My beautiful wife was doing well at work, but supporting the both of us – I went back to school to get my degree. A monthly income, even for a few months, would have brought in the extra cash we needed at the time.

Roommate Cuckold Stories: Freeloading Tenant Bullies Me, Seduces My Wife

My wife interviewed potential tenants and chose a big, hefty laborer named Joseph to take the room. He was about five years older than both of us, yet he looked about ten years younger. He was blonde with a brush cut, heavy-set like a football player, likely pushing the 300 lb mark. I looked so puny beside him with my meek 150 lb frame, and my wife even smaller with her 100 lb body.

Joseph was somewhat dishonest with us, however. He was living on disability payments, suffering an arm injury at work. We didn’t take a deposit from him when he moved in, just his first month’s payment. By his second month, he was already late paying the rent, taking three weeks to give it to us. His third month we only received half of the rent.

I was uncomfortable with this, as we were essentially supporting him – well, my wife was supporting the both of us. With three of us living under the same roof – and him home most of the day – the utility bills were adding up. I liked Joseph a lot, as did my wife – she got along great with him – but I didn’t want him freeloading off of us. I had told her by the end of the week, I was going to evict him. My wife was saddened by this, telling me she wanted to talk to him first, to see if there was something we could work out.

The love of my life crept up in bed late, waking me up with a kiss, her glossy lips wet and salty. She had explained to me that she had made an arrangement with Joseph, and he was going to stay with us for a little while longer, without paying any rent. Confused why she was so happy saying this, I listened on as she told me he would be helping her out personally with something huge, without telling me how or what that entailed. I didn’t ask specifics, realizing she was being vague intentionally. Perhaps it was a personal issue of Joseph’s – maybe he confided in her about something embarrassing, who knows. Whatever Joseph gave her in exchange for paying rent, it was big enough to forgo a monthly income, extending his stay with us, on our her dime.

My wife went on to explain how, since Joseph didn’t have a pot to piss in, that he would be using what little money he had coming in to get his life together. I saw that my wife genuinely wanted to help Joseph, she was so determined to let him stay with us. I was okay with not throwing him out, but it didn’t solve our expense problem.

I Felt Inferior to the Freeloading Tenant Living With My Girl and I

Joseph confronted me the next day in the kitchen when my wife had left for work, getting in my face. Walking towards me, he bullied his body towards mine until my back was up against the fridge. Joseph leaned in and stretched his hand out, so it was parallel with my head. He was almost nose to nose with me, really angry with me, because, as he said it, I tried to get rid of him. He called me a sissy for getting my wife to do it for me, instead of being a real man, like him, and handling it myself. Any respect Joseph had for me was gone, his expression full of disgust as he looked down at me. I felt the urge to defend myself, to stand up for myself, to tell Joseph how out of line he was. Instead, an apology came out of my mouth. I told Joseph that, even though I couldn’t, my wife was happy to give him a hand.

“Oh, she gives me a hand, all right.” He said to me, laughing at his own comment.

My Girlfriend Made Out With My Roommate While I Was in the Bathroom
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I was uncomfortable being in the same room as someone who felt superior to me. Mind you, he didn’t care for being in the same room as me, either. I kept things civilized by washing the dishes he used and left in the sink. I even disinfected the toilet daily, as Joseph made a habit of pissing on the seat and not wiping it up, almost as if he was leaving a mess for me to clean up.

I had even taken to doing his laundry, because when he changed clothes, he just dumped them on the floor – any floor. I was always picking up his dirty shirts, his sweaty socks, even his worn boxer briefs, and putting them in a hamper for him. Unfortunately, I knew his untidiness had rubbed off on my wife, because in some piles of dirty clothes on the floor, I would find my wife’s pants, skirts, or even her panties.

