Joel wanted to live in a dorm alone, but his mother insisted that he get a big, strong roommate to keep him safe. She wanted him to find someone big and strong to protect her little boy from all the bullies on campus. To please his worried mother, Joel listed an ad on the internet seeking out an “alpha male in need of a roommate.” He expected nothing but dumb jocks and meatheads to answer the ad.

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Adam was the first to show up. A stocky and boyishly cute alpha male who Joel had seen on campus earlier. Adam showed up with a girl and told Joel he didn’t want him around when he had ‘company over,’ which was code for “don’t come in when I’m fucking a girl.” This ruled Adam out as a candidate. Another student, James, was a blue-collar kind of guy who Joel considered. The third applicant was Rob, a former nerd-turned-alpha male who Joel felt very comfortable with, at least at first. Rob and Joel seemed to have some things in common interests, like sports, films, and the like. Rob didn’t seem like he was trying to leave a strong first impression, aesthetically. He was unshaven, wearing a dirty t-shirt, and raggedy jeans. Joel could tell right away that Rob was going to be a slob, yet was eager to move in someone he felt like he could be friends with.

Rob and Joel got along great from the beginning. They became roommates a couple of days after Rob answered the ad, just as school was set to begin. Though he felt somewhat inferior in his presence, Joel felt like he had chemistry with his alpha male roommate, and even went so far as to clean up after Rob from time to time. Without being asked, Joel was the one washing both their dishes, cleaning their bathroom, and all the other things to keep the room sanitary.

One afternoon, Joel was getting ready for an online video chat session with his girlfriend, Evie, who went to school at another nearby campus. Joel and Evie were not always able to see each other in person, but always kept in touch via texts or video chats.

Rob was taking a shower while Joel talked to his girlfriend. Unbeknownst to Joel, Rob got out of the shower and sat on his bed watching his roommate converse with his smoking-hot girlfriend. Rob began stroking his meat from outside his underwear as Evie sent her boyfriend a series of naughty pictures. When the session ended, Joel saw Rob stroking his crotch from his screen’s reflection. Even though the alpha male was wearing boxer trunks, the outline of his cock was apparent, and Joel was impressed. Rob could see that Joel was catching a peek and smiled to himself. He was used to getting looked at in awe.

“Your girlfriend’s smoking hot, dude,” Rob said to Joel with a smirk. “How did a guy like you get a girl like her?”

“Just lucky, I guess,” Joel replied to his roommate’s backhanded compliment.

Rob got up and sat at Joel’s desk, opened his laptop, and began looking through Joel’s files.

“Where can I find those pictures of that piece of ass?” Rob asked without looking at Joel.

“Um, double-click the file with her name on it on the desktop,” Joel replied. He should have been offended at the crude comment his roommate made about the girl he loved, but Rob had a sudden urge to show Evie off.

Rob began flipping through all the pictures, bypassing all the ones with Joel in them. The alpha male smiled when he hit the jackpot – there was plenty of pictures of Evie fingering herself, showing her boobs, and other lewd shots. She made Joel promise never to show those pictures to anyone – they were just for him to masturbate to, as she put it. Evie was doing his part to keep her boyfriend from straying, at least that’s what Joel assumed.

“You don’t mind if I rub one out looking at his bitch, do you?” Rob rhetorically asked his roommate as he pulled out his enormous cock from his boxer trucks. Joel was caught off guard. Another guy had seen his girlfriend naked and called her a bitch, and instead of Joel reacting with anger, his cock grew harder than it had ever been.

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Joel didn’t know what to do or say. He wanted to watch his roommate jerk off. He was also started to get angry for having such thoughts, never having a gay one before, nor having any interest in any men prior. Joel didn’t want to have sex with Rob, but he did want to watch him masturbate. Joel’s cock started throbbing uncontrollably the moment he thought of Rob’s massive dick entering his tight girlfriend’s pussy. He shot a small load in his tighty-whities without touching himself, but it was Rob that had all his attention at that moment.

Lost in thought, Joel wasn’t prepared when Rob began panting heavy before shooting a massive load all over the screen of Joel’s laptop. Six cumshots spewed out from Rob’s big dick, all thick and copious. The alpha male’s cum oozed down the screen, which had zoomed in on Evie’s face, making it look like Rob had given his girlfriend a facial.

“Fuck, I’d love to hit that sometime,” Rob said as he got up and adjusted his package. “She used to taking big dick?”

“Uh, I don’t…know,” Joel said, not sure of what to say at all.

“Probably not if she’s dating your sorry ass,” Rob said looking over at Joel and noticing the stain seeping through his pajama pants. Joel’s eyes were watching the thick load falling from his laptop’s screen and into the keyboard.

