Evie was on her knees in front of Rob, the roommate of her boyfriend, Joel, who was experiencing his cuckold humiliation from only a few feet away. Being intimate with someone other than her boyfriend was one thing, but sucking a bigger dick in front of him was another. What made Evie have one orgasm after another was the fact that Rob and Joel were co-captains of their school’s hockey team. The two of them were very competitive, and she knew that Rob got under Joel’s skin whenever he felt one-upped. How was her boyfriend going to feel around Joel know that they knew who the “real man” was between the two of them (as quantified by cock size, fucking stamina, and orgasm fulfillment)?

College Cuckold Stories: Roommate With Big Dick Interrupts College Couple About to Fuck

Then there was the aspect of Evie’s fidelity – every guy on campus wanted to fuck her. She watched one student after another hit on her, even after Joel won her heart. She was a one-man woman after they started going out – most guys just assumed she was unattainable (which made her the more alluring). Nailing Evie was going to be a huge notch on Rob’s belt. What kind of backlash would Joel feel as a result, she wondered. At least at for a moment – it didn’t take long for Rob to hypnotize her with his huge cock once she saw it.

College Girlfriend Gave My Roommate a Handjob in Front of Me
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Evie couldn’t even piece together how this happened so suddenly. She did not intend to suck Rob’s big dick that night. She was in bed with Joel in his dorm room, tolerating his tame attempts at getting her “in the mood” for romance. Evie was relieved when Rob suddenly walked in from what smelled like a grueling gym session. The big jock told the couple not to stop on his account, realizing what he walked in on. Still, Joel felt insecure about doing anything with Evie with such a campus stud like Rob a stone’s throw away.

Ironically, Evie was now suddenly “in the mood”, no thanks to her boyfriend. Rob could tell what was going on and shouted to Evie – in jest – that he could take over” if Joel couldn’t “hang.” Evie, as if in a trance, got out of bed and walked right over to the cocky alpha male. She shed her top walking over to him. The two of them embraced the second they made contact, and Rob’s hands made their way from her beautiful size 34c tits before going all the way down to her ass. Giving her butt a squeeze, Rob slid off Evie’s panties in a swift motion while holding her up. Evie pulled her head back, looked Rob in the eyes, and kissed him on the lips. Joel gasped from his bed and covered his erection with a pillow. His cock throbbed as Evie turned her head his way and gave him a devious smile. It was if she was silently telling him to “enjoy the show.”

With one yank of his shorts, Rob’s huge cock unveiled itself, poking Evie’s inner right thigh. She moaned passionately into Rob’s mouth before breaking the kiss. Rob teased the lips of Evie’s pussy and was surprised to feel how wet she was for him. The big jock held his finger up to Joel to show off how glossy his finger was.

“Wet as FUCK, bro!” Rob silently mouthed to Joel. He placed his big hand on the top of Evie’s head and pushed downwards, a subtle way instructing her to kneel before him. She was in complete awe – the size of Rob’s big cock was hard to process. Her hand couldn’t completely wrap around the girth of the alpha male’s cock. Eager to please him, Evie’s started licking around Rob’s shaft, not knowing exactly what to do. Rob smiled knowing he had a rookie on her knees before him. He bunched up Evie’s blonde hair in his big hands and decided to direct traffic.

“Just go with it, babe,” Rob said to comfort his roommate’s inexperienced girlfriend.

Rob began to thrust his hips towards Evie’s face, forcing her to part her lips with Rob’s dick resting on them. She panicked, wondering how all that thickness was going to fit in her small mouth. Not wanting to disappoint the hockey captain, Evie bobbed her head up and down Rob’s dick rapidly while her hands stroked his shaft. Evie took breaks from sucking Rob’s cock to lick his hairless balls. She loved how smooth and clean her boyfriend’s roommate’s ballsack was. They weren’t sagging like Joel’s – they were perfectly round and heavy.

Rob looked down at the stunning girl blowing him. He knew he was going to fuck Evie at some point; but for now, he was content at her servitude towards his big dick. He loved watching girls try to please him, but this one was special. This was the girl all the boys wanted to fuck. And best of all, after Rob busted his nut, there was going to be no doubt who the one true captain of the hockey team was. Rob pondered demoting Joel’s rank on the team once this was solidified. He laughed to himself how fortunate he was to have a big dick. It got him very far in his young life. Being the meathead that he was, Rob couldn’t wait to tell the other guys on the team how the co-captain’s girlfriend sucked his enormous cock.

Cheating Girlfriend Sucked Hockey Team Captain's Dick in Front of Me
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He loved how eager to please Evie was around him. Rob noticed the way she looked at him when they were in the dorm together, how nervous she acted around him when they were, and the subtle ways she touched his hand or arm when opportunity knocked. She was going above and beyond to leave a good impression on him, perhaps not wanting to let him down. He knew she hadn’t been with anyone besides Joel, so he wasn’t too hard on her when he told her to slow down and develop a rhythm with her stokes. Evie listened to the alpha male’s hints began sucking Rob’s dick like she was performing a dance move. She was consistent in the way her mouth moved around his cock and how her hands stroked his shaft. She rotated between his balls and his cock to prevent boredom. Evie had never been so docile, so subservient, so eager to please for anyone, ever before this moment, and the feeling was exhilarating.

