Andrew was staying with my wife, Laryssa, and I while he looked for a new place to live. Andrew was the kid brother of one of my best friends, James. After James had moved in with his girlfriend, Andrew, who lived with him, needed a place to live. Having no place to go, I took him in, much to my wife’s dismay…or at least at first.

Cuckold Masturbation Stories: My Wife Had Sexual Fantasies About My Nerdy Friend

Laryssa and I were still newlyweds. I was in my mid-twenties, she was a few years younger, but only two older than Andrew. We had a great relationship. Our sex life, while not as frequent as I would have liked, was nice, too. I was mild and tender in bed, romantic and delicate. I could never imagine having sex with the love of my life any other way.

Laryssa never really talked to Andrew before he came to stay with us. To her, he was just another guy in our crowd. She knew who he was, but it wasn’t until Andrew moved in that my wife took a greater interest in him. I was worried that it might be awkward between them without me around at times, but to my surprise, they had instantaneous chemistry with each other. Knowing Andrew wasn’t making much money, I suggested to Laryssa that we not charge him rent during his stay, suggesting that he compensate by helping out around the house, when necessary. I thought that topic might cause an argument between us, but to my relief, she thought it was a great idea.

A few days after Andrew moved in, Laryssa walked in on him watching porn on my laptop. I couldn’t think of a more embarrassing situation to be in when Laryssa told me what she caught him doing, but she didn’t see it that way. The way she talked about the incident was like she had just made an amazing discovery.

I didn’t have any problem with Andrew using my laptop, but I was very curious about what kind of porn he was into. I looked at my internet history and found what Andrew was watching before being interrupted by my wife. It was some clip of a best man, around Andrew’s age, fucking the bride – in her wedding dress – in front of the groom.

when my wife told me she walked in on Andrew watching porn on my laptop, she reacted like she had just made a big discovery.

It was surprising to me how much time Andrew and Laryssa spent together after that day. It got to the point where she was talking to him more than she did me when we were at home. When I did get some private time with Laryssa, she spent a lot of time talking about Andrew, without even realizing it. She commented on his clothes, his jokes, even his hygiene – Andrew was a guy’s guy, shaved once a week, gave himself brush cuts with an electric shaver, wore no product in his hair, or dressed in designer clothing. The kid was jeans, baseball cap and t-shirt kind of guy. She said things that made my head turn like “I hope he never leaves,” and “he smells nice after a long day.”

I was in Andrew’s room using his laptop while he lay in his bed behind me watching WWE. Laryssa came in and rolled on top of Andrew and onto the left side of his bed, laying beside him. Andrew instinctively stretched his arm out, giving her an opening to snuggle up with him. I could see a smug look on his face in the reflection of the computer screen.

I lost myself in my work, only hearing the whispers Andrew and my wife were giving each other, their faces so close that their lips were almost touching. Only once did I look over my shoulder, upon sensing commotion, only to see the two of them getting under Andrew’s comforter.

“We’re just getting more comfortable, honey.” My wife said, sensing the confused look on my face.

As my wife and my nerdy friend lay in his bed, their whispers became quieter, almost like they were talking into each other’s ears. I didn’t want to pry, clearly whatever they were talking about; they wanted to be between the two of them. I continued to immerse myself in my work, typing away. Andrew was nice enough to let me use his computer, while my wife was patient enough to wait for me. The last thing I wanted to do was take up more of their time by interjecting myself in their conversation.

Here’s what the dialog between Andrew and Laryssa consisted of:

“Wow. How big is that thing?” Laryssa asked Andrew, her hand ‘accidentally’ brushing up against his shorts.

“That’s for me to know, and you to find out-ah,” Andrew said, exhaling with a smile, proud of his smart comment.

“I knew it was big, though.”

“Eh…is that so-ah?”

“Yup. I just knew that about you.”

“Eh…care to elaborate-ah?”

“You…have that big-dick confidence, just like (my best friend) Rob has. The worst kept secret is his size. He never brags, he never talks about it. He carries himself with confidence because he has no reason not to, he doesn’t know any other way to be. You’re like that, too. You never brag.”

“Eh…go on…” Andrew said, taking this all in, learning something about himself he never realized, while basking in the compliment.

“Being content with what you have is just regular to you. You’re not trying to be something you’re not. You’re not trying to fit in or prove anything to anyone. It’s the guys who showboat a little too much and brag a little too long that you know are full of shit. He (nodding to me) does that. You never brag. You never need to. You never think to. You’ll never compete with him (nodding to me).”

