It never ceased to amaze me how women were naturally drawn my alpha male buddy, Rob. Girls would approach him in stores, nightclubs, sports games, at work, anywhere. I never had a girl come up to me once and ask for my number, while Rob was actually turning girls down because so many would ask for his. The best part was that Rob never boasted or bragged about it. Women were drawn to him, and he was used to it.

That’s not to say Rob was the epitome of humble. He liked to laugh at others, typical jock that he was. He often laughed at guys he felt beneath him, including me at first. Coming from a life of privilege, his boyish looks, stocky-yet-athletic body helped him nail all kinds of women, including his boss at work, a married woman at that. There was just something about Rob that women couldn’t say no to. If you were a girl who asked for Rob’s number, that meant you wanted to fuck him.

My Girlfriend Sucked Bouncer's Big Dick at the Club
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I attended a nightclub with my buddies spontaneously one evening, telling my girlfriend, Stephanie, I had other plans, without telling her where I was going. Little did I know that she attended the same club with her friends a couple of hours after us. To make things even more awkward, Stephanie’s best friend, Natalie, had run into my friends and me, so she sat at our table, right next to me. I always knew Natalie had a bit of a crush on me, though I never did anything about it, as I was completely faithful to my girlfriend.

So, when Natalie, drunk as hell, began coming on to me, it made things very awkward. Natalie never gave up no matter how politely I was fending her off. Natalie had grabbed my crotch and whispered in my ear about meeting her in the bathroom. Just as she did, Stephanie ran into us.

What Stephanie saw had broken her heart. She ran away to the nightclub’s rooftop, running into Rob, who worked as security there. When I ran after her, Rob stuck out his hand, preventing me from running up the stairs to chase her.

“Leave her alone, buddy,” Rob said to me.
“Dude, she thinks I cheated on her,” I said to him. “I gotta explain things.”
“What happened?” Rob asked.

I told him everything, and with a smile that looked like a smirk, Rob put his hand on my shoulder and told me not to worry about it, that he would help me fix it. He told me not to bother Stephanie, to give her some space, and that when cooler heads prevailed, she would listen to reason. He told me he was about to go on break, so he would join Stephanie upstairs and smooth things over for me in the meantime. I couldn’t have thanked him enough and walked back to my table, deciding not to call or text Stephanie until Rob had a chance to talk to her.

From the table, I could see the rooftop where Stephanie was standing, having a cigarette. Rob came out and sat beside her, asking for a drag of it. I watched the two of them talk for a while before Rob put his arm around my girlfriend, who leaned in and rested her head on his shoulder. They weren’t friends, but they weren’t strangers either, knowing one another through acquaintances. But the way they were suddenly acting towards one another – from the body contact to the looks and smiles – suggested that they might have been less distant to one another as I had thought. The way Rob was caressing Stacey’s hair while talking to her was had completely erased any evidence of sorrow on her face. At one point, Rob nodded in my direction and made some sort of gesture squeezing his thumb and index finger towards each other, illustrating narrowness of some kind, which made Stephanie laugh quite loudly.

I finished a beer and ordered another one, wondering when Rob’s break was over, as the two of them had remained on the bench for a while. I stepped out to use the men’s room, and when I returned, my girlfriend was no longer in view on the rooftop. All I could see was Rob’s head cocked back, and his hand was gripping something like a basketball. I guess he sneezed or something, because his entire body jerked in one direction, remaining still for several seconds. He then began panting like he had just ran a mile. Worried, I texted him, telling him I was downstairs, and saw him convulsing, asking if he was okay. Rob looked over his shoulder, spotted me and began laughing. He turned his back to me again and texted back.

“I’m great, buddy. And so is ur gf, btw.” Rob’s text read.

I looked up and saw Rob rising to his feet, zipping his pants up as he stood. He looked at me and grinned, and suddenly, Stephanie came into view, wiping her mouth. Rob said something to her and thumbed over his shoulder. Stephanie went wide-eyed, but something Rob said to her made her breathe a sigh of relief before laughing with Rob in unison. Stephanie made her way down the stairs while Rob, still grinning at me, gave me a thumbs-up. Another member of security walked up to Rob and fist-bumped him before they began talking to each other.

Stephanie came up to me with a smile before hugging me. She told me Rob explained everything I had told him, and that it was fine, she knew Natalie couldn’t hold her liquor well. I kissed my beautiful girlfriend, who’s lips were more glossy than usual for some reason. She tasted funny, almost salty, and a cream of some sort was lingering on her tongue. I assumed whatever her drink of choices was that night, it was thick. What struck me as odd was the smile my wife gave me after my lips tasted hers. It was almost like she was laughing at me. I looked up at Rob and saw him laughing as well.