One night I was hanging out with my nerdy friend, Andrew, in his older brother Mike’ basement. We were looking at some novelty items I got from a swag bag I was given at a party I had attended. One of them was a pair of handcuffs. Suddenly, Andrew received a text, and a beaming smile came on his face. Andrew looked over at me and with a look of mischief on his face, picked up the handcuffs and asked if he could put them on me, promising to take them off at some point. Not seeing the harm and assuming ‘at some point’ meant ‘right away,’ I let him, placing my hands behind my back. I hadn’t expected Andrew to get suddenly aggressive and push me onto the couch, stomach-first.

“What are you doing?” I asked my geeky buddy, confused.

“Eh…I just need you out of the way for a while-ah…” Andrew replied, leaving me perplexed.

Suddenly, Mike and a friend of both of ours, Rob, came downstairs. The sight of my two alpha male friends hanging out without me took me made me feel like I wasn’t cool enough to hang with them. Like I was on Andrew’s level. Andrew pointed to my handcuffs, muttering something I couldn’t hear to both Rob and Mike, which made the three of them laugh mischievously. Andrew had a smirk on his face, while Rob and Mike had boyish grins on theirs.

My Friends Hogtied Me in the Basement and Gangbangd My Girlfriend
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Just then, my girlfriend, Laryssa, and her friend Amy came down and joined us. She was dressed up to the nines, more than she had ever dressed up for me. Laryssa looked radiant – her hair was done up, her dress showing a lot of cleavage, and I suspected she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I knew my girlfriend was hanging out with Amy that night but was surprised to see the ladies hanging out with my friends. It seems that Rob and Mike had plans to watch a hockey game on TV and invited the girls over to join them. Mike made a point of telling me that my girlfriend specifically asked for Andrew to come.

Meanwhile, Rob told Laryssa about Andrew handcuffing me, which made them both laugh in my direction. The boys talked to each other with their voices intentionally low, so I couldn’t hear them before the trio walked over to me with sinister intentions written all over their faces.

After Leaving Me Hogtied in the Basement, My Friends Took My Girlfriend Upstairs

“Eh…where should we dump ‘em-ah?” Andrew asked Rob and Mike while standing behind me.

“Just leave him here,” Rob said, thumbing to the sofa to my right.

“Well, let’s have a little fun first, shall we?” Mike said to them with a shit-eating grin.

With Mike holding my legs, Andrew began tying my legs together with some rope and duct tape he had in the tool room nearby. My legs and arms were now bent and touching each other – the boys had hogtied me. Everyone was laughing at the mess I had allowed myself to get into. As if the situation couldn’t have gotten more humiliating, Andrew took off his dirty sweat sock and shoved it in my mouth, then took off one of his Nike sneakers, shoved my nose into the shoe’s opening, hen duct-taped it to my head so that all I could breathe in was his stink.

Buddy Left Me Hot Gied as He Fucked My Girlfriend
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“Alright, let’s get outta here,” Rob said to the group, leading them all upstairs.

“See ya, chump,” Mike said with a smirk.

My girl was about to approach me first, but Andrew put his arm around her shoulder and whispered something in her ear to make her blush. Suddenly, all her attention was on him. Andrew gave me a thumbs-up and a wink before leading my girl upstairs.

Buddies Hogtied Me and Gangbanged My Girlfriend
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I remained hogtied, unable to break free for what seemed like forever. I could hear music, laughter, murmurs, and footsteps very loudly. At one point, the guys came down and told me they felt bad about what they had done, bringing me a peace-offering – a beer. Keeping me hogtied, Andrew pushed me off the couch and onto my knees before pulling the duct tape off my hair and skin, which wasn’t pleasant. He then yanked his stinky sweat socks out my mouth, and just like that; I was breathing fresh air again. My mouth wasn’t about to be empty for long, though.

“Eh…open up-ah!” Andrew said, holding a beer bottle noticeably away from his face.

Friends Poured Piss in My Mouth and Hogtied Me Before Fucking My Girlfriend
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Andrew pushed my head back and poured the beer into my mouth. I had never tasted beer like this. It was warm and smelled like a urinal. I didn’t want to be rude and wanted the moment to be over, so I shut-up and chugged. I don’t know why, but all three of my buddies were in a laughing frenzy. From my peripheral vision, I could see Rob recording me guzzling down the foul-tasting beer. The grin on the alpha male’s face suggested he was laughing at me. Struggling not to laugh, Mike thanked me for not making a mess on his floor. Before I could say anything, though, Andrew shoved his other stinky sock into my mouth, shoved my nose right into the opening of his other dirty sneaker, and just like that, my head was being duct-taped once more. Tossing me back on the couch, the boys walked back upstairs, the three of them continuing to laugh with each step they took.

My Friends Duct-Taped My Mouth and Hogtied Me Before Fucking My Girlfriend
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After hearing nothing but muffled voices, music, and laughter, things quieted own before furniture started squeaking on the floor as if couches were being pushed in thrusts. I heard girls screaming, shouting in excitement, and the guys were shouting profanities, cheering one another on like they were at a football game.