“Eh…someone put a lot of thought into this-ah.”

“Can’t help it. It’s how I see you. That’s just my perception of you.”

“Eh…you think about that a lot-ah?”

“I think about you a lot.”


“All the time.”


“Especially when I masturbate.”


“Geez, it’s getting harder.”


“You are so awesome. Do you shave it?”

“Heh, yup-ah. Was just about to before you two came over. That’s what I’ll be doing after you leave-ah.” Putting his hands behind his head, Andrew exhaled with a cocky look on his face.

“Really, eh? Need a hand?”

“Sure-ah.” Andrew thought she was half-joking.

“Let’s go then.”

“Eh…right now?”

“Yeah, why wait?”


Andrew and Laryssa sprang up and made a beeline out of the room.

“Where you two going?” I said, turning around.

“Oh, I’m just going to help your friend out with something, sweetie,” Laryssa said to me. “Just carry on with whatever you’re doing, don’t mind us.”

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My Friend’s Big Dick Rested on My Wife’s Face

It didn’t take me long to do what I needed to do on the computer and was curious about the sound of an electric shaver in the background as I typed away. In the bathroom, Andrew had his shorts pulled down to his ankles, while Laryssa kneeled before him, his big round ball sack in one hand, an electric shaver in the other.

“Hold my hair up.” She requested, looking up at him with a smile.

“How’s that-ah?” Andrew said, a smirk on his face, looking down, grabbing a bunch of her hair with his fist, enough to guide her head closer to his big dick, the tip of his dickhead close to her shiny, soft lips.

“Perfect.” She said, her heart racing, knowing what kind of trouble she was getting herself into, but not caring about the consequences.

“Eh…sorry, I haven’t showered yet-ah.”

“Don’t be sorry. You hear me complaining?

“Eh..nope-ah,” Andrew said, realizing she wasn’t trying to pull away from him.



“You’re…you’re so big.”

“Eh…thanks-ah…” He said. You couldn’t scrub the smirk off his face. He realized at that moment she wouldn’t be mesmerized by what he had if I had anything close to what he was packing.

“It keeps getting bigger.”

“Sorry, but it’s hard not to be, uh, hard right now.”

“Really, don’t apologize. This is amazing.”

“Eh…it is-ah?”

“Can I hold it, Andrew?” She asked him with an innocent look on her face while dropping the shaver, finished with her job of making his big ball sack smooth like a tangerine.

“Go ahead-ah.”

“Oh man…”


“I need two hands to hold all of it. Two hands!”

“More than you’re used to, eh?”

“Hell yeah, you’re 10x the size of him.”

“Ha ha.”

“Not really but you know what I mean.”


I walked over to the bathroom again, not hearing the shaver anymore. The only sound I could hear was Andrew’s breathing, which seemed patterned, in and out exhaling, combined with the sound of something wet being stroked. I tripped over my shoelace, and when I bent down to tie it, I heard Andrew tell my wife that he was coming somewhere. He seemed pretty vocal and insistent when he said it, almost shouting in a demanding voice that he was coming. I wondered where she had invited him to but was startled to hear him grunt and shout at the same time, followed by panting, like he had just run a marathon.

My Wife Unbuckled My Buddy’s Pants to “Give Him a Hand with Something”.

Laryssa looked me like I had just ruined a moment for her.

When I walked into the bathroom, my wife was rising upwards, and I wondered why she was crouching in the first place. She was in front Andrew who was buttoning his jeans. I couldn’t figure out why he was so out of breath. I spotted Laryssa mesmerized at a large, thick white puddle cupped in her hand. There was a lot of it, and it was making her hand as gloss as her lips. In fact, her lips were especially glossy.

“What’s that in your hand, Laryssa?” I asked my wife, who seemed speechless. I leaned my head in to get a closer look at the liquid in her hands when suddenly, I felt Andrew’s big hand grab the back of my head. He pushed my face into the clear, white mess in my wife’s hand, laughing as he did it. When I pulled my face up, Laryssa was trying not to laugh. The liquid was on my eyebrows and chinstrap, dripping down my nose, and even covered my bottom lip. Andrew laughed even harder when he saw me lick my lip.

“Eh…how’s it taste-ah?” Andrew said, smiling ear to ear.

“What…what is this stuff?” I asked, irked that he shoved my face in whatever it was.

