I know I broke my husband’s heart the day I chose his bully, Brandon over him, but the truth was, my heart was always with Brandon.

High School Cuckold Stories: My Husband’s Bully Makes Me Wet

It all goes back to high school, the day my boyfriend (not husband yet) knocked on Brandon’s 4×4 truck, and I came out, wiping my mouth. Brandon gave my husband the thumbs-up and a wink, implying that we were doing something, that I had cheated on him. The truth was, nothing sexual happened.

I went in Brandon’s truck that day because I felt bad for my boyfriend. Brandon was just humiliating him day after day, and truth be told, I was sick of my boyfriend being such a wimp, being such a pushover. If he wasn’t going to stand up for himself, I was going to stand up for him. The problem was that I liked Brandon. He was always nice to me, flirting with me, actually, which I always liked. I loved that he kept going after me, despite knowing I was attached. It was nice to be wanted.

Cuckolding Husband With His High School Bully
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But when I was in Brandon’s truck that day, something just clicked. When I saw him, I saw a real man, a tough guy. My boyfriend looked so meek and wimpy next to Brandon. He knew he had me when I entered his truck. Brandon and I started talking, but never took our eyes off each other. I should have been so offended when he told me he would stop picking on my boyfriend if I dumped him for Brandon, but I wasn’t. I shouldn’t have cuddled up with him in the front seat so much. I shouldn’t have leaned in to kiss him because everyone outside saw me do it, which is how the rumor about us messing around started. Brandon pulled away, teasing me about me being attached, and I came to my senses, but as I tried to leave, he pulled me back in and kissed me, hard, passionately, and we didn’t stop kissing. It was magic, and I told Brandon I wanted him, that I loved the way he manhandled my boyfriend. It was then that my boyfriend knocked on the door, our heavy breathing fogging up the windows, and as I tried to leave, Brandon noticed some of his saliva was on the edge of my mouth. He made me smile at that comment as I left the truck.

I was kind of heartbroken when Brandon disappeared after that, because the truth was, I wanted to start dating him. I would have gone on a break with my boyfriend, but they say everything happens for a reason. My girlfriends convinced me that you never marry the bad boy, you marry the good guy. And my boyfriend was the good guy.

Eventually, life happened, my boyfriend became my husband, and the bar took over our lives. When Brandon returned, he explained why he disappeared after high school (his father relocated), but that he was back for good. His managerial experience made a great fit for the bar I managed, and since we needed a busboy, I demoted my husband to that position. I then appointed Brandon to my husband’s position, which made good business sense. Economically, it was the right call…even though it was at my husband’s expense.

Brandon and I caught up that day; we just wouldn’t stop talking. He told me everything, from the girls he dated to the jobs he did. He told me when he returned home, he heard I was running the popular bars in town, and decided he had to look me up. I’m so glad he did because just being around him had my heart racing. He was just like how he was in high school, very charismatic, but ever the bully. He was bigger, too. Big, burly, stocky, a man’s man.

Hot Wife Hires Husband’s High School Bully With Cuckold Intentions

As the days passed, my husband and Brandon were back to being “enemies,” as Brandon kept on humiliating my husband in new and creative ways. As time progressed, Brandon was more of a success than my husband ever was, turning the bar into a real profit. My husband just brooded in the men’s room, and always came out smelling like piss for some reason.

I spent a lot of time with Brandon; he was just easier to hang out with than my husband. He was so much fun, and I wanted him bad. As my relationship with my husband continued to spiral downwards, my friendship with Brandon grew stronger, to the point where I had dinner with him every day.

Wife Cheated on Me With High School Bully
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Eventually, I couldn’t hide my feelings anymore and told Brandon how I felt about him, and that I was falling in love with him. I told him everything, not just about my frustration with how wimpy my husband was, but how I haven’t been fucked hard…pretty much ever, and that just thinking about Brandon made me wet. I told him the one thing I wanted was Brandon’s big cock, and that I would do anything to have it. He laughed and said he knew I wanted him and was just waiting for me to admit how I felt.

“Your husband didn’t have a chance the second I came back.” he snickered before I got on his lap and kissed him.

My husband was in the room stacking boxes the day Brandon dragged me to the back, shoved me to my knees and made me unzip his meat. I had no idea that my husband was there, Brandon told me afterward, being the bully he was, but I don’t think he saw anything. It was worth it, though. When Brandon’s jeans fell to his ankles, the stench of his sweaty cock was like heaven to me. As I peeled down his boxer briefs, his fat beer-can cock hit me in the face. It was thick, meaty, and long – a real man’s cock. I savored every second of it, smelling him, licking his balls, licking around his rod, I worshiped every inch of Brandon, and as he grabbed my hair and throat fucked me, I grabbed his ass and let him. He had me at his mercy that day and sealed my betrayal of my husband by cumming buckets in my mouth, on my face and on the floor (which my husband had to mop up, unknowingly).

Wife Sucked College Student's Big Cock in Front of Me
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I told Brandon a few days later that I wanted to be his girlfriend, and he said he’d allow me to be his girl IF he got to fuck me in front of my husband. There was no way my husband would ever let that happen, but the more Brandon humiliated him, the more I lost respect for my husband. He was becoming a real downer, while Brandon was full of life…and cock. Brandon grew tired of his attitude and fired my husband. It was that night that I couldn’t take it anymore and begged Brandon to fuck me, but he wouldn’t at work. He said he would in my husband’s bed and wanted my husband to watch.

My husband came home that day after getting fired and found Brandon sitting in our house, on our couch, drinking our beer. The second he arrived, I tore off my clothes and BEGGED Brandon to fuck me hard and rough on the spot. Brandon fucked me hard in our marital bed that night, had me begging for his big cock. His sweat poured all over my body, his lips on my big tits, his cock thrusting into me deeper and deeper, his hand pulling my hair while fucking me doggy style. The big bully left red marks on my ass, that’s how hard he was slapping my bare bum.

High School Bully Shoved His Big Cock in My Girlfriend's Tight Pussy
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I should have broken the news to my husband better or even told him how I felt about the big bully, I admit. But after Brandon gave me his big cock, there was no going back.

I Don’t Regret Cheating on My Husband With His Bully from High School


Brandon talked about bringing in a girl for a threesome, and I entertained the idea, but said, while I’m not into girls, the thought of two girls worshiping him made me wet. The idea never came into play until after I proposed to Brandon (we’re engaged!), and after my husband (now ex-husband, as we finally divorced) moved out (Brandon eventually threw him out). My ex-husband started seeing a pretty girl named Catalina, who eventually started working as a head bartender at my bar. She and Brandon got along great, and I liked her too.

At first, Catalina was appalled by the stories Brandon told her about what he used to do to my ex-husband, but soon, she saw in her boyfriend what Brandon exposed: a complete and utter wimp. Brandon and I agreed that if we were going to bring in a girl to our sex life for a three-way, it would be perfect if it was my ex-husband’s new girlfriend.

High School Bully Cuckolded Husband in Front of Him
For more pictures of Cali Carter see “Team Skeet: Muscled Babes Do It Better“.

I’m not sure I’d do it again, but that night was magical. After my ex-husband was invited to dinner with his girlfriend, Brandon and myself, he walked right in on his girlfriend sucking Brandon’s cock AS he French-kissed me. Brandon fucked us both rough and hard after that, while my husband, tied up in a chair at the foot of the bed, watched it all, whimpering like a puppy dog. Catalina eventually broke up with my ex and ended up getting a job in a different city, but I know she would return if asked.