Rob and I had met at a bookstore I worked at. I was a twenty-one-year-old employee, and he was a freshman in college who lived across the street. We had things in common like sports and fiction, and when he came in to purchase something, he often hung out for a while chatting with me more so than any other regular customer. We remained in touch after I no longer worked at the bookstore.

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While I was never much of a lady’s man, Rob was the opposite. While I wasn’t much to look at, Rob had natural boyishly cute looks and was about of feet taller than me. Unlike me, he wasn’t timid or shy, which is why he got laid a hell of a lot more than I ever did.

Though he never bragged about it, everyone in our social circle knew that Rob had a big dick. That was the consensus among all the girls who got to ride it. Rob was the guy girls bragged about to the other girls. His fat cock must have been big enough to awaken something in these girls – there was always a before-and-after attitude each one carried after a night with Rob. I’ve seen girls leave a party walking funny more than a few times. My friends and I used to joke that a girl walking unbalanced might as well have held up a sign saying, “ROB WAS HERE.”

After Rob had graduated college, he traveled overseas to teach English. We kept in touch via the internet. While he was gone, I met a girl named Stephanie, who was way out of my league. All the girls in our circle marveled at her beauty, and all the guys couldn’t take their eyes off her perfect ass and her huge tits. For some reason, Stephanie had the hots for me, which I did not take for granted. This girl was showered with gifts and pampered to no end. I knew I was overdoing it, but you have to understand – no girl had ever looked at me the way Stephanie did. I was head over heals in love with the girl, and after a year together, she became my fiancée. Six months before our wedding, though, Rob came back to town.

I barely recognized Rob when he returned. He was in great shape and had put on some muscle. His strength overpowering mine when he shook my hand. He was oozing confidence and beaming energy, almost to the point where his smile came across as cocky. It felt like he was judging me, like he had evolved, while I remained the same. A feeling of inferiority rushed over me, and suddenly, I was looking up at my younger friend as an alpha male.

My girlfriend couldn’t take my eyes of my big-dick friend.

When Rob saw Stephanie for the first time, he couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was just as taken with him. She seemed eager to meet him, as we had mutual friends – she knew someone who knew Rob. One of her friends, Kara, told Stephanie about Rob’s huge cock. In fact, Stephanie suggested that we invite him over for dinner so she could get to know my friend better. I thought this was a great idea and volunteered to do all the cooking.

At dinner, Rob and Stephanie mostly talked to each other completely enamored with one another. It was like I wasn’t even at the table. I chose to make myself useful by refilling his drinks and tidying up the kitchen. It was good to see my friend again, and I was happy he hit it off with my girlfriend. Stephanie showed him out at the end of the night while I loaded the dishwasher. It took me about 20 minutes to have the kitchen spic and span, and much to my surprise, Stephanie only came back inside once I was done. I assumed she spent some more time talking to my big-dick buddy on the porch before he left. She had a smile on her face when I approached her, and when I asked why she was so happy, she showed me her cell phone – Rob had given her his number. It seemed like an odd thing to be happy about, but I was happy she made a new friend, even if he was one of mine.

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My fiancée was really smitten with my old pal and asked me many questions about him. I told her everything I knew about him, assuming she wanted to be as friendly with him as I was.

I came home on the following Friday and saw Rob and Stephanie in my living room having a beer, which caught me off guard. Neither he nor Stephanie told me he was coming over. We chatted for a few minutes, but I got the impression that I wasn’t wanted in the room, that I was cutting into their fun. I excused myself to go to bed early to give them time to hang out without me looming over them. Plus, I was exhausted and just wanted to hit the sack. Neither of them minded. In fact, they seemed eager to wish me ‘good night,’ cuing me to scram.

About an hour after I went to bed I was awoken by a few loud groans from Rob. Unable to identify what caused such an exhale, I quietly opened my bedroom door and peeked out into the living room. Rob had his back turned to me. He was standing up and adjusting his belt. My girlfriend was getting on her feet as if she was in a kneeling position. She wiped the side of her mouth with the edge of her shirt. I couldn’t figure out what it was, but it looked white, thick, and creamy. I felt jealous that they were clearly eating ice cream without me. I also was surprised that we even had what must have been vanilla ice cream at all – I didn’t see any in the freezer earlier.