The laughter had turned into silence, followed by moaning and groaning from the boys. I could hear Andrew sighing, and rolled my eyes, as I knew he made that sound whenever he beat off. I wondered why he would make such noises in the presence of others, though. I couldn’t hear Laryssa talk at all, but heard her making odd sounds like she was slobbering all over a Popsicle while being rhythmically pushed around backward and forwards. At one point, all the boys exhaled aggressively, followed by panting and sighing. I wasn’t an idiot; I figured out what was happening. They were obviously watching the hockey game. The way the noise ceased suggested that the home team had lost.

Friends Fucked My Girlfriend While I Was Hogtied
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My Girlfriend Partied With My Friend While I Remained Hogtied in the Basement

Shortly afterward, I heard three people exit the house. Andrew and Rob came downstairs and told me Mike was taking the girls home. The boys had smiles on their faces you couldn’t have scrubbed off. They had clearly done something and were purposely not telling me what it was. That made me feel as if something happened at my expense. I felt as if the joke was on me, though I had no idea what the joke’ was.

Andrew smacked me on the cheek a few times before ripping the duct tape from my mouth and setting me free from the ropes and handcuffs.

Friends Hogtied Me and Fucked My Girl
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“Why didn’t Laryssa come down to get me before she left?” I asked the two of them.

“We made a mess out of her,” Rob said smiling, making the jerk-off motion with his fist to Andrew. The two of them fist-bumped, which as surreal to me. As far as I was concerned, Rob was the alpha male and Andrew was a total beta. The two of them laughing together made me feel like the uncool kid amongst the popular ones. Further, they didn’t even apologize for the predicament I was left in all night.

My Friends Dumped Cum All Over My Girlfriend While I Was Hogtied
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“Eh…your girlfriend is a real hands-on type of person-ah,” Andrew said grinning, looking down at me as I tried to get the blood circulating in my now-free wrists.

“What do you mean?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“Eh…I mean she needed two hands to hold me—ah…” Andrew replied while giving me a few light slaps on the cheek again before walking upstairs. I felt like was mocking me, but I was oblivious to whatever he was acknowledging.

My Girlfriend Gave My Buddy a Handjob While I Was Hogtied Downstairs
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I followed Andrew upstairs when suddenly, Rob pulled me aside and told me what a mess the place had turned into. Andrew appeared to my right, a smirk on his face, a garbage bag in one hand, a broom in the other.

“Eh…make yourself useful and clean the place up-ah,” Andrew said to me.

“Good idea,” Rob said to me while winking at Andrew. “Might have a little surprise for ya if you do a decent job, buddy.”

“Eh…keyword being IF,” Andrew said to me with an authoritative tone. “Make sure the place is neat and tidy before Mike gets back.”

I grabbed the broom and garbage bag from Andrew and began tidying up, angry that I was the only one doing so. I felt like Andrew should have been the clean-up boy. He was the beta male out of the four of us…wasn’t he?

It took me about 10 minutes to clean up the mess that was left behind. Dishes were put in the dishwasher, food placed back in the fridge, and the floors were swept. I took out the garbage when I spotted something between a pair of seat cushions. I picked it up and realized it was a pair of panties, coincidentally the kind my girlfriend liked to wear. In fact, I was sure I saw her put on that same pair earlier that morning. I figured Laryssa’s panty choices were popular amongst hot women.

As I finished cleaning up, Andrew, much to my surprise, handed me a full bottle of beer, already opened, telling me I deserved a drink. He apologized for the beer being warm, as it was apparently taken out of the fridge and not placed back in. It was the only one left, and Rob was doing to drink it but decided to give it to me instead. His explanation of why the bottle wasn’t cold and why it was opened seemed insincere, especially since Andrew was laughing while Rob was explaining all this to me, but whatever. I saw it as a peace offering of sorts. I thanked the boys and chugged the beer, which, for some reason, made both Andrew and Rob break out laughing once again. The beer tasted just as bad as the one I drank earlier, smelled just as rancid, and left a foul aftertaste on my breath.

Friends Took a Piss in a Beer Bottle and Made Me Drink It
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Andrew pointed to a bottle of Jack Daniels on the counter and told me to polish it off.

“Eh…that’ll help you wash down the taste of us-ah,” Andrew said to me.

“Us?” I replied.

“Naw, don’t give him the JD,” Rob said, taking the bottle away. “Let him appreciate the taste.” The boys high-fived and laughed once again. What was so funny?!

When I left, I sent a text to Laryssa asking if she got home okay. She told me she was fine, but that she wasn’t interested in being my girlfriend anymore. Seriously, she as text-dumping me?! I asked her why she suddenly have such a change of heart about me.

She then sent me a link to the footage Rob recorded earlier of Andrew pouring beer down my mouth while I was tied up. She left me no verbal explanation, no reason, and no apologies. Just like that, my relationship with Laryssa was over. I didn’t get the vibe that she was heartbroken about it, either. Whatever happened between Rob, Mike, and Andrew, it put an end to what she and I had together.