Sam was the neighborhood bully and had been since he was a kid. I liked Sam, but I was more intimidated by him than anything. Truthfully, I became his friend because it was better than becoming one of his wimps. Everyone was afraid of him – he was the typical bully. He got the meek to do what he wanted. All the girls he ever banged belong to other guys. No one said no to Sam. After all, he was an alpha-male, unlike me. I knew that if Sam ever decided to slap me around, I would have been helpless to stop him.

Cuckolded by the Neighborhood Bully

Truth be told, I liked Sam’s bad-ass attitude, despite being intimidated by him. I figuratively kissed his ass enough times to warrant his loyalty. As the years passed, I became more of Sam’s yes-man more than anything. But when he set his sights on my wife, my fate was inevitable.

Sam always fancied my wife, always making snide comments to me like “dude, I’d love to hit that someday,” or “man, I bet her pussy is so tight since all she’s getting is your needle-dick.” It was always in jest; I never took his comments seriously. But when my friends started to warm me about Sam and my wife getting too comfortable around one another, I got worried.

Big Cock Bully and My Wife Kissed in Front of Me
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“There’s a reason he gets as much pussy as he does,” one of my friends said to me. “He’s got a monster-sized cock, you know.”

“How do you know?” I asked him.

“Because my fiancée told me,” He replied with his head down. “Right before she called off the wedding.”

“Oh, that’s why you guys called it quits?” I said, surprised. “I thought it was that you fell out of love.”

“That’s just what I told people,” He said. “I am still in love with her. But when she started fucking Sam behind my back, I became a total afterthought to her. So, watch out man. If Sam’s got his eyes locked on your girl, you’re fucked.”

Big Cock Bully Fingered My Wife in Front of Me
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He was right. Sam and my wife started becoming friendly without me as days went by. She texted him a lot, always sending pictures of some kind, pictures she wouldn’t show me. Sometimes I would be driving home and see them on the street hanging out and talking. Sometimes I would come home and find my wife cuddled up in Sam’s arms on my couch. The last time I saw them so intimately together, the big bully gave me a wink and a devious thumbs-up.

My friends and I were at the amusement park one night, and I couldn’t help but notice that my wife and Sam were inseparable. He was feeding her cotton candy as she sat on his lap on a picnic bench. Hell, he even had his arm around her as they walked around the fair. At one point, when we were all on the Giant Wheel, I sat across from them. When we reached the top, fireworks went off in the sky. My wife commented on how romantic the moment was. Sam seized the opportunity, looked at me, winked once more, then looked back at my girl, leaned in, and kissed her on the lips. After breaking the kiss, my wife smiled the big bully and kissed him back. They embraced and made-out passionately until we came down from the ride.

My Wife Made Out With My Buddy on a Ferris Wheel in Front of Me
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I walked ahead of Sam and my wife once got off the Ferris wheel. It hardly mattered, though. They were way into talking to one another. I wondered if they even cared how awkward they were making me feel at that moment. I decided to man-up and confront my bully and my wife for kissing in front of me in public.

“How could you do that to me?” I screamed, inadvertently causing passersby to look at me. Not wanting to look bad in front of anyone, Sam placed his big right hand on my face and pie-faced me. I feel backward right on my ass to a round of laughter from the sudden crowd around us, who began dispersing upon realizing that I was too wimpy to let the moment go on further.

“Go home,” Sam said, pulling my wife close to him.

“He’s right, honey,” My wife said to me while clutching Sam’s arm. “I’ll see you when I get home, sweetie, okay?”

The two of them turned around and began walking away before I could even respond. I watched the big bully pull my girl into him close with his arm around her neck. My wife leaned her head on his right bicep as they strolled out of my line of vision.

I didn’t go home right away, though, I grabbed some junk food and wallowed in self-pity. The fact is, Sam just treated me, his buddy, like one of his little wimps, and was using his “charm,” aka his cocky attitude, on my girl. I was upset because the truth was, there was nothing I could do to stop Sam if he was going to make my wife HIS girl.