Rob and Evie locked eyes and smiled each other. They then both simultaneously looked in Joel’s direction, first at his face, then at his crotch. He was clearly rock hard the way he was covering his dick with a pillow, even under the blankets. Rob snickered as Evie went back to town worshiping his big cock. Joel’s feelings were not the priority at this moment for Evie. Rob’s enormous tool was. He smiled down at her and shoved another inch of his cockmeat into the young college student’s wet mouth.

“Fuck!” Rob growled. “You are so cock-deprived, babe, the way you’re attacking my fuck-stick like this. Either you ain’t getting any, or what you’re getting ain’t big enough for ya.”

“Mmmmppphhh!” Evie tried to answer with the jock’s big cock in her mouth.

Cuckold Boyfriend Gets Hard Watching His College Sweetheart Worship His Roommate’s Big Dick in Front of Him

Evie was so wet she was making a mess on the floor. She didn’t truly know what an orgasm felt like before this went down. Now she was having one after another, and her pussy hadn’t even been touched yet. This was so completely out of character for her, and yet she had no intention of curbing her naughty behavior.

“You like sucking big dick while your boyfriend watches, babe?” Rob said with a shit-eating grin while thrusting his hips backward and forwards rhythmically. He was palming Evie’s head like a basketball, her long blond hair wrapped around his meaty fingers.

“Mmmhmmm!” Evie moaned, her laps struggling to accommodate the thickness of Rob’s cock. Tears were coming out of her eyes, yet she was the furthest thing from sad. She was having orgasms without touching herself almost each time Rob spoke, at that point.

“Say it as if you mean it,” Rob said pulling his hard cock out of Evie’s mouth, which made a loud popping sound. Evie looked disappointed to have something she valued so much taken away from her, even for a second. Rob smiled triumphantly. He knew how turned on Evie was. He knew he had her wrapped around his finger by that point, and he hadn’t even touched her pussy yet.

“I fucking LOVE worshiping your massive cock, Rob!” Evie ecstatically shouted. Rob glanced over at Joel when she said this, almost enjoying how much this made his roommate squirm.

“Gee, I couldn’t tell” Rob sarcastically commented while holding his fat tool and smacking his roommate’s girlfriend’s lips a few times. Evie was in awe of how thick Rob’s was – it felt heavy against her lips when he tapped them with it. “Let your boyfriend know how much you like my big dick.”

“Joel, I’m sorry,” Evie said, turning her head towards her boyfriend. “But this is something I needed for a very long time.” Without waiting for him to respond, Evie turned her attention back to Rob’s crotch and went right back to work pleasing the hockey jock.

Joel was speechless. He didn’t know how to respond. He looked at the girl of his dreams, specifically her lips glued to his roommate’s much-bigger dick.

“Fuck… I’m cumming.” Joel groaned, tilting his head back.

College Girlfriend Sucked My Roommate's Big Dick in Front of Me
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Evie and Rob looked at each other, wide-eyed, and laughed. Either Joel was jerking off under the covers, or he came without touching himself. Nevertheless, the fact that he shot a loud watching his girlfriend blow his teammate was hilarious for them, and humiliating for him. Evie felt surprised at how liberal her boyfriend was being about the fact that she was sucking his friend/rival’s big cock in front of him. Her concern for her boyfriend was forgotten when Rob slid another inch of his fat cock into her mouth, causing her to gag a little. She was suddenly reminded of the “task at hand” with Rob’s action and was eager to accommodate him, slurping all over the monster apparatus while doing so. She suddenly felt Rob’s balls tighten up, and the tempo of his hip-thrusts began to speed up. Though she was an inexperienced cocksucker, Evie knew what was coming, no pun intended. She didn’t know what to do next though – she never did this for Joel. Did Rob expect her to swallow his cum? Did he want to paint her face with it? She decided to let him take the lead and make that decision for her.


Evie gagged and swallowed non-stop for at least seven seconds. She got the best of both worlds – she swallowed a surprising amount of Rob’s warm load before the big jock pulled his fat cock out of her mouth and shot a few streams of cum on her face. There were copious amounts of jizz he had left, and it felt thick and heavy, completely different from her boyfriend’s watery, small squirts when he came. Evie had one final orgasm, still without being touched, completely turned on by all of the circumstances – Rob’s big cock, the messy payoff, the audience her and Rob had…all of it.

“Fuck, that was good,” Rob said with a sigh and falling backward onto his bed. “Do one more thing for me before I conk out here babe.”

“Name it, big guy,” Evie blushed, still on her knees, trying to put herself together.

“Give your boyfriend a kiss for me,” Rob laughed with his hands behind his head while nodding towards Joel.

Evie smiled at him, turned her head towards Joel, and walked over to her boyfriend. She straddled the newfound beta male, leaned in, and gave him the sloppiest kiss she could. Joel kissed her back, but romantically. It was as if he didn’t care that the kiss was intended to humiliate him further. In Joel’s eyes, Evie’s kiss meant that she was still his girl.

Rob laughed one last time as he yanked his shorts back up, then lay his head back and closed his eyes. He was snoring not even a minute later. Evie was amused at what a typical meathead Rob was, and yet all she could think about was getting another opportunity to worship the alpha male’s big cock. She looked back at Joel, who looked back at her with insecure eyes. She thought about breaking up with him at that moment, but realized it might be more fun to remain his girlfriend a little longer. After all, despite having all those orgasms, her pussy still hadn’t been touched.

Of course, it Joel wasn’t going to be the one touching her pussy. He was just going to serve as an audience yet again. This time he was going to watch his teammate fucking his girlfriend’s tight pussy up close and personal.