumed she would join you. You were surprised by the response she gave you back.

“Having a good time, go on and leave without me, your boss will take me home. Love you!”

You left because the shame being cuckolded in public was too much to bear. A message from one of your work peers came when you arrived home.

“Dude, you really should have stayed at the party,” the message read. “Your girl was all over the boss, bro. She clung to him most of the night. A little too much. I didn’t realize how much of a crush she had on him. Anyways, that fucker recorded what happened between them and emailed all of us. He told me not to tell you, but I thought you should know. Sorry, bro. I know you planned on marrying this chick.”

You nervously opened the footage your boss sent you. Amateur-cam video footage of your girlfriend seemingly naked on a bed with your boss beside her. The camera was positioned on the nightstand across from the bed, showing your boss and your girlfriend’s bodies in full.

You watched her salivate all over your boss’ thick pole. He had more girth and length than you; it was easy to see why your girl was all over him.

What made your girlfriend’s infidelity heartbreaking was the lack of sex she was giving you, telling you she wanted to save herself for something big. That’s why you were saving up for a wedding ring – you thought she was trying to hint a proposal, saving sex for her wedding night. But you couldn’t have been more wrong. She was saving herself for your boss’ fat cock.

Worse, you remember confiding in your boss – thinking he was more of a friend than a superior – about her not giving you any action. In hindsight, whenever he told you to keep jerking off to online porn instead, he was always laughing. Now you realize you were the joke. He was keeping her to himself.

You stroked yourself when she started bouncing up and down on his big white dick. You asked yourself why you didn’t stay at the event. Perhaps you should have stormed into the room and beaten the crap out your boss before whisking your girlfriend away. But you knew that wouldn’t have gone well for you. Your boss could take you down with one hand without breaking a sweat. You didn’t want him to beat you up in front of your girlfriend while fucking her at the same time.

You remember the day your girlfriend bought a dildo and started using it whenever she was horny, rather than having sex with you. You never took it personally, because you beat off to porn regularly, why wouldn’t she do something similar? You realize this behavior began after she met your boss. You wondered how many times you tasted your boss’ cum on your girlfriend’s lips after kissing her.

You’ve watched enough porn to know what cuckolding is. You understand what a cuckold is now. You have never been more turned on in your entire life. You realize you’re the loser in this situation, and if any of your friends and colleagues knew, you would be humiliated. So, you decide to keep your mouth shut and play along with whatever humiliation your boss was putting you through. You realize that if she wanted to, she could have just broken up with you to be with him. She didn’t. He could have told you he wanted to be with her, but he didn’t. You assume the sneaking around is what made the sex more intense between them. You almost cum in your pants thinking about your boss and your girlfriend laughing at you together.

Boss Fucked My Tight Girlfriend With His Big White Dick
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A couple of hours later, a car pulls up in your driveway. You thought your boss was dropping off your girl but saw them both exit the car from the bedroom window. You walked downstairs as they walked in. Both looked at you and smiled.

“Hey little buddy,” your boss says to you condescendingly as he and your girl make their way over to the couch. “Why don’t you grab me a beer and come join us in the living room. Your girl and I have something we wanna show you.”

You smile to yourself realizing that they think you’re oblivious to their affair. You realize this is the moment she’s going to come clean. Will she dump you? Or are you going to become a cuckold husband officially? You pitched a tent walking over to your boss and handing him the beer.

“The cap’s not gonna twist itself off, numb-nuts,” your boss said to you, shaking his head. Your girlfriend playfully hit him on the arm and giggled.

“Honey, what we’re gonna show you is going to surprise you,” your girlfriend said, trying to soften the blow.

“I doubt it,” your boss said, elbowing your girlfriend, and pointing to your crotch. “The little guy is about to burst through his pants, look!”

All three of us looked down at the pre-cum protruding from my pajama pants. I looked up at them as they looked down at me. They smiled, then looked at each other mischievously.

“Well, this is going to go better than I thought,” your girlfriend said to your boss. “Fuck the footage, let’s give him a live show.”

Your boss smiled at you and gave you a wink before unbuckling his belt. Just like that, you came in your pajama pants without even touching yourself.

“Did you just…did you have an accident in your pants?” my girlfriend said in shock, her mouth wide open.

“Oh, this is fucking hilarious,” your boss said whipping out his phone and holding it up to me. He had clearly taken a photo of the mess you made, which was seeping through your pajama pants by that point.

“Here we go…send…ALL.” Your boss said before putting his phone away. The two of them stood up and kissed passionately in front of you. Your girlfriend started undressing your boss while kissing him, and he did the same. You walked back to your bedroom and shut the door since you were no longer aroused by the betrayal you endured. Anything you had seen them do would only be more heartbreaking.

Or so you thought. When your boss noticed you were no longer around, you heard him tell your girlfriend the worst thing he could have said by that point.

“Too bad he couldn’t handle the show we would have given him,” your boss said to your girlfriend. “I was gonna tell him that Jordan’s taking his position as of Monday AS I busted my nut all over ya.”

“You’re so evil,” your girlfriend replied, panting as if something was moving in and out of her.

“Fuck yeah I am,” he laughed. “Hey, how much you wanna bet that cuckold boyfriend of yours is listening to us and beating his meat right now.”

Just like that, your cock throbbed back to life. The sound of your girlfriend laughing at his comment made your heart ache simultaneously with your twitching hard-on.