When I finally decided that he had lived with us rent-free long enough, I decided to grow a set and confront Joseph. The response I got was something I could not see coming…

Bully Tenant Gave Something Huge to My Wife

My wife was doing well at work, earning a promotion that covered the need for a tenant. In spite of that, Joseph remained with us, keeping our bills high, with my wife covering every expense. He didn’t help around the house, as he was recovering from a work-related injury. This bothered me, because my wife said he could stay with us, rent free, as he was giving her something big that I couldn’t, but wouldn’t tell me what. Whenever I asked for details, she told me it was private, between her and Joseph. I didn’t press the issue and rolled with it, since she was the breadwinner of the house.

My wife would spend almost all her time with Joseph while I studied. They went out together while I wrote papers. They watched movies and tv-shows together on the couch while I did research. As time progressed, Joseph stopped being so considerate of my need for low volume, playing music loudly in his room when my wife was inside of it, at least when I was home. Because it was so loud, I couldn’t hear whatever they were doing inside his room, let alone think to myself.

Joseph was rather uncaring for our furniture and interior paint-job. The headboards on his bed was banging into the wall behind him hard enough to leave dents. I assumed it was because of Joseph’s rather hefty figure, perhaps night terrors or that sort of thing. One day, the legs on the bed gave out, his bed completely broken. Because of the size of his body, my wife suggested he take our bed, while I take the couch, as it was slim enough for my slender body. Before I could ask where she would sleep, Joseph told my wife he didn’t mind sleeping with her, as there was plenty of room for them both. She agreed, and the smiles they were giving to each made me feel like I was listening to an inside joke between them.

…my dick became hard anytime Joseph and my wife spoke to each other.

Sex was non-existent since Joseph moved in. I had gotten used to masturbating. There were times I could hear muffled noises and voices behind the closed doors of the master bedroom. Those are the times I beat off, because as long as I could hear Joseph and my wife, I was in no danger of getting caught pleasuring myself. This became so routine that my dick became hard anytime Joseph and my wife spoke to each other.

Joseph assigned me with tasks here and there, to the point where he was comfortable saying something out loud while playing video games, and I was savvy enough to pick up on it and get things done for him without being asked to. Within days, I was cooking Joseph breakfast, doing his laundry and cleaning his room on a daily basis. My wife really liked the new me, and although we hadn’t fornicated, the kisses on my cheek she gave me was all the intimacy I needed.

One Year Later: Our Tenant Lives With Us, Rent-Free

On the one year anniversary of the day Joseph moved in with us, I was on the couch masturbating, keeping an ear out for my wife and Joseph as usual, stroking my dick with each creek I could hear coming from their bed’s bedsprings. I got too lost in the moment and stopped listening for noise, and just as I was about to shoot my load, Joseph came out of my old his room, wearing only his boxers and a wife-beater, a sweaty mess. Right behind him, my wife walked out wearing nothing but of one of extra-extra-large t-shirts. There was sweat on her that looked like it had been dripped on her body instead of coming out of it. I shot my load within the same two seconds it took them to come out of the bedroom and see me. Because their appearance startled me, I was wide-eyed, a perfect target for the blast of cum shooting from my cock. The semen in my eye really stung, and I needed water to flush it out.

Embarrassed, I grabbed a pillow, covered my cum-covered dick and ran towards the bathroom, tripping over a blanket and landing on my stomach, my bare ass visible for them both. I crawled towards the bathroom in shame, not knowing how I would ever live down this humiliating moment.

Joseph and my wife were waiting for me when I came out. I was wearing nothing more than a towel around my waist, as I held a wet washcloth against my eye, which was still stinging. There was no humor in their faces, just disgust. I heard my wife complain to Joseph about how I had stained the carpet and couch with cum, talking about me right in front of me. Joseph just shook his head and told me, point-blank, how they were “making some changes around here”, after discussing it for a little while. After what they just witnessed, Joseph convinced my wife that now was the time to make it happen.

“Make what happen?” I said, swallowing in fear, watching my wife snuggle into Joseph’s massive body, his arm around her shoulders pulling her closer. The next sentence came out of Joseph’s mouth put everything into perspective.

“Listen, man”, he said to me, thumbing over his shoulder, towards the front door. “How fast can you move out?”