Sara couldn’t help herself – she had to have Rob’s big cock inside of her, even though she was weeks away from marrying Joel. Sara had worked as the assistant manager in Joel’s nightclub for a while. Everyone respected her, even though she was marrying the boss.

Fiancée Cuckold Stories: Engaged Nightclub Manager Flirts With a Regular

When Rob started coming to the club, everything changed. He walked in with what her boyfriend referred to as ‘big dick confidence.’ Rob was boyishly cute in an adult’s body. The alpha male winked at her when he passed by Sara the first time he came in, making her wet. There was something about Rob, something about his aura, his demeanor, his cockiness, his attitude…whatever it was, Joel became an afterthought in Sara’s mind the moment she laid eyes on him. On some level, Sara knew there was more to Rob than met the eye. She had a feeling he was trouble, that maybe he ran with the wrong crowd, though she didn’t know specifics. As cliched as it sounds, Rob was the bad boy, and Sara was drawn to him.

Alpha Male Steals My Girlfriend Away With Big Dick Confidence
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Sara thought about Rob a lot in the days that would follow. She hoped he would return and dolled herself up every day in case he did. When Rob inevitably did show up, they smiled when upon seeing each other. Rob laughed to himself knowing it would be just question of time before his big dick would be inside of her based on all the attention she was giving him.

Rob broke the ice by asking Sara where he could find the men’s room, knowing she would show him where it was. They introduced themselves, shaking hands, and made small talk about the club before being interrupted by her boyfriend. Rob made a joke about the car Joel drove, referencing the correlation between big cars and small penises, which made Sara laugh in her boyfriend’s face. On Rob’s way out, Joel saw Sara wave at him flirtatiously. His fiancée looked sad to see the guy with the ‘big dick confidence’ leave.

Sara bought a dildo and named it “Big Rob” because the texture of the rubber felt exactly like Rob’s skin. She had a mini orgasm when Rob’s big hand shook hers, and all she could think about was what the rest of his body felt like. The first day Sara used it, she had cum harder than she ever did, and started to masturbate with the sex toy every night while her boyfriend wasn’t home.

When Rob returned to the club a day later, he noticed how excited Sara was when she saw him. Rob pulled Sara aside and told her bluntly that he came by just to see her, and that, and that all he could think about was kissing her. Of course, Rob was just feeding her lines, as this is what he told all the women he nailed. He knew she was thinking about him, he could see how slutty shew as dressing, and he knew it was just for him. Sara, of course, bought into all of it and reciprocated her feelings towards Mr. Big Dick Confidence. Rob told Sara that he had a couple of hours to kill and wanted to spend it with her. Without missing a beat, Sara told her friend to cover for her and led Rob to her office. Sara was not conscious how reckless she was being. She was hypnotized by Rob, and she was just going with the flow, being in the moment. Life seemed so bland and routine as of late, and Rob’s presence had just rejuvenated things for her.

Mr. Big Dick Confidence Skull-Fucked My Girlfriend's Mouth In Her Office
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Rob had devious intentions on his mind. He laughed at how effortless it was to score this girl. He eyed the ring on her finger and laughed to himself. Whoever she as marrying either wasn’t giving it to her at all, or had a small dick, based on how Sara behaved around him. Ultimately, though, Rob had a big white dick, was horny, and simply wanted to get laid.

Rob and Sara got comfortable on the couch and made small talk, their faces getting closer together as they all but cuddled. At one point, they even exchanged phone numbers. They were talking so close to each other that their lips began touching. Soon enough, Rob placed his hand on her cheek and kissed Sara on the lips. Sara smiled back, grabbed the back of Rob’s head, and pulled him in close for another kiss.

Interlude 1: Sara’s Perspective – In one swift motion, Rob’s lips were on mine, and his massive football player’s hands were on my waist. I kissed him right back, and it lasted for what seemed like forever. I tasted his lips before they parted mine. Rob’s lips were thick, fat, succulent, sweet and wet. I sucked his bottom lip before he smiled at me and kissed me again, this time sucking on both of my lips slowly. He took a step backward and pulled off his shirt. His forearms and biceps were double the length of my boyfriend’s, so massive and muscular. Rob’s chest was budging out of his t-shirt, and his stomach had a little bit of a paunch. His waist was large, which meant his ass was too, yet it wasn’t saggy. I used both hands to squeeze Rob’s tight ass and pulled him closer to me.

