The thought of your friend’s big dick in your wife’s tight pussy should make you angry, right? The thought of two trusted people betraying you isn’t supposed to make your dick hard…right?

Cuckold Stories: Your Buddy and Your Girl Make a Cute Couple, Don’t You Think?

Andrew was the kid brother of another friend of mine. He would sometimes tag along with my wife, Laryssa, and I wherever we went, be it movies our just hanging out with our friends. My other friends couldn’t stand him. Still, Andrew was a loyal companion, following me around wherever I went. The only drawback for me was that he could only communicate with negatives, usually putting me down in front of my friends and wife to make himself look better, a tactic that proved to be one of my downfalls.

It was often said in jest that Laryssa was way too hot for me, and I’ll admit, I was lucky to get her. Laryssa ran her own company, had her own money, and wore the pants in the relationship. She was often referred to as the hottest girl in the neighborhood, and still in her mid-20s. I was in my early 30s but wasn’t half as successful as my wife. Andrew, a few years younger than Laryssa, worked where he could find it, but I found myself supporting him with spending money out of pity, which he had no trouble taking. Andrew was stronger than me was too, often beating me up whenever we play fought, something that he liked to do whenever my friends were around.

One day while we were in bed, my wife let it slip that she had been thinking about my tag-along friend.

“Don’t you think Andrew and I would make a cute couple?” Laryssa asked me.

“Are you kidding me right now?” I replied, wide-eyed as I turned my head to her.

“Some people are saying how good we look together.” She said with her eyes closed while lightly caressing her breasts. She was also squeezing her legs together.

“But you’re my girl…” I said in shock, not sure how to respond.

“I know sweetie, I’m just saying.” Laryssa’s fingers made their way towards the edge of her pussy, sliding under her thong. I was getting harder by the second, but wasn’t sure if it was because of what I was seeing, or what I was hearing.

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“Hey, can you give me his number?” She suddenly said with eyes open, reaching over me to grab my phone, which wasn’t locked.

“But I–” I tried to say as she opened my contact list, then scanned his number with her phone.

“Thanks, sweetie,” Laryssa said, tossing my phone on my stomach. She leaned over and gave me a generic peck on the cheek before getting out of bed and into the bathroom. I noticed that she took her phone with her as she left. I was so eager for her to close the door, because the second she did, my boxers came right down. My cock was throbbing uncontrollably at that point, and I needed to release before she got back. It didn’t take me long to cum, as the image of Andrew and Laryssa being together made me shoot ropes of cum right onto my face. I had never cum so hard in my life, and felt shame for thinking of the two of them in such a way. I then realized my thoughts were founded, as I heard Laryssa unsuccessfully try to conceal her own moans behind the closed bathroom door.

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I came back from a business trip a few weeks later and was surprised to find out that Andrew and Laryssa had been spending some time together while I was gone. Neither of them told me. My friends told me to watch out for him, suggesting he was testing my wife’s fidelity. I didn’t bring it up again, but caught my wife and Andrew cuddled up on my loveseat at home when I came home from work one afternoon, whispering to each other and laughing, completely oblivious to my presence. I cleared my throat, and when both of them noticed me, their happiness changed to disappointment. Andrew excused himself and play-slapped me on the cheek a few times before leaving.

Your Buddy and Your Wife Have Been Getting Together Behind Your Back

Andrew and I barely had contact over the next while, but he and my wife were texting each other like crazy instead. My jealousy grew when my friend, Rob and his girlfriend, Sara, got tickets to a sold-out concert for my wife, and, right in front of me, instead of giving the extra ticket to me, Rob gave the ticket to Andrew, high-fiving him after the exchange. Days later, I saw pictures of the concert on Sara’s Facebook page, including one of my wife with her arms around Andrew’s neck. His arms were around her waist. They were embracing, their lips an inch apart.

I was becoming the third wheel in both my marriage and my friend’s social outings. Andrew had replaced me as Laryssa’s companion everywhere she went. I was never invited out anymore by them or with her – she just took Andrew everywhere as if that was the new normal. She talked about my tag-along friend a lot when we were alone, making me feel like more of her roommate then her husband. I even stopped touching her in bed because she was when I tried to, she pushed my hand away, saying she was “saving herself for something special.”

I got fired from my job not long afterward and took to drinking. I was making quite a fool out of myself publicly, telling everyone who would listen when intoxicated about my troubled marriage, my job, and my so-called friend. One particular day, I had started drinking at the local pub at 5, and by 9, I was plastered. Walking home on a busy street, I walked by another pub across the street and saw my friends at a patio table, including Andrew and Laryssa. For whatever reason, I decided to attack Andrew physically in my drunken state, but it was hardly an attack. Andrew saw me coming, blocked my punch effortlessly with one hand, and used my momentum against me to push me back, making me fall on my ass. Attempting to get to my feet, I first got on my knees and looked up at him. Andrew smirked at me before he and Laryssa shared a look and a smile – a moment together at my expense.

I got home and headed for the shower. I waited for Laryssa all night, but she never came home. When she finally did the next morning, I confronted her about where she spent the night.

While You Cooked for Them, Your Wife Took Your Buddy into Your Bedroom and Shut the Door

“I spent the night in the arms of a real man,” my wife replied, barely making eye contact with me. She clearly was aware of the golden shower my so-called friend gave me. Her words felt like a punch in the stomach, and yet, and yet I couldn’t help wanting more details.

Later that day – and I don’t know what possessed me to do this – I decided to invite Andrew over. I wanted to talk about what was happening between him, my wife, and myself. I should have given that decision more thought because the night turned into a nightmare. I was the third wheel all night once again, making dinner for Andrew and Laryssa while they flirted on the couch, feeding each other appetizers. At one point, I caught Laryssa sucking sauce off Andrew’s fingers. I kept trying to inject myself into their private conversations at the dinner table, but Andrew just kept making me look stupid by making my responses sound juvenile. I ended up cleaning dishes and pans in the kitchen while Andrew and Laryssa retreated into my bedroom.

When I was done, I had to work up the courage to walk into my bedroom. If I had walked in on something, it would officially end my marriage. On the other hand, I wanted to see the two of them together on my bed. When I opened the door, I found Andrew lying on his back on my bed. Laryssa lay in his arms as her hands caressed his chest. Andrew’s smirk hit me like daggers.

Suddenly, Laryssa walked over to me, then lowered herself to her knees, sliding my jogging pants down. My boner, a hard six inches, hit her in the face when she peeled my boxer shorts down. I didn’t know what was happening, but I went with it. Laryssa looked over to Andrew, who was snickering at me once again watching the show. Was he laughing because I was hard seeing him and my wife laying on my bed together? Was he amused by the size of my cock?

Laryssa then got back on the bed, crawled over to Andrew, and began unbuckling his belt. Andrew lifted his pelvis up as my wife yanked his jeans and boxer briefs down as she had done to me. The aroma of his cock sweat strongly hit the room. Andrew’s beer-can thick 11″ long dick throbbed back and forth. His balls were the size of an orange, shaved and hairless. I couldn’t get over the girth of his thick cock – when Laryssa wrapped her hands around his big dick to stroke it, her fingertips on one hand couldn’t touch the others. She looked over at Andrew as if waiting for the go-ahead to do something more. He looked over at me, and with a smirk, nodded towards the door. I closed my eyes, pulled up my underwear and pants, and obeyed his silent command.

Closing the door behind me and walking out of my house, I didn’t know what had bothered me more – that my tag-along friend had stolen my girl, or that I wasn’t going to see them fuck in front of me.