Heidi couldn’t help it – she was drawn to Rob, the team captain of his school’s hockey team. Also on the team was Heidi’s boyfriend, Joel. When Rob replaced Joel as the team’s captain, the status quo in the locker room completely changed. Rob decided to make an example out of Joel and establish who the top dog was. Through Rob’s insistence, Joel played bench for almost every game and became nothing more than a standby player. This was intentional – Rob was making sure Joel understood the pecking order. It didn’t take long for Joel to accept his fate as the weak link of the team, the most inferior, the beta male of the pack. This made people admire Rob more, and also made them fear him. After all, look what the new team captain was capable of! One alpha male brought another to his knees, so to speak, breaking his will. That was the mark of superiority, and that’s how Rob got everyone to see him as the big man on campus.

New Team Captain on College Hockey Team Made Me Locker Room Bitch
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College Cuckold Stories: My Girlfriend Wants to Fuck the New Kid on the Hockey Team

Heidi didn’t go to the same school as Joel and Rob, so she never got to see the torment Rob put her boyfriend through first-hand. She had no intention of breaking up with Joel, but she also couldn’t help but be fascinated with the assertiveness of Rob. After all, Rob was a better version of her boyfriend in every way – he more confident, cocky, cute, and athletic than Joel was.

Rob went from being Joel’s captain to his bully, mostly because picking on him got a good laugh from the boys. Joel was too much of a pussy to fight back, anyway. Joel would always complain to Heidi about all the things Rob would put him through. What Joel didn’t realize was that the more he bitched about his rival, the more he inadvertently built up Rob as a real man in comparison to him.

Heidi wasn’t trying to be heartless. At first, she was angry that Rob was so mean to Joel. Heidi heard all about the bullying incidents – the swirlies and the wedgies. One night, while surfing the internet in her dorm room, she decided to look up the menacing terror that wreaked havoc on her boyfriend.

She looked Rob up on social media and was impressed with the photos she saw. For a bully, Rob was pretty hot, she thought to herself. ‘Intimidating, but cute’ was the phrase she said to herself. What she hadn’t realized was that with each picture of Rob she looked at, the wetter she was getting. She wasn’t just looking at his physical features – she was looking at him as the big bad bully who was too overpowering for her boyfriend. She always saw Joel as an alpha male, making Rob’s dominance of him that more alluring to her. The more pictures of Rob she scrolled through, the more she began caressing the inside of her thighs. Heidi didn’t realize what she was doing until she had an orgasm. The last thing she saw was a picture of Rob kicking back in a dorm room with his feet up playing a video game. Rob wasn’t resting his legs on a table, though. He had his legs spread out on Joel’s back, who was kneeling on all fours on the ground with a jockstrap – probably Rob’s – shoved in his mouth. Heidi clenched her fist in anger looking at how the new team captain was treating her poor, defenseless, puny boyfriend. ‘That stud is just too big and strong for Joel,” she thought to herself, suddenly feeling horny again.

Joel and Heidi went to the movies the next day, and while in line waiting for popcorn, she caught Joel putting his hoodie up as if he was trying to hide from someone. Excited, Heidi scoured the room until she saw Rob and his meathead friends in an adjacent line-up. Heidi decided to take the initiative and confront her boyfriend’s bully about his treatment of her boyfriend. She intended to give the bully a piece of her mind, but the moment Heidi’s eyes met Rob’s, she melted. Rob was even more boyishly cute in person. He was oozing what her friends referred to as ‘big-dick confidence’ (the belief among the girls was that the cockier a guy was, the bigger his dick had to be).

Rob could see that yet another girl was smitten with him. To Rob, this was just another day at the office. When Heidi introduced herself, Rob could tell how nervous she was around him. Rob’s jaw almost hit the floor when Heidi revealed herself to be Joel’s girlfriend, who he saw was deliberately trying to avoid eye contact with them. ‘How could a pussy like Joel score such a smoking hot girlfriend?’ Rob wondered. This girl was a shining example of a girl way out of a dude’s league.

Rob realized Heidi was there to tell him off based on her demeanor. He found it amusing that she couldn’t rack up the courage to follow through with her plan. ‘Like boyfriend, like girlfriend,’ the Big Dick Bully joked to himself. Rob could also tell she rehearsed what she was going to say to him, making the moment even sweeter for the alpha male. Rob relished in the fact that his appearance alone had rattled her.

The truth was, Heidi wasn’t so much flustered as she was taken and in awe of the stud before her. All of Heidi’s anger about her boyfriend’s bullying disappeared. When Rob reached out his hand and formally introduced himself, the way his strong-yet-soft skin felt against hers made her have a tiny orgasm. Rob noticed and smirked. Capitalizing on the moment, he asked Heidi to ditch her boyfriend and get to know him better. He was ready to convince her further but was cut off when Heidi put her hand against his chest.

