My wife, Jessica, was taller than both of us at 6’1”. She had long, curly blond hair that almost touched her 34c tits. Quite frankly, when she and I were together, it looked like a complete mismatch. We started off as high school sweethearts, but a time progressed, she and I turned into roommates more than a couple. Her interests changed, and she seemed to get hotter while I remained puny and meek – a total contrast of a guy in our social circle named James.

James was stocky and athletic, thick and rugged, with short brown hair. It didn’t do me any favors standing next to the jock. Despite me being about 2 inches taller than him, I looked rather puny in comparison, despite being 5’9”. I knew James since he was in high school. He was the little brother of a close buddy of mine, but he and I were hardly friends. James didn’t care for me and often told mutual friends that he thought my wife was way out of my league. When he heard Jessica and I were having marriage trouble, James moved right in.

James was one of the guys and went wherever my buddies and I did. One night, Jessica came with my friends and me to a keg party. She and James spent most of the evening with each other in front of the campfire while my buddies and I horsed around. At one point, I saw James and my girl sitting in the same chair. With little room for them both, she sat on his lap. I found this peculiar because there were no shortages of places to sit.

Neither my wife nor James, budged when I walked towards them. Feeling awkward, I sat on the ground beside James’s legs. My girl and my buddy’s little brother continued talking to one another – sometimes even whispering to each other. They weren’t ignoring me; rather, they were just more interested in each other.

Arrested for Spying on My Wife Fucking my Bully's Big Dick
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James was saying all the right things to her. I never made her nervously giggle the way she did with him. She tried to hide her laughter when James kicked his sneakers off and put his legs up on my shoulders. I had enough beers in me by that point that I didn’t even attempt to push them off me.

I don’t remember much of what happened that night, other than my girl telling me to thank James for taking my drunk-ass home. She made it sound like he carried me, but from what my buddies told me, he gripped the back of my shirt and dragged me into the car with one hand.

When I awoke, I noticed my wife’s side of the bed was untouched. I assumed she slept on the couch, not wanting to sleep beside the inebriated mess that was her husband. Walking over to the living room, I found my wife cuddled up in James’s arms on the couch. They had no idea I was even in the room. Jessica turned her head to face James and ask him a question, but he cut her off by kissing her on the lips. My wife smiled and reciprocated his kiss. James dropped the phone and climbed on top of my wife as they lay down on the couch. She was unbuttoning his shirt while he tore her skirt open aggressively, making her moan sensually. The sounds of lips smacking were so intense that neither one of them noticed me back peddle out of the room and right out of the house.

I sat my front porch trying to process what I had just seen. I walked around to the side of the house and looked into a window from the driveway. The plants surrounding me concealed my presence, allowing me to watch my wife make out with the big cock bully. I did nothing as Jessica dropped to her knees, unzipped the big cock bully’s jeans, and slid them down. My feelings morphed into arousal and shock as James’s baseball-bat size erection fell on her face. When my wife saw it, she smiled. Jessica looked up at James as her tongue traced the bottom of his smooth, hairless rounded balls. With his head cocked back, both of James’s hands grabbed the side of her head. He started to thrust his hips back and forth. Jessica’s tongue circled the width of James’s fat cock. He was shoving it rhythmically into her mouth, making her gag more than once.

I watched in awe as my wife worshiped the new man of the house without realizing that I was stroking my crotch from the outside. As Jessica worshiped the big guy’s massive cock with both hands and her wet mouth, I saw James pull out his phone and text something before tossing it onto the couch behind him. As he grabbed the back of my wife’s head like a basketball, he slowly pushed it down further on his cock, allowing her to take another inch of his meat down her throat. The tent I was pitching in my pants was throbbing to the point where pre-cum was seeping through the crotch. I was so caught up in the moment that I had a delayed reaction to a police siren behind me. As I turned towards the driveway, I was tackled to the ground and hand my arm twisted behind my back.

“We got a text from someone inside this residence, sir,” a police officer said in my ear as he handcuffed me. “Someone said a peeping tom was masturbating outside their window.”

A crowd began gathering in front of my house, mostly passers-by. This was beyond embarrassing, especially when I was pulled to my feet. Everyone in front of me noticed the pre-cum stain in the crotch of my pants.

“He lives here,” one of my neighbors said. “You can’t arrest him for looking into his own window.”

“Is this true, sir?” The officer asked me. “What were you doing out here, anyway?”

Just then, James and Jessica came out. My wife seemed confused by what was happening outside our own house, while James had a shit-eating grin on his face. He contacted the cops, without question. That’s what he must have done when he reached for his phone while my wife slobbered all over his big dick. Perhaps James as pranking me, or perhaps this was his way of establishing his dominance over me in some humorous way.

James was wearing his boxer shorts and a wife-beater. Jessica was only wearing James’s shirt, which covered up most of her body. Still, it was apparent she was naked under that shirt, as evidenced by her bare exposed legs. Her hair was messed up her lips were glossy. Everyone around us had pieced together that I was spying on James and my wife getting it on.

I was un-handcuffed and released out of pity by the officers once Jessica confirmed that I was, indeed, her husband. The crowd walked away without making eye contact with me. James walked back inside laughing as Jessica and I stared at each other in silence.

After Jessica re-entered the house, I remained outside trying to process these latest developments. The fact that she didn’t try to console me in any way spoke volumes. Her eagerness to re-join James inside felt like writing on the wall about my impending marriage.

When I came back inside, Jessica was in the middle of blowing James again, this time with no consequence of whether or not I would see her do it. I have to confess, seeing my lovely wife licking Jeff’s huge cock made me rock hard. Once I attempted to join in, James pie-faced me to the ground, laughing at me while saying my cock was not big enough to please her.

“Let’s give the little guy a front row show,” James laughed. Jessica tried to conceal her amusement.

James shoved my girl on her back and, without warning, shoved his big dick deep in her wet pussy. I began rubbing my cock from the outside of my pants as the big guy fucked my wife. Upon seeing me touching myself, James and Jessica began laughing at me.

“Watch and learn how a real man fucks a woman,” James said to me while sliding in and out of my wife.
He fucked my wife harder than I had ever seen in any porno. His thrusts made my girl cum so hard she squirted with his big dick inside of her.

“James, I’m cumming” Jessica tried to say, panting and out of breath.

“So am I,” James replied.

The big cock bully pulled his thick dick out of my wife’s pussy and shoved it in her mouth, gagging her. Jessica struggled to swallow his oozing cum, which seeped out the sides of her mouth.

“That’s my girl,” James praised my wife as he patted her head like she was a puppy. “Swallow every fuckin’ drop.”

Wiping her mouth after James groaned and flopped his naked ass on my white couch, Jessica wiped her mouth with her sleeve.

“Hey Jess, just for kicks,” James said looking in our direction. “Why don’t you give your husband a big, wet, sloppy kiss.”

“You gotta be kidding me,” I said rolling my eyes. “You can’t seriously expect me to—“

Suddenly, Jessica grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me in for a kiss. I kissed her right back, and just like that, it felt like we were high school sweethearts again. At least for a second. The taste of James’s cum on my tongue snapped me back to reality once again.

That moment defined where my wife stood in this situation. She wasn’t kissing me out of love. She kissed me because the alpha male in the room told her to.