“Just grab a towel and wipe it off your face, honey.” My wife said, almost embarrassed for me.

“Eh…he ain’t using one of my towels-ah,” Andrew told her. “Wipe it up with your shirt-ah.” Not wanting to get caught in any drama, I did as he said, which only seemed to make him laugh further.

“Eh…no hands next time-ah…” Andrew said to Laryssa as he walked out of the bathroom. I had no idea what he was eluding to.

“You read my mind.” She replied to him with a wink and a smile.

Our House Guest Slapped Me Around in Front of My Girl

As the days passed, I found myself selflessly doing things for Andrew on a frequent basis, such as washing his dishes, putting back food into cupboards, even picking his clothes off the floor and washing (and folding) them for him. It wasn’t long before our usual groceries were replaced by things Andrew liked to eat and drink. Spitzers became pop. Salads became junk. Veggie burgers became steak. Our kitchen was Andrew’s personal eatery, with me as his chef.

I hadn’t realized that Andrew wasn’t really telling me to do anything, I was just sort of volunteering to pick up after him. He and my wife had noticed my natural subservience to his needs. I became a sense of amusement for them both – Andrew would act like an alpha male around me, really upping the ante when my wife was around. When she was, he talked to me authoritatively. He knew how to get me to scurry and fetch things for him while making it look like I was volunteering for most of it. Andrew really came into his own when he took the reins of becoming the man of the house and turned my servitude into entertainment for him and my wife. I became more obedient with each thing I did for Andrew, and my inferiority seemed to bring Andrew and Laryssa closer.

Andrew was pulling his weight though – he helped out around the house with things I did poorly, like move heavy furniture, repairs and installing various things. Laryssa really appreciated Andrew’s elbow grease, though I felt slighted when she said it was “nice to finally have a man around the house.” She didn’t mean it as an insult, and I understood what she meant by that comment.

Marriage was not what I had thought it would be. Sure, they say the honeymoon stage goes away quickly, but ours seemed to disintegrate when Andrew moved in with us. Laryssa was not the same girl I married, dressing sexier, wearing things from Victoria Secret she never wore while were dating. My new wife spent more time in Andrew’s room than our bedroom, often coming to bed late, even smelling like him at times.

One night, trying not to wake me, she crept into our bedroom with her wedding dress on, shoved it into our closet, and slid into bed. When I woke up earlier than her the next morning, Laryssa’s wedding dress on the closet floor looking a little worse for wear, like it had been pulled and stretched a great deal. I couldn’t figure out why she took out in the first place, especially after seeing the porn Andrew had been watching on my laptop. As I dropped the wedding dress back to where I found it, I noticed the dress was a little damp, with several dried spots of streams blasted under the stomach area of the dress.

Andrew seemed cockier than usual that morning, laughing to himself at the breakfast table when I told him about the wedding dress. I saw him smirk when I mentioned how exhausted she must have been the previous night, not even taking the time to put it away.

The More the Kid Bullied Me, the Closer He and My Wife Became

Just after breakfast the next morning, I had left early for work while my wife was making (Andrew’s favorite) pancakes. On my way out the door, I saw him walk into the kitchen in his boxer shorts and t-shirt, looking like he had just rolled out of bed.

After noticing I had forgotten my wallet, I drove back home, ran back into the house, grabbed it off my dresser and ran back out. With the car still running, I didn’t have time for chatter, not that Andrew and Laryssa would have noticed me – from my peripheral vision, I could see him leaning against the kitchen counter, his eyes seemingly closed, while Laryssa knelt in front of him.

Andrew had his head cocked back, while both her hands seemed to be pumping and stroking something, her face up-close to whatever it was. I was worried there was an issue with the plumbing, and that they were trying to fix the issue themselves, but I also was late and had faith in them resolving whatever the issue was.

When I returned home that evening and went into the kitchen, I saw streams of liquid, crusted up on the cupboard doors, suggesting it had remained there un-wiped for hours. The white, almost clear fluid streaks were linear, and seemed to have dripped down the door. There were copious spurts of whatever had splattered. I grabbed a cloth, got on my knees, and began scrubbing away whatever it was. Andrew walked in and started laughing aloud, whipping out his iPhone and filming me with it. To my confusion, when I asked him if there was a plumbing issue that morning, telling him what I had seen on my way out the door that morning. Andrew found this amusing, slapped my cheeks a few times, and told me my wife took care if it like a pro. I chose not to press for details, having enough on my mind.