Cocky Alpha Male Steals Girlfriend From Me With His Big Dick
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Rob smiled as I gawked at his body. He watched me giving him the once over, smelling his chest, sucking on his neck, nibbling on his earlobe. Rob chuckled, pushed me an inch back, and reached for his belt buckle.

Once he undid his belt, Rob unbuttoned his pants and pulled the zipper down slowly. He smiled as I licked my lips in anticipation, my eyes getting wider the further down his zipper went. His blue denim jeans fall to the floor, revealing his white boxers. Those boxers were the only thing standing between his cock and my wanting mouth. – End Interlude 1.

Rob wanted more than a kiss from this spoken-for woman, though. He began unbuttoning her top and her pants while making out with Sara. She followed his lead, unbuckling the stud’s pants and pulling his t-shirt off his sweaty body. She knew Rob had the same mindset when he broke the kiss and smiled down at her.

Unbeknownst to Rob and Sara, Joel caught his girlfriend bring Rob into her office. He followed them, peeking inside the room they were in from a crack in the wall only he knew about.

The way his girlfriend kissed the big alpha male made Joel rock hard. Sara was tasting Rob’s lips; she was clearly way into him. In Joel’s eyes, his fiancée was practically worshiping him. Sara unbuckled Rob’s pants and unzipped him while they kissed. When she lowered herself at eye-level to his crotch, Rob smiled mischievously.

Mr. Big Dick Confidence Establishes His Dominance Over Nightclub Owner’s Fiancée

Interlude 2: Sara’s Perspective Again – “Here’s the deal, bitch,” Rob said. “I’m the kinda guy you don’t want on your bad side, you know? I’m here to explain to you that, from now on, you’re my girl. You do what I say when I say it. Got it?”

“What? Rob, what the–?” I tried to respond.

“Don’t worry, you’re safe,” He continued. “I like you. I think you like me too since your eyes haven’t left my body since I’ve been in here.”

“Rob, I don’t—”

“Who are you kidding, bitch? You’ve had your eye on my stick since the minute you walked in here. Admit it.”

“Well, I—”

“Anyways, to keep you in line. I’m gonna have to face-fuck you right here, right now.”

“Um, well Rob, I mean, that’s how I—”

“I’m not finished talking,” he said.

“I’m sorry, Rob. Please continue.”

“I’m going to stick my dick in your mouth. You’re gonna love it, believe me. You’ll be beggin’ for my cum. You’ll like it so much that you’ll beg me to fuck you. Only I won’t do it right away. You’re gonna have to earn my big dick.”

A sudden panic, combined with reality crashing down on me, overwhelmed me. What the fuck was I doing here?! I was playing a very dangerous game, both physically, emotionally, and mentally. He was a big man, and his threats did not seem idealistic at all. He seemed to be a man of his word. At least, he had me convinced. I was intimidated, but even more turned on at the prospect of being this stud’s little fuck-toy. I pondered the whole situation as he pushed me down to my knees and shoved his crotch in my face.

“Remember, this will stay between us, as long as you remember who the man around here is.” – End Interlude 2.

Sara spent a lot of time rubbing her face in Rob’s crotch, and when she pulled down his boxer briefs, Rob’s fat cock slapped her in the face. He laughed at her reaction to the size of his big cock. She was studying it, stroking it like she was fascinated and intimidated by it at the same time. Rob could tell that she had never seen a dick so big before.

Big Dick Alpha Male Cuckolds Me With Fiancée in Nightclub
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He held her hair up as she licked his hairless balls, which were proportionate to the size of his dick. They weren’t low-hanging, they were rounded, like an apple. She slid her tongue around his fat dick in swirls before lapping the underside of his shaft, making both Rob and Joel gasp in unison. She finally put her mouth on it but was only about halfway down, gagging the deeper she took him. Sara was way into pleasing him. Rob tightened his grip on her hair while getting more aggressive, matching the bobbing of her head to the thrusting of his hips towards her face. He was holding her head down, choking her with his cock meat, which seemed cruel, but she was getting used to his size the longer her mouth was stuffed.