“Be right back,” she said with a smile before walking over to her boyfriend.

Still avoiding eye contact with them, Joel slightly jumped when Heidi put her hand on his shoulder. She could tell he was expecting Rob to humiliate him in some way at any moment.

“You mind seeing the movie alone, sweetie?” Heidi asked Rob, holding on to his arm.

“Uh, why?” Joel asked, confused.

“Rob invited me to get to know him a little better.”

“Are you kidding me?!”

“We’ll be over in the lounge while you’re enjoying your little movie, sweetie. Okay? I’ll see you later.”

“Wait, hold on! What is happening right now?!”

Heidi snapped out of the hypnotic trance Rob’s presence had put her in. She realized how weird it was for her to ditch her boyfriend and hang out with his bully instead.

“Oh, it’s not what you think, sweetie,” Heidi said to Joel, trying to put him at ease. “We’re gonna talk about you.”

“What?!” Joel streaked, causing people in the line up to look in their direction.

“I mean, I think I can get through to him. Get him to get off your case. Stop making you look like such a pussy.”

“Did…did you just call me a pussy?”

“You know what I mean, sweetie. Look, there’s an opportunity here to end your torment. I think I can help with this. Don’t you want him to stop picking on you?”

“I guess, but…”

“Great. As I said, we’ll be in the lounge. Enjoy the movie!”

Rob watched Heidi walk away from her boyfriend before he could even respond. He smirked watching Joel standing in line speechless, jaw hanging open, still processing what Heidi had said to him.

When the movie ended, Joel walked over to the lounge and saw his beautiful girlfriend smiling and laughing while talking to his bully, who had his arm around her, to boot. As Rob talked, he saw Joel coming their way and gave the wimp a wink and a grin. Joel swallowed hard and changed walked in the other direction. He texted Heidi that he would see her later, to intimidated to confront her AND his bully.

Cuckolded by College Hockey Jock and My Girlfriend
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When Heidi told Joel about her meeting with Rob, she was blunt. Gone was any sympathy she had for her inferior boyfriend. Heidi told Joel that she initially wanted to give him a piece of her mind. When Joel asked his girlfriend how she recognized his rival, his dick twitched when she admitted to checking out his Instagram account. Joel asked his girlfriend if her discussion with the new team captain was effective.

“I think I probably made things worse,” Heidi said biting her bottom lip. “He said that you should grow a pair and stand up to him, and frankly sweetie, I agree with him.”

“I didn’t ask you to talk to him for me, though!” Joel screamed with his hands on his head. “You should have told him that!”

Suddenly, Joel’s phone vibrated. A text came in from Rob – of all people – containing a photo. It was a selfie he took of he and Heidi in the lounge, both smiling at the camera. The smirk on Rob’s face and the thumbs up he was giving the camera made Joel’s dick twitch once again.

New Team Captain on the Hockey Team Sent Your Girlfriend a Dick Pic

Later that night, Joel tried to initiate intimacy while he and Heidi laid in bed. Heidi was oblivious to his efforts, though. She was too engrossed in whatever was happening on her phone. Seeing her typing so much made Joel realize his girlfriend was in the middle of a riveting conversation with someone.

“Who you talking to, babe?” Joel asked Heidi.

“Rob,” She succinctly replied.

“You’re kidding me,” Joel gasped. “You have his number?!”

“I sure do,” Heidi said with a mischievous smile. She couldn’t have cared less about her boyfriend’s reaction to her interacting with his enemy.

“Well, what are you guys talking about?” Joel nervously asked.

“You, mostly,” Heidi chuckled with her eyes glued to the screen. “He’s been telling me about some of the things he put you through. He’s sent me a few pictures, too.”

Joel gulped. He didn’t even know his rival had taken any photos of him being bullied. The shock of his girlfriend on the edge of her seat, so to speak, listening to the hockey jock brag about humiliating the love of her life was hard to process. What could Joel possibly say to Heidi that wouldn’t make him look like an even bigger wimp to her at this point? What has Rob been filing her head with?’

“You’re talking about the guy who bullies me,” Joel said with a tone. “You were just supposed to tell him back off of me, and now you guys are friends. Did you even think about how that would make me feel?”

Hockey Jock Stole My Spot on Team and My Girlfriend
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“What’s that, sweetie?” Heidi replied with her eyes still on the phone’s screen, taking breaks to type.

“You’re making friends with my bully.”