Your Girlfriend is at a Party With Your Big-Dicked Friend

My girlfriend dolled herself up for a party at her friend Kara’s house, which Rob was going to be at. Stephanie was wearing a bit of a slutty outfit, quite frankly. Her beautiful big tits and ass were on display for the world to see. It’s like she was trying too hard to leave an impression on Rob. Stephanie asked me how she looked. I told her she looked great but suggested she cover up with a sweater. She laughed and told me not to wait up before heading out the door. My girl didn’t notice me lean in for a kiss before she left, something that was an unspoken ritual between the two of us.

All I wanted to do was veg-out and watch a movie – I was tired, so I had no problem with her going out without me. After I had finished one of the two movies I planned to watch, I got a mass text from one of my friends, and I think he might not have realized I was in the list of recipients. I opened the text and saw a picture he had taken of Stephanie going into a room with Rob, with the caption “think she’ll be walking funny by the end of the night?”

I suddenly had an urge to crash Kara’s party. When I got there, a lot of people, many people were awkwardly trying to avoid eye contact with me. I asked a few people I knew there where my fiancée was, and all of them pointed to a bedroom upstairs with the door closed.

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As I walked up the stairs and down the hallway to the bedroom I was directed to; I could hear bed springs bouncing, headboards smashing walls, and screams of a woman trying to adjust to something physically – she sounded uncomfortable, yet determined. I opened the door and couldn’t see anything with the lights out, just the rhythmic movement of horizontal bodies.

“GET THE FUCK OUT!” a guy shouted towards my direction once I opened the door. “WE’RE NOT FUCKIN’ DONE YET!”

“Sorry guys,” I said in embarrassment while shutting the door. “I was just looking for my girlfriend.”

I could hear murmuring between whoever was in that room once the door closed, followed by laughter as I walked away. I chose not to look around any further, as I didn’t want to interrupt anyone else at the party.

Why Was Your Fiancée Walking Funny Coming Out of Your Buddy’s Bedroom?

Choosing to wait around until my girlfriend or Rob appeared, I had a drink with a few guys. About a half hour later I saw my fiancée walking down the staircase. She was holding the handrail to keep balance, which was uncharacteristic for her – she was athletic, she liked to spring up and down stairs, and she wasn’t wearing high heels. Kara walked up to her and kept her from falling – I had realized the obvious – my girlfriend was drunk!

As I approached Stephanie, I heard Kara ask her how something was.

“I feel like I’ve been hit by a Mack truck,” Stephanie replied, eliciting giggles from both girls.

Stephanie didn’t look surprised to see me when I approached her. She also looked a little roughed up – all the work she put into her appearance wasn’t apparent. Telling my girl that I was looking for her earlier, I was suddenly distracted by Rob trotting down the stairs. He had a shit-eating grin on his face and was getting fist-bumped by just about every guy he passed. He approached Stephanie and handed her something shiny. I realized it was her engagement ring.

“You left this upstairs, babe,” He said to her with a grin before realizing that I was standing right beside her. His shit-eating grin had suddenly turned to a smirk.

“Why don’t you take her home, buddy,” Rob said standing between Stephanie and me with an arm around each of our shoulders. “She’s had a big night.”

“I bet she has.” I heard someone snicker behind me. Stephanie and Kara shared a look and a smile.

My girlfriend kissed my big-dicked buddy on the cheek to say goodbye and Rob slapped me on the back a few times before joining his buddies for a beer. After whispering to Kara for a minute, they hugged goodbye.

“Let’s take your car,” Stephanie said to me. “I’ll come back tomorrow to get the car.” She was leaning into me as we walked outside. My fiancee was clutching my arm for support with each step she took. This girl was limping hard.

“What happened to you?” I asked, concerned.

“Don’t worry,” Stephanie smiled. “I’ll be okay.”

“Did you fall?”

“Nope. Just a cramp.”

I had assumed she was acknowledging some sort of female issue so I didn’t press the issue. Still, there was something familiar about the way Stephanie was walking, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I saw Rob in the window as we drove away. He gave me a wink and a thumbs-up. I nodded my head to him in response as I drove my girl home.