Sara made no attempt to stop sucking Rob’s huge dick. At that moment, she wasn’t even thinking about her fiancée or the consequences of her current actions. Rob maintained his smirk as Sara started sucking the stocky alpha male’s huge dick with more passion. He held her hair like a leash and assertively throat-fucked the taken-woman without any regard for her comfort. Joel stroked himself watching his girlfriend betray him, when suddenly, his phone began to ring. Sara didn’t hear anything, so she didn’t slow down worshiping the monster dick in her mouth, but Rob heard something. His turned his head towards Joel’s direction and made eye contact with the crack in the wall. Once again, the alpha male smirked and focused his attention back towards the girl on her knees in front of him. Thrusting his hips, he began skull-fucking Sara, holding her head in place with his thick catcher’s glove-sized hands. Rob knew someone was outside the office either listening or watching, and he decided to give whoever it was a show.

Cocky Alpha Male Makes Girlfriend Cheat on Me With Big Dick
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Rob’s thrusting was getting rapid, and he knew he was close to coming. His smile was long gone. Rob was in the zone and fully in control of the scenario. Power-fucking her face, Rob gripped Sara’s head like a basketball and steered it up and down his fat tool ferociously, causing her to moan, sending vibrations around Rob’s tool, stimulating his orgasm.

“I Won’t Tell Your Fiancée You Sucked My Big Dick as Long as You Do Whatever I Tell You to Do.”

Interlude 3: Sara’s Perspective One Last Time – Rob took his cock and smacked both my left and right cheeks, then bounced his dick off my pouty lips. He also didn’t exaggerate: he did have an impressive dick. It reeked of sweat, but it smelled delicious. His thick fat mushroom head seemed like an apple on his huge stick. His sack was hairless and full of cum, round and looking to be licked, which I did meticulously. I dug my nails into his ass and gripped hard as I sucked his cock like a vacuum cleaner. I lapped away at his ball sack like a puppy dog. I buried my face in his crotch and inhaled his sweaty nuts.

“Take it, you little whore. Take all of my hot steamy cum!”

“Mmmmm, yeah Rob, give it to me!”

“…ugh, yeah, I told you you’d be begin’ for it. You are a little whore, aren’t you? I think you and I are going to get along just fine.”

“Our little secret, right Rob?”

“Sure, bitch. Our little secret.” Rob chuckled to himself. – End Interlude 3.

He pulled every inch of his big cock out of Sara’s mouth and splattered his load all over her face. Sara instinctively pulled away, but Rob held her head in place with his left hand while jerking his cock with his right one. Ropes of cum landed in the fiancée’s hair, eyes, and lips. He laughed victoriously as the jizz dripped down the soon-to-be-wed girl’s beautiful face. He didn’t bother asking her if she enjoyed it, nor did he offer her something to clean up with. He simply called her a “good girl,” gave her a wink while tucking his big white dick into his jeans and made his way out the door.

Sara was in total shock about what she had just done, and what was done to her, and stood in place, frozen, attempting to process it all. She didn’t even turn to face Rob or say bye to him when he walked out of the office with his ‘big dick confidence’. Reality had set in – she had just cheated on her fiancée, on her knees, at work, and had nothing to show for it but a face-full of hot cum. Rob didn’t even reciprocate the orgasm!

On his way out, Rob remembered the sound he heard when he was feeding his latest conquest his big cock. Taking out his phone, he used the flashlight app to shine a light on Joel, who was unsuccessfully trying to hide behind a crate. Rob switched over to the phone’s camera app and took a candid picture of Joel, unaware of the peeping Tom’s relationship to Sara. Shaking his head in disgust while laughing, the alpha male texted Sara the picture he took.

“Recognize this weirdo?” His message read. Joel realized who Rob had sent the picture to when he heard the message alert sound on Sara’s phone right after. This time, it was Joel and Sara who gasped simultaneously.