“So? Are you telling me who I can and can’t be friends with?”

“No, of course not, it’s just…”

“You’re getting possessive.”

“I didn’t mean it like that; it’s just—”

“Listen, sweetie, you have to stand up for yourself. I love you, but you’re supposed to be the man here. And quite frankly, Rob’s not the monster you made him out to be. He’s sweet, actually.”

“Sweet?! Honey, whatever he’s said to you, it’s all bullshit. He’s a bully, he’s a typical meathead, he’—he’s—”

“Look, I believe you, and I’m sure he’s all of those things. But he’s a lot more than that, too. I wanna get to know him a little more, and if you’re going to cry about it, things are going to get awkward.”

“If I asked you to not talk to him because it makes me uncomfortable, what would you say?”

“I’d say that I was dating an insecure man.” Suddenly, Heidi started laughing while reading her screen.

“What’s so funny?”

“Oh, he’s making fun of your behavior right now,” Heidi said flashing her screen to Joel.

“How does he know—are you texting him our conversation?!”

“No, but I told him what you just said. It’s best if I don’t tell you what he’s calling you right now.” Heidi giggled.

“I believe you’re laughing at me with my enemy, right in front of me,” Joel said leaning towards her to read what they were saying to each other. “What were you guys talking about besides me, anyway?”

“Oh, he…uh…sent me a picture.”

“Of what?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Heidi said. Joel leaned over her shoulder and saw a file sent from Rob called “big_cock_rob.txt.”

New Kid on Hockey Team Sent My Girlfriend a Picture of His Big Cock
“Stop being so noisy,” Heidi said to her boyfriend sensing his hovering. She got up and made her way towards the bathroom with the phone in her hand. After closing the door, Joel could hear the sound of her phone taking pictures. The door opened, and Heidi exited pulling down her top and pulling up her panties.

Joel wanted to be a good boyfriend, but he had to know what his girlfriend and his enemy were saying to each other privately. Were they making fun of him? Were they laughing at him? What kind of picture did Rob send her?

About an hour later, Heidi fell asleep, and her phone slipped from her hand and down the blankets towards Joel. Checking to see if she was sound asleep, Joel picked up her phone and began scrolling through her messages. Sure enough, the last person she talked to was Rob. Joel closed his eyes and pondered his next step. If he was going to read her texts, what kind of boyfriend would he be? What kind of man would he be? Did he really want to be that guy?

No. He didn’t. Whatever his girl and the hockey jock were talking about, Joel wasn’t part of the conversation. He clicked the power button on her phone to close the message app. His heart skipped a beat as two messages bounced down from the top, suggesting that Heidi hadn’t read them yet. Both were from Rob.

“Looks tight AF.” One message read. It was the next message that startled Joel.

“And to answer your question, it’s beer-can thick. Looks much bigger in person, pic doesn’t do it justice. You’ll see. ;)”

Joel put her phone down and closed his eyes. ‘They could be talking about anything,’ he thought to himself while hoping the raging boner throbbing in his underwear went away.

Hockey Jock Took Your Spot on the Team, Made You the Locker Room Towel Boy, and Stole Your Girl

The next day, Heidi got a text from Rob telling her to meet him for coffee at the movie theater’s lounge again, and she didn’t waste any time running out the door. Acknowledging her lack of hesitation, the new team captain realized he had Joel’s girlfriend wrapped around his finger at that point. Like most of the girls he scored with, he figured Heidi really needed the ‘D.’ When she met Rob in front of the movie theater, he guided her towards an alley beside the theater. One smile was all it took before Heidi melted in front of the alpha male once again. Rob bullied her body against the wall, and just like that, Heidi was making out with her boyfriend’s rival.

Heidi didn’t care about Joel’s issues with Rob at that point, though. The jock’s cocky assertiveness didn’t deter her, it just made her more aroused, made him seem much manlier than her meek boyfriend. She loved Joel dearly, but Rob was overwhelming her physically. Her boyfriend’s enemy made her wet, a sensation completely foreign to her. Joel never made her feel this hot, this horny, giving her a need to please the alpha male. She was fighting her urges, but when Rob’s lips touched hers, Heidi let herself go.

Rob’s soft, thick lips made her entire body tingle. The jock’s big-yet-smooth hands squeezing her hips encouraged her to embrace him, even as those big hands made their way down to her ass. Heidi was proud of herself for being a gym rat at that point; she was glad Rob appreciated all the cardio she put into her body as his hands explored her tight figure, something her boyfriend never did. Heidi squirmed as Rob’s big index finger slipped between her legs. When Rob’s thumb touched her clit, as if it was a button, she came. As she kissed him passionately, Rob laughed a little under his breath. ‘Like shooting fish in a barrel,’ he thought to himself. The alpha male had yet to meet a woman who didn’t want to be his ‘girl.’ This wasn’t about Heidi for Rob, though. This was about the conquest. The fact that she meant the world to Joel meant nothing to the hockey jock. On some level, Heidi knew this, and in some ways, that’s what made what she was doing so hot.

