Sam’s always been a dick to me. He was a student, a jock who was the proverbial “big man on campus,” a bully in every sense of the world. He picked on kids his age in school, but he loved to have fun with me – a man five years his senior – more than anyone, since I was a grown man who didn’t fight him back. He was physically athletic, and I was scrawny and meek. The big meathead knew I wouldn’t complain about him picking on me because of the humiliation I would endure doing so. All I could do was take whatever Sam dished out.

Cuckold Bully Stories: What Would Happen If the Woman You Loved Met Your Cocky Rival?

For instance, he once kicked over a product pile I had neatly organized at the store I worked at, a display structure that took me an hour to set up. Another time, he “accidentally” took a piss on my car instead of an empty spot in a parking lot. He did everything from shoot spitballs at me in public shops, to tripping me with his extended leg upon seeing me walking down the street. Sam made my life miserable in high school.

What was worse was that Sam never called me by my name. Instead, he always referred to me as “needle-dick,” a nickname that caught on with his fellow students and store patrons alike.

I met the love of my life, Stephanie, when I turned 30, proposing to her within a year of meeting her. She is quite amazing, with a fantastic ass, a thin waistline, and huge tits. She was also the smartest person I knew, and way out of my league. I knew how lucky I was to have Stephanie even though she was seven years younger than me.

A year after the proposal, Stephanie began to lose interest in me rapidly and began going out more, only telling me that she was going out with a friend when I would ask what her plans were. She avoided eye contact with me when she would return home. She also turned me down for sex anytime I would initiate it, at least until one Saturday night when she came home drunk. Stephanie looked amused when I went down on her pussy, which was quite wet and sloppy. She fell asleep after cumming on my tongue, which left me with a case of blue balls and a rather salty taste in my mouth. My saliva seemed thicker than usual after I ate my fiancée’s pussy that night.

About a day later, I was at the gym with my fiancée when I saw her talking to someone very intimately at the juice bar. I recognized who she was speaking with right away. It was Sam, who had a smirk on his face as I approached him.

“Well, if it isn’t needle-dick,” Sam sneered.

It turned out that Sam was my fiancée’s “friend,” the one she was spending her free time with recently. Sam and Stephanie met by chance at through a mutual friend at a pub one night. Stephanie was quite taken with Sam when she first laid eyes on him, while Sam looked at her as nothing more than another potential notch on his belt. When Stephanie showed her new friend a picture of whom she was engaged to, however, Sam laughed for a good minute before revealing his connection to me. She was no longer just another girl to fuck for Sam by that point – he decided to have some fun with my girl at my expense.

“Let’s get outta here,” Stephanie said aloud, sensing my discomfort.

“Sounds like a good idea.” I awkwardly said without looking at Sam.

“I wasn’t talking to you,” Stephanie responded. “Besides, you’re not done your workout, sweetie.”

“But I—” I tried to respond.

“Naw, let the little guy come with us,” Sam chuckled. “It’ll be fun!”

“What will?” I asked them both.

“Sam and I have plans,” Stephanie said smiling at Sam. “And if he wants you to join us, I think we should follow his lead.”

“But honey, I—”

“Stop being such a bitch and get changed,” Sam commanded. “We’ll meet you out front in five minutes.”

“But I—”

“NOW, NEEDLE-DICK!” Sam shouted, making everyone surrounding us look in our direction as he grabbed me by the collar and pulled me in close to him. “It wasn’t a request. Get changed, then come down to your car. In fact, gimme your keys.”

Caught off guard, I obediently handed over my car keys to the big bully, who released his grip on me. I scurried back to the locker room not bothering to shower or change. I just grabbed my gym back and hauled ass, pushing people out of my way to get to my fiancée and my bully. I didn’t want them to be alone without me for too long. However, when I found them outside, I froze in my tracks – Stephanie was leaning against my car, and Sam was making out with her passionately. She broke the kiss when she noticed me walking towards them.

“I was going to tell you sooner,” Stephanie said. “But Sam told me not to.”

“So, you just do what he says now?” I asked, clearly upset.

“Fuck yeah I do,” Stephanie replied looking at Sam and blushing. “My feelings were not relevant at that moment. My fiancée was way into my bully, more so than had ever been with me.

“So now what?” I asked her, trying to process all of this. “Are we getting a divorce?”

“Oh, heavens no!” Stephanie responded surprised. “Sam is here to save our wedding!”

“I…I don’t understand….” I stammered, confused.

“Just shut up and get in the car,” Sam said, smacking my head before getting in the driver’s seat. “I don’t want to hear the sound of your wimpy voice while your girl gives me road-head.”

“You can’t be serious,” I said, prompting Sam to smack me upside the head once again.

“Do I sound like I’m fuckin’ kidding?” He said raising his voice. “Get in. Now.”

I did as I was told yet again.