“Bring her by sometime,” Rob said with a smirk. “I’ve love to get to know her a little better.”

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“Sure,” Joel replied, immediately regretting his words. He knew he shouldn’t have been so eager and to reply, but he was too eager with this newfound opportunity he was presented with.

“You got some cleaning up to do,” Rob said thumbing over his shoulder towards the laptop. “Maybe I’ll let you clean up my mess every time I bust a nut, buddy!” Rob laughed, ruffling his hand through Joel’s hair. Joel realized Rob still had cum on his hand but didn’t stop the alpha male from patronizing him.

With Rob out the room, Joel wiped up the cum that coated his computer screen, and just as he did, an income video call alert came in. It was Evie again.

Once Evie’s face appeared on the screen, Joel immediately regretted wiping Rob’s cum off it. His girlfriend was gorgeous; her face was beautiful, she was the picture of beauty. She had called Joel because she forgot to remind him about dinner plans they had. Her words went in one ear and out the other, though. Joel’s cock hardened looking at his girlfriend’s face behind the remainder of his roommate’s hardening cum on the screen.

“Evie,” Joel said, cutting his girlfriend off with a smile. Once again, he was too eager, but he couldn’t contain his excitement. “There’s someone I want you to meet.”

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About a week later, Joel had arranged for his girlfriend to meet Rob during a dinner date he set up. Joel had told Evie about what a great roommate and friend Rob was, and Rob even spoke to her in the background a few times during her video chats with Rob. The last time that happened, Rob was rubbing one out sitting on the bed behind Joel. Joel knew, as he could see his roommate’s reflection in the computer screen, but what the boys didn’t know was that Evie could see Rob masturbating in the background while talking to Joel. The camera was positioned in a way that it showed Rob’s enormous balls and thick beer-can cock. She couldn’t stop thinking about how big her boyfriend’s roommate’s dick was. She couldn’t wait to see him after that.

Dinner was fun, and Joel was happy his girlfriend got along so well with his roommate. What he was oblivious to was the way his girlfriend was looking at his roommate. She was practically eye-fucking Rob, and he knew it.

The three of them decided to head back to Evie’s apartment, as her place was a lot bigger than Joel and Rob’s dorm room. Evie asked Joel to pick up a few things from the store, and to meet her and Rob in her apartment when he was done. Joel didn’t mind doing so, because at that point, Joel and Evie were getting along well – to the point where Joel felt like he was tagging along with them. He even was left out of a few conversations they had together.

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Joel spent more time at the store than you would have liked, no thanks to the slow cashier, who had no problem making small talk with each customer she served. When Joel had finally left the store, he headed back to Evie’s apartment. He took a moment to admire the architecture of the building’s exterior, when suddenly, his eyes peered up. Joel could have sworn he saw movement from Evie’s hotel room’s balcony. He regretted not wearing your glasses, because his girlfriend and his roommate were doing something on that balcony, and it looked like they were having fun. It looked like Rob was standing behind Evie while she was gripping the balcony’s railing. As Joel got closer to the entrance, he could hear his girlfriend shouting something, which was odd because her apartment was on a high floor. If that was her shouting, Joel wondered what she was doing with Rob that had gotten her so excited.

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Joel had buzzed Evie’s intercom from the lobby so he could get in, but no one picked up, and no one was coming in our out of the building, either. Joel stood in the lobby buzzing for a good five minutes before someone picked up the buzzer and aggressively hit the button to open the door. No one spoke, but Joel could hear commotion in the background, along with heavy breathing, perhaps even a squeal from Evie. Once Joel walked down the hall, the sound of two people panting got louder the closer he got to Evie’s front door. She must have been impressed with something, because he heard her shout at least three times the words, “SO BIG.”

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Just as Joel was about to knock on Evie’s front door, he heard Rob loudly exhale before laughing triumphantly. After about a minute of knocking and listening to unintelligible murmuring, Evie finally opened the door. Her face seemed a little wet like she had just patted it dry with a towel or something. She’s was wearing Rob’s t-shirt for some reason, the one he wore during dinner. As Joel walked in, he saw the rest of Joel’s clothes dumped on the floor, along with some of the clothes Evie was wearing earlier that night, too, in a trail that led to the balcony. After Joel too his shoes off, he stepped in something warm and wet, and whatever it was, it was sticky enough to attach to his sock, causing him to slip and fall on his ass. Rob suddenly came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist, and when he saw his roommate on his ass in the wet puddle, he broke out laughing hysterically, causing Evie to conceal a laughing fit of her own.

“Like I was tellin’ ya,” Rob said to Evie as Joel propped himself up with the couch’s armrest. “The little weirdo loves being my clean-up boy. Dont’cha buddy?”

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