Both Rob and Heidi were oblivious to Joel standing 45 degrees away from them. He thought he saw his girlfriend walking across the street and tried to catch up with her. Joel froze in his tracks the second she saw her in Rob’s arms. Joel hid his body behind the wall to remain undetected, and once again, ignored the raging boner his jogging pants. He closed his eyes wondering what to do. If he confronted, them, he might get his ass kicked in front of his girlfriend. Ignoring them would be cowardly. Joel opened his eyes and saw that Rob was looking straight at him. That smirk was embedded onto his face as Heidi squatted before the hockey jock and undid his belt. ‘How could they be this bold?’ Joel wondered. ‘What if someone saw them?’ He also realized that was part of Rob’s charm, that he didn’t give a fuck about what anyone would say or do. Heidi clearly felt safe enough with Rob to allow herself to be put into such a compromising position.

With his eyes on Joel, Rob put his finger up to his lips as if to say “shhh.” Joel’s eyes then made their way to Rob’s unleashed cock once Heidi sprung it out. Joel shook his head as if to say, ‘of course my bully has a big cock.’ Even more impressive was that, even though Rob wasn’t even fully hard yet, his half-hard dick was still twice as big as Joel’s was hard. Rob gave Joel a thumbs-up as Heidi put her hair up into a ponytail.

At this point, Joel had ignored the raging boner in his jogging pants, making him unaware that a wet spot was protruding from the crotch. The second his girlfriend’s hands touched his bully’s big cock, Joel’s dick achieved release without contact, then quickly deflated. The wet spot on the front of his jogging pants was no longer damp – remnants of cum were seeping through the fabric. Turning away in shame, he ran right into other members of the hockey team, and the first thing the boys saw was the obscene mess on the front of the cuckold boyfriend’s pants. The pictures that were subsequently taken were quickly shared. When Joel heard Rob break out into laughter over his shoulder, he winced. What really caused his legs to go weak was hearing his girlfriend laugh harder than his bully. Her laughter abruptly stopped before changing into a gasp. That’s when Joel knew she realized where the picture had been taken from. The former hockey team captain pushed through his laughing teammates and ran down the street in shame.

Meanwhile, back in the alley, Heidi was back on her feet. Reality was setting in, and her cruelty towards her boyfriend was starting to catch up with her. She wasn’t one to be insensitive, and yet here she was blinded by an infatuation with her boyfriend’s bully. They were alone in the alley again, this time moving deeper into the walkway so that they were out of sight. The hockey team were gone by this point, not wanting to cock-block their team captain.

“So, where were we?” Rob said with a smile, pointing downwards with finger guns.

Heidi looked into Rob’s eyes and found her legs getting weak again. She looked down the alley and saw a path to common sense. Her brain told her to leave before she did something she couldn’t undo. She was fully conscious of her thoughts by this point. Any decision she made from here would be her choice, as opposed to acting on whims without thinking things through. She picked up her phone fingered the messaging app to check on her boyfriend. She looked at Rob’s lips and opened hers. By the time Rob’s hands made their way to her waist, Heidi had already slid her phone into her back pocket. Unbeknownst to her, Rob was taking a selfie of him squeezing Heidi’s ass with his free hand, smiling up at the camera. He sent the picture directly to Joel before also putting it in his back pocket. Heidi broke the kiss and looked up at Rob.

“I don’t want to break up with him,” She said to her boyfriend’s bully.

“And I don’t want you to,” Rob replied. “That’s what’s gonna make this so fun.”

Heidi smiled to herself. She knew Joel wouldn’t ever break up with her. He’d stay with her no matter what. She got wet thinking about the things Rob would do to her in front of Joel. All the ways she would be an accessory to her boyfriend’s humiliation. Rob was thinking the very thing she was, making his dick to get harder than it had ever been. Neither one of them thought about what Joel was doing at that very moment – his thoughts were in sync with theirs. He lay spread out on his bed pumping his dick, finally giving into the throbbing boner he kept popping every time he saw his bully and his girlfriend together. Heidi might have wanted to worship Rob, and Rob might have wanted to sport-fuck her just as bad, no one wanted them to fuck more than Joel did. The former hockey team captain just didn’t want to admit it.