Todd had been my bully since my senior year of high school. Though both of us were late bloomers and behind a grade, we were both over eighteen when we first met. The fact that I was practically an adult made the bullying I endured all the more humiliating. I was actually pretty cool before Todd came to our school, but once he set his sights on me, I turned into a social pariah.

Going to the same school with Todd was a nightmare. The other kids would get a good laugh watching him terrorizing me. I was meek and timid while he was stocky and aggressive. Todd never did anything violent, he just loved watching me squirm. On one occasion, I came into the washroom just as he had finished taking a leak, and I left that washroom with a mouthful of urinal cake. On another occasion, he grabbed me by my legs and used my body as a broom to wipe up all the sweat off the gym floor. To add insult to injury, during that incident, I saw the gym coach laughing from my peripheral vision before he broke up Todd’s fun. From shooting spitballs at me, to shoving me in lockers, Todd really didn’t make my senior year a whole lot of fun.

Eventually, I graduated and went to college, while the meathead, who failed another year, remained in the same high school. That’s when things began looking up for me. At college, I met my then-girlfriend, who eventually became my fiancée. By the time we were both 25, we were homeowners in a nice part of town, with great jobs. My fiancée ran a nightclub, while I worked at an accounting firm.

Todd was much taller than me, and despite being a hefty guy, he always had girls swooning over his boyish looks and boisterous attitude. He dressed as clichéd as it got for a jock, complete with a varsity jacket. With all that he had going for him, he never missed an opportunity to pick on me.

As far as I knew, Todd bullied me simply because he could. I never manned up to him, which made me easy pickings. His dominance over me got to the point where it became his thing – everyone wanted to see what Todd would do to me next. His meathead friends would laugh on as he would lift me upside down, hovering my head over an unflushed toilet full of piss, dunking my head in it. It took me hours to scrub the piss out of my hair.

By the time he had graduated, I had been tossed in every dumpster outside of our school at least twice, and wedgied so many times that I had a monthly budget for my tighty-whiteys. Todd loved the attention he would get when he would use me as a comedy prop. I sucked it up and took it, knowing someday, his superiority over me would come to an end.
After graduating college, meeting the girl of my dreams, traveling the world with her and starting our own company, I had lived the life I had always wanted to have. Everything was perfect. I had a beautiful woman by my side, friends, money, property…I had it all. No one could ever guess what a wimp I was in high school, based on the way I carried myself as an adult. I kept those details of my senior year to myself.

So you can imagine my surprise when I came home from work one day, and guess who was sitting my living room, having a beer with my fiancée?

My former high school bully, Todd.

Ever Wonder What Would Happen if the Woman You Loved Met the Bully You Hated?

My fiancée wanted to surprise me. Apparently, Todd had applied for a bartender position at her nightclub. During their interview, Todd saw a picture of me on my fiancée’s desk during his interview, and his eyes lit up. Curious about how he knew me, Todd mentioned just some of the things he did to me in high school.

When my fiancée told me this part, I wondered why she wasn’t outraged, why she didn’t throw Todd out of her office, why she even gave him another second of her time. Instead, my fiancée took Todd up on his offer to tell her more about our history over dinner. By the time they finished eating, not only did Todd have a new job, he was invited over to my home to reunite with me, courtesy of my fiancée.

I think her intentions were right. I think she was trying to help me overcome my traumatic childhood at the hands of my bully. But the way my fiancée and my bully were sitting with each other, the way she looked at him, touch him, hung on his every word…my fiancée was awestruck by my bully, just like all the girls were in high school.

When Todd and I made eye contact, he was smiling, as if he had just found his favorite toy. I could see he had an agenda. I knew my fiancée made a big mistake letting him into our lives. But she wasn’t looking at me like she was trying to help me. She was looking at both of us like some kind of ringleader. Like she was putting two animals in a cage to see what would happen. She seemed intrigued by my bully, and if I didn’t know any better, I would have thought she got a kick out of hearing about the humiliation Todd put me through.

My Fiancée Had a Beer with My High School Bully
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I clenched my fist before he walked up to me, and I instinctively opened my hand up to shake his. At the same time, my old high school bully slapped my cheeks a few times with his catcher’s mitt-sized hands, then ruffled up my hair as if I was a little kid. I was in senior year in high school again, just like that, and looking up at his 6’ stature from my 5’9 stance, I silently whimpered as his smile turned into a smirk. From the corner of my eye, I saw my fiancée’s legs squeezing together seeing the two of us face-to-face.

Todd handed me his empty beer bottle and excused himself to use my bathroom. As soon as he was out of the room, I confronted my fiancée, beside myself about bringing that oaf into my home. She replied by asking me why I hadn’t told her about this part of my past. Before I could even answer, my fiancée told me I had a lot to reveal, which she expected to do when we went to bed that night. I could hear the stream of Todd’s piss hitting the water in the toilet as my fiancée and I spoke, and marveled at how long it took him to relieve himself. I assumed he hadn’t gone to the bathroom for a while prior to that moment. I realized that Todd hadn’t closed the door to the bathroom as he was pissing, which made me shake my head. The balls on that guy, to not have the decency to act appropriately. It was almost as if he wanted me to know he was taking a leak.

And that’s when I realized why.
Oh no.
Not again.
Not in front of my fiancée.

“For what it’s worth”, she said to me as Todd approached me from behind. “I don’t think he’s changed”.

Your High School Bully is Having a Beer With Your Fiancée
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The next 10 seconds were a blur. I was upright one moment, then spun 180 the next. Todd carried me with one arm and walked towards the bathroom, partially dragging me, partially carrying me. I couldn’t scream, as my face was embedded in the folds of my bully’s armpit. Before I knew it, I was hanging upside down, hovering over the toilet as Todd lifted me by the ankles.

“You woulda loved being in high school with us, babe,” Todd said to my fiancée before dropping my head in my own toilet, which was full of his piss. I tried to block myself from going down each time he lifted me with my hands, but I was no match for my former high school bully.

“Feels like I’m there with the two of you right now…” I heard my fiancée reply after Todd lifted me up once again. The last thing heard before being officially swirled by my bully was the sounds of two pairs of lips touching.