After eating some street-meat in the food court, I decided to hit the men’s room and go home, as instructed. While sitting in the toilet stall, a male and female walked into the stall beside me. The stall’s door was closed, so I couldn’t see what they looked like.

“Uh, this is the men’s room,” I shouted to the mysterious couple from inside my stall.

“Holy shit, it’s him, hahaha” I heard the male voice whisper.

“Let’s get out of here, quick!” The female whispered back in worry.

“Fuck that, let’s go with it!” The male voice laughed. He sounded kind of familiar without whispering so hard.

The sound of a zipper replaced the whispers, followed by the sound of wet sucking, then gagging. After a minute of that, the wall dividing me and the couple SLAMMED hard enough to touch my left arm.

“Fuck me, Sam. FUCK ME.” a voice whimpered.

My heart stopped. I scrambled to drown out the familiar voices fucking so loudly. This was not happening. No, no, no, no, no…

I finished my business and ran out of the stall as fast as I could without even washing my hands. I heard something drop, but ignored it. The laughter coming from the mystery male in the toilet stall beside me as too intimidating to face. I would later discover that my phone was not on me, and deduced that what I heard drop was, indeed, my phone.

When my wife got home that night, she was as giddy as a schoolgirl, on cloud nine, like a teenager in love. She talked to me as if I was one of her girlfriends, telling me how magical Sam’s kiss was. I looked at her in disbelief, but at the same time, I kept my mouth shut. I didn’t want to ruin her high; I never saw her so happy. And truth be told, I didn’t want to face repercussions from Sam if I interfered in whatever was going on between them.

She was not behaving at all like the girl I married. My wife came home that night a new woman. She seemed indifferent to how she made me feel at the park. But she was acting like she had discovered something new and was obsessed with whatever it was. I also got the feeling that she was laughing at me on the inside. Her eye seemed to be studying me as if she was anticipating a reaction of some sort. We both went to bed without talking about I felt, because she fell asleep before I racked up the courage to say anything. I leaned into my wife and kissed her on the cheek as she drifted into sleep. I don’t know if it was in my head or not, but I swear I could smell Sam on her.

My Wife Had No Idea My Friends and I Were Sitting Behind Her in the Movie Theater When She Gave the Neighborhood Bully a Blowjob

I was at the movies the next day with my buddies, hoping that no one would find out that Sam had made out with my girl at the amusement park, when one of my friends rocked my world with one question.

“Dude,” my buddy elbowed me. “Isn’t that Sam and your wife down there?”

Big Cock Bully Cuckoled Me on Ferris Wheel
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I looked down and saw my wife and Sam several rows down from us. All my friends looked at me when the big bully started making out with my girl. I couldn’t focus once the movie began because of how hard reality was slapping me in the face. My friends were looking at me over and over, and I froze. I was too humiliated to speak. As if things couldn’t have gotten any worse, twenty minutes into the film, Sam’s big hand went on the back of my wife’s head and lowered it down to his crotch. My wife’s head disappeared, then came back up, then disappeared, then came back up…her head was bobbing up and down around his waist as Sam cocked his head back, moaning.

My friends whispered among themselves, no doubt about how I didn’t do anything to stop my wife’s mouth from worshiping Sam’s big cock. When the movie ended, we walked down and passed Sam at the exit. My wife had gone to the ladies room just before the credits rolled, oblivious to my presence. My friends began high-fiving Sam upon seeing him, humiliating me even more. Sam and I made eye-contact, and he smiled, realizing that I had seen what he and my wife were up to.

“I’ll tell your girl you said hi,” Sam said to me with a smirk, earning snickering from my friends surrounding us. “You better get outta here before she comes out.”

“But I—” I tried to speak, but Sam wasn’t having it.

“Go,” Sam said with his eyebrow raised, nodding towards the exit.

“You heard the man,” My friend said to me, pulling me away, probably saving me from even more humiliation. “Let’s go, man.”

I said nothing to my wife about what I saw at the movies. I fact, I didn’t even tell her I went to see one. She had no problem telling me that she went to the movies with Sam and had an amazing time. When I asked her how the film was, she shrugged her shoulder and told me she had no idea; she wasn’t really paying attention to the screen. I ended that conversation right there, not ready to hear anything else from her mouth about the things she did with her mouth.

