Rob is a popular guy, always happy, always laughing. His boyish looks helped score him women regularly, and his big cock kept them coming back to him. Everyone loved Rob, and having him as a friend was something I really appreciated.

My Girl Hired My Buddy as My Assistant. What Could Go Wrong?

My wife, Laryssa, is a senior executive at the company I work at, the youngest person to ever obtain that position. Everyone loves my wife – the girls envied her Jessica Alba-esque looks (yes, with the boobs to match), and all the guys want to fuck her brains out. That never bothered me or made me insecure. I knew my wife loved me, her loyalty is one of my favorite things about her. It would take something BIG for her to no longer be dedicated to our marriage.

It never bothered me that my wife wore the pants in our relationship. I worked for my wife, but above the rest of the other employees, which no doubt caused resentment towards me by my peers. The assumption was that I only got the job because I was married to the boss. Those whispers meant nothing to me because I knew it wasn’t true. I was good at my job, and my wife and I just happened to be in the same industry.

My Buddy Used his Big Dick to Take My Job and My Wife Away From Me
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On my suggestion, my wife hired Rob as my assistant, and a backup to my duties at work. My big dick buddy lived a luxury lifestyle – ritzy apartment, beautiful car, the hottest women by his side. The only reason Rob took the job was because of the substantial salary I said I could get for him. This inadvertently caused even more resentment towards me at work. The money for his position was one thing, but he was clearly hired in a position others should have been promoted to. The funny thing is, no one resented Rob once he started working with us. In fact, everyone loved him. He quickly became one of the guys at work, something I never was in my years of working there.

I convinced my wife, who was also my boss, to hire my big-dicked buddy as my assistant at work…for a higher salary than mine.

I trained Rob thoroughly so that if I ever was sick, he could replace me instantly, and the company’s productivity wouldn’t miss a beat. One day during a meeting I was embarrassed beyond belief when one of the employees singled out a mistake I had made during a presentation, which cost the company a client. Rob, being the good friend that he was, smoothed things over with the client’s wife, and just like that, saved us from losing a prominent deal. Actually, it was rather odd – the client’s wife left the room with a scowl, yet returned beaming with joy after Rob convinced her to keep us. Rob gave the guys a thumbs-up upon learning that he saved us, and his cocky smile made the staff look at him as a true alpha male.

My Wife Hired My Big Dick Buddy as My New Boss
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My Wife Promoted My Assistant and Made Him My New Boss

My wife decided to put Rob’s prowess to the test by handing him an assignment she regularly gave me. Rob immediately delegated the project to me before slapping my cheeks and leaving early to go play hockey with his buddies. I finished the assignment that day, eager to please my best pal after he told me not to make him look bad. When the assignment was completed, my wife, impressed with Rob’s efficiency, decided to give him a trial run in a managerial position. Laryssa knew Rob had delegated the project to me, and thought it would be interesting to see he and I switch positions. Just like that, my assistant had become my boss.

With Rob in charge, the company flourished, although he never really got his hands dirty. He listened to what my wife wanted, along with my suggestions, and dictated the best course of action. He delegated all the paperwork and tasks to me, and I worked like a dog to get things done. He really motivated me into working my ass off, which inadvertently made me a master at multitasking. I would visit a client, pick up Rob’s dry cleaning, and have his skates sharpened all before lunch. I thought I liked being in charge until Rob asserted himself at my expense. With him taking my place, I was never more happy at work than doing what I was told, specifically by Rob.

I couldn’t see her clearly, but the girl Rob was fucking was wearing the same dress I saw my wife wearing earlier that day.

My favors for Rob, like washing his car or shopping for his groceries, became expected of me as time went on, not that I was getting paid to handle his personal tasks. He was used to me taking care of him, and I didn’t want to rock the boat – not that I wanted to. One day while I was dropping off his laundry at home, he told me he had a girl coming over and didn’t have time to clean the bathroom. I instinctively volunteered to scrub the toilet, tub, and sink for him, smiling ear-to-ear when he ruffled my hair and called me a good boy. The door was closed so I couldn’t see the girl he brought over, but I could hear her laugh after he told her what I was doing for him in his bathroom. I wasn’t sure what the joke was. About 5 minutes after, Rob walked into the bathroom while I was on my knees scrubbing the toilet rim.

“Move over, buddy,” Rob said to me, whipping out his big dick and pissing right in the bowl, my face inches away from the stream. I looked up at Rob incredulously, and he looked down, winked at me, and gave me a thumbs-up. Afterward, Rob washed his hands and dried them with the dress shirt I came wearing, which was now hung off the towel rack (I guess the towel beside the sink was dirty). When I had finished, I saw Rob and his girl on the balcony, behind a curtain, which darkened her identity. She looked hot from what I could see, wearing the same outfit I thought I saw my wife wearing earlier that morning. I let myself out so I wouldn’t disturb them.

My Buddy Told Me to Get Him Lunch When My Wife Walked Into His Office
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My Wife Walked in on Me Buffing My Buddy’s Shoes While They Were Still on His Feet

Rob and I talked about how he needed an office now that he was in management. Naturally, I offered mine – the second biggest one in the workplace – to him. Even though he was hardly at work, he was (currently) in charge, and a guy with Rob’s authority didn’t deserve a cubicle.

“This is why I keep you around, buddy,” Rob said to me as he, once again, slapped my cheeks a few times. He then asked instructed me to have my stuff out of my his office within the hour.

A day later I was buffing Rob’s shoes in his office. My wife walked in and stopped for a moment to appreciate the scene in front of her. Rob, sitting comfortably on his office chair, was using his phone while wearing the shoes I was on my knees cleaning. My wife smiled at me, then gave a beaming smile to Rob, who asked me to get him lunch. I came back a little earlier than he expected, but the door was locked. I could hear commotion inside and, assuming he was having fun with one of the office girls, I waited in my wife’s empty office.

When she came in, coincidentally, Rob’s office door was open, and I excused myself to serve Rob his lunch. Laryssa told me to hurry back, as he had to discuss Rob’s promotion to my position, full-time. I walked out with a smile on my face, eager to give Rob the good news, but selfishly happy that I was going to remain under his thumb while getting paid to do it.