“Stephanie, I don’t think this is a safe move,” I said to my fiancée, concerned about our safety if she was going to do what Sam suggested.

“Oh, don’t you worry about her,” Sam laughed as he started my car and adjusted the seat to make room for his stocky body. “She’s a fucking pro at it now bro.”

“Really?” I asked my fiancée looking at her. Was she sucking Sam’s cock as he drove often? She answered my question by smiling at me, then reaching out to yank out Sam’s big cock from his jogging pants. Sam looked over at me from the rear-view window and smiled.

“Enjoy the show, needle-dick.” He laughed as we made our way home.

I watched in awe as my fiancée went to town on my bully’s big cock. I was heartbroken and in awe simultaneously. She had never even tasted my meat, and here she was slobbering and stroking Sam’s thick dick like a porn star. I was relieved when she took her mouth off his big cock as we approached my house but realized she and only stopped so they could continue their fun inside. I couldn’t help but notice that Sam knew exactly which route to take to get to my place, no directions needed. He had obviously been here before, either to drop my fiancée off or to be with her when I wasn’t home.

My Fiancée Gave Road Head to College Student With Big Dick
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College Student Invited Me Inside My Own House So I Could Watch Him Fuck My Fiancée Up Close

Sam and Stephanie got out of the car and went inside. They didn’t notice I wasn’t following them until Sam turned around and told me to come in.

“Come on, needle-dick, we don’t have all day.” He said, snapping his fingers.

“I—I think I’m going to, uh, stay in here,” I replied.

“I told you to come in,” Sam said impatiently. “You want me to kick your ass in front of your fiancée before I fuck her?”

“Before you—oh god,” I put my head in my hands trying to process what was happening.

“If you’re not inside within the next five minutes, I’m going to slap the shit out of you AS my dick is pulverizing your fiancée’s tight pussy. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.” With that, he walked into my house. As he opened the door wider, I saw that she was stripped down to her bra and panties waiting for him.

I had a choice to make. Sam had my car keys, so I couldn’t drive away. I was scared that walking into my own house would solidify the end of my relationship, which I hadn’t seen coming. I wasn’t prepared for this. And that’s when I remembered what my fiancée said to me in the parking lot.

“He’s here to SAVE our relationship!” Stephanie said to me in a flashback.

I wasn’t going to lose my fiancée. I just wasn’t going to be the one who was fucking her. Would I be able to stay engaged to a woman who was fucking my bully, someone much younger than me, no less? I looked over at the lock and saw that my five minutes was up. It was time to face the music.

I walked inside to find Sam sitting naked on my couch. My fiancée was facing him, sitting on his lap, his enormous cock glistened with a mix of their juices. I couldn’t even fathom how my fiancée’s tight pussy was able to accommodate my bully’s girth. His big hands held her ribs in place to guide her movements and prevent her from flapping around. Stephanie was no cloud nine, and I was an afterthought to her, at least at that moment.

Stephanie kept saying the words “so big…so big…” each time Sam entered her further. My bully then whispered into her ear, making my fiancée turn her head to face me. She smiled and motioned for me to come closer to her.

“Tell him,” Sam said to my fiancée laughing.

“He’s—he’s just so much bigger than you,” Stephanie said to me as Sam began to thrust into her faster. His body tightened, his speed increased, and her moans turned into pleads.

“Uh, I’m gonna cum tight little bitch,” Sam grunted. “Want it on the face again?”

“No, not this time,” Stephanie said to Sam while looking me in the eyes. “I want to feel you cum inside me.” As if he could read her mind, Sam laughed once again.

“Good idea,” my bully said as he looked at me before shutting his eyes and opening his mouth. After a slight pause, Sam’s body clenched up as he shot his load into my fiancée’s pussy. My young bully came loudly as he pumped his semen into the love of my life.

After embracing each other in silence while panting, Stephanie got off my bully’s lap and lay on her back parallel to Sam. Sam got up, grabbed me by the neck and flung me face-first into my fiancée’s drenched pussy. What once was tight was now destroyed by my bully’s big cock.

“You know what to do,” Sam said to me as he leaned over and whispered in my ear. Stephanie spread her legs with a smile. This girl was not my fiancée. Sam had changed her. Or maybe she was always this slutty, and Sam had done nothing more than awaken her true self.

Before I could ponder this any further, Sam’s big hand clutched the back of my head and pushed my face into my fiancée’s freshly fucked pussy. Her creampie had a milky texture which clung to the folds of her lips. The smell was dank, and my bully’s cum tasted bitter. The two of them laughed as Sam pulled the t-shirt I was wearing, ripping it right off my body. He then wiped the cum off his dick and the sweat off his body with it.

“This is called clean-up duty, needle-dick,” Sam said watching me lap up his cum out of my fiancée’s pussy like a puppy drinking water. I gagged as my bully’s cum flowed into my mouth. I licked my fiancée’s hole clean before my fiancée started talking.


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