I was using Andrew’s computer while he lay in his bed behind me, watching WWE. My wife, Laryssa, called me on her way home from work, and when I told her where I was, she decided – insisted, really – that she would meet me at his place. When I told Andrew she was coming over, he unlocked the front door for her before hopping right back into his bed.

My Wife Crawled Into Bed With My Buddy

When she walked in, I told her I wasn’t finished what I was doing, suggesting she not wait for me, but instead, she just rolled on top of Andrew and onto the left side of his bed, laying beside him. Andrew instinctively stretched his arm out, giving her an opening to snuggle up with him. I could see a smug look on his face in the reflection of the computer screen.

My Wife and My Best Friend Flirted With Each Other Behind Me
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I lost myself in my work, only hearing the whispers Andrew and my wife were giving each other, their faces so close that their lips were almost touching. Only once did I look over my shoulder, upon sensing commotion, only to see the two of them getting under Andrew’s comforter.

“We’re just getting more comfortable, honey.” My wife said, sensing the confused look on my face.

As my wife and my nerdy friend lay in his bed, their whispers became more quiet, almost like they were talking into each other’s ears. I didn’t want to pry, clearly whatever they were talking about, they wanted to be between the two of them. I continued to immerse myself into my work, typing away. Andrew was nice enough to let me use his computer, while my wife was patient enough to wait for me. The last thing I wanted to do was take up more of their time by interjecting myself in their conversation.

My Wife Wanted to See My Best Friend's Big Cock
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My Wife Told My Buddy She Thinks About Him When She Masturbates

Here’s what the dialog between Andrew and Laryssa consisted of:

“Wow. How big is that thing?” Laryssa asked Andrew, her hand ‘accidentally’ brushing up against his shorts.
“That’s for me to know, and you to find out-ah.” Andrew said, exhaling with a smile, proud of his smart comment.
“I knew it was big, though.”
“Eh…is that so-ah?”
“Yup. I just knew that about you.”
“Eh…care to elaborate-ah?”
“You…have that big-dick confidence, just like (my best friend) Rob has. The worst kept secret is his size. He never brags, he never talks about it. He carries himself with confidence because he has no reason not to, he doesn’t know any other way to be. You’re like that, too. You never brag.”
“Eh…go on…” Andrew said, taking this all in, learning something about himself he never realized, while basking in the compliment.
“Being content with what you have is just regular to you. You’re not trying to be something you’re not. You’re not trying to fit in, or prove anything to anyone. It’s the guys who showboat a little too much and brag a little too long, that you know are full of shit. He (nodding to me) does that. You never brag. You never need to. You never think to. You’re never compete with him (nodding to me).”
“Eh…someone put a lot of thought into this-ah.”
“Can’t help it. It’s how I see you. That’s just my perception of you.”
“Eh…you think about that a lot-ah?”
“I think about you a lot.”
“All the time.”
“Especially when I masturbate.”
“Geez, it’s getting harder.”
“You are so awesome. Do you shave it?”
“Heh, yup-ah. Was just about to before you two came over. That’s what I’ll be doing after you leave-ah.” Putting his hands behind his head, Andrew exhaled with a cocky look on his face.
“Really, eh? Need a hand?”
“Sure-ah.” Andrew thought she was half-joking.
“Let’s go then.”
“Eh…right now?”
“Yeah, why wait?”

Andrew and Laryssa sprang up and made a beeline out of his bedroom.

“Where you two going?” I said, turning around.
“Oh, I’m just going to help your buddy out with something, sweetie.” Laryssa said to me. “Just carry on with whatever you’re doing, don’t mind us.”

My Buddy’s Big Dick Rested on My Wife’s Face

With my wife and tag-along sidekick of a friend out of the room, I took a minute to go through Andrew’s history, curious about what kind of porn he watched. Nothing unusual, except I noticed the girls he spent the most time watching resembled my wife, while most of the guys had his looks or body-type.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, in his bathroom, Andrew had his shorts pulled down to his ankles, while Laryssa kneeled before him, his big round ballsack in one hand, an electric shaver in the other.

“Hold my hair up.” She requested, looking up at him with a smile.
“How’s that-ah?” Andrew said, a smirk on his face, looking down, grabbing a bunch of her hair with his fist, enough to guide her head closer to his big dick, the tip of his dickhead close to her shiny, soft lips.
“Perfect.” She said, her heart racing, knowing what kind of trouble she was getting herself into, but not caring about the consequences.
“Eh…sorry, I haven’t showered yet-ah.”
“Don’t be sorry. You hear me complaining?
“Eh..nope-ah.” Andrew said, realizing she wasn’t trying to pull away from him.
“You’re…you’re so big.”
“Eh…thanks-ah…” He said. You couldn’t scrub the smirk off his face. He realized at that moment she wouldn’t be mesmerized by what he had if I had anything close to what he was packing.

My Wife Was on Her Knees Shaving My Best Friend's Balls“It keeps getting bigger.”
“Sorry, but it’s hard not to be, uh, hard right now.”
“Really, don’t apologize. This is amazing.”
“Eh…it is-ah?”
“Can I hold it, Andrew?” She asked him with an innocent look on her face while dropping the shaver, finished with her job of making his big ballsack smooth like a tangerine.
“Go ahead-ah.”
“Oh man…”
“I need two hands to hold all of it. Two hands!”
“More than you’re used to, eh?”
“Hell yeah, you’re 10x the size of him.”
“Ha ha.”
“Not really but you know what I mean.”

The last sentence she spoke caused her bottom lip to make contact with the tip of Andrew’s dickhead, just as I walked in on them.

I Walked In On My Wife Shaving My Buddy's Big Balls
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“What’s going on?” I asked, confused.

My wife’s face turned towards me in slow motion, as did Andrew’s, who had a look of anger on his face, like I had ruined some kind of moment for him. A trail of some kind of liquid connected from her lip to his crotch.

“Eh…what’s it look like?” Andrew said to me, with an authoritative tone that I wasn’t used to.
“I was just giving him a hand, sweetie.” Laryssa said, rising up.
“With what?” I asked, walking towards them, while Andrew pulled his shorts up.
“With this.” My wife said, grabbing the shaver and waving it in my face.
“Well that was nice of you.” I said, while Andrew retained his pissed-off look at me. “Um, you ready to go?”
“Yeah…” She said, turning to Andrew and smiling. “Bye Andrew.”
“Eh…see ya…” He smiled back, not looking at me anymore.
“Thanks for letting me use your computer, man.” I said.
“Eh..anytime. In fact, you’re both welcome, anytime-ah.”
“Well, now that you offered, there’s a lot more I have to do, would you mind if I came by tomorrow?” This caused Andrew and Laryssa to look at each other and smile at the same time.
“Please, be my guest. Bring your girl-ah.” Andrew replied, winking at Laryssa.
“Yeah, you can keep her company while I hog your computer.” I said, walking away. Laryssa gave Andrew one last smile, licking her bottom lip containing whatever liquid was on it, making Andrew smile even harder.

I Walked In on My Best Friend's Big Cock Resting on My Wife's Lips
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