I was watching TV in the living room the next day when Sam walked right through the unlocked front door, made a bee-line for my couch, and told me to get him a beer. As I made my way towards the kitchen, Sam told me to turn around.

“Think fast, dude,” Sam said as he hurled something rectangular my way. I knew he was giving me my phone back before I caught it. Sam looked at me with a boyish grin and winked before nodding towards the kitchen. I turned around, putting my phone back in my pocket without saying a word. Though I hardly needed proof, Sam had confirmed that it was him in the washroom stall beside me who was giving someone his dick.

I then looked at the front door and remembered that I had locked it when I got home. The fact that it was unlocked told me my wife had prepared for Sam’s ‘sudden’ arrival. Of course, I had no idea he was coming.

When I handed Sam the beer he “asked” for, the big bully then patted me on the head for a job well done. My wife walked into the room without even looking at me and kissed Sam on the cheek to say hello. She snuggled up with Sam as he wrapped his left arm around her shoulders.

I tried to walk past Sam and sit on the couch beside my wife, but Sam tripped me, making me fall on all fours before him, sideways.

“You can sit with us, but from down there.” The big bully commanded while nodding towards the floor.

My Wife is Obsessed With Neighborhood Bully's Big Cock
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I was humiliated in front of my wife once more. A second after he spoke, Sam rested his legs on my back, making my wife giggle.

“Just kidding, buddy,” Sam laughed taking pity on me.

I walked away in silence with my head down, embarrassed and ashamed of my cowardly demeanor. I locked myself in my home office for a while not wanting to be in the presence of the dominating bully in my home, or the woman I was married to who was fawning over him. I came down a few hours later to find my wife and Sam’s clothes all over the floor. I opened the master bedroom door and saw Sam laying shirtless under blankets. My wife was cuddled in his arms, using his chest as a pillow.

I was beyond flabbergasted. At this point, they didn’t even try to hide anything from me. I buried my head in my hands, wondering what I was going to do, and how I was now going to be the laughing-stock of the neighborhood. Suddenly, Sam’s eyes opened and caught mine. He smiled at me, gave me a wink and a cocky thumbs-up before pointing at my crotch. My dick was hard as a rock, with pre-cum leaking right through the crotch of my pajama pants. Sam just shook his head and closed his eyes.

As I turned around, I noticed Sam’s boxer shorts hanging from the doorknob. It was symbolic to see my wife’s panties hanging from the edge of his underwear.

With His Thick Finger Inside My Wife, the Neighborhood Bully Told Me to Get Out of My Own Room

I had a business meeting at a hotel that night, and for the weekend, the penthouse suite was mine. I told my wife that we should make a weekend out of it, as I intended to fix my marriage. I wanted to make a last-ditch effort to win my girl back despite everything. I wasn’t delusional, knew she and Sam were only getting closer while she and I were growing further apart But she was still my wife, and I was going to fight for my marriage. I knew I needed to do something big to win her back, but Sam was my big obstacle.

I prepared a candlelight dinner for two at the suite, ordered champagne, and invited her up. I was going to go to my work conference, and let her indulge herself in the bath, let her pamper herself while she waited for me. When she knocked on the door, my heart sank. There she stood, radiant as ever, standing beside Sam, who looked at me and smirked.

“Honey, ” she said to me. “I hope you don’t mind that I brought along Sam!”

“Well,” I said, pouting. “I do mind; I thought we were gonna…”

“Aw, he doesn’t mind at all!” Sam said to me, pushing me out of the way and walking into the room, pulling my wife inside with him.

They took a walk around the room and acted like I wasn’t even there. My wife hugged Sam as she pointed out the dinner table I had prepared like I had done it for them. I was beyond embarrassed and went to the bathroom to collect myself. I decided I should just go to the conference, and deal with my wife and Sam when I got back up. When I came out of the bathroom, Sam had my wife pressed up against the wall. She was trying to conceal the fact that his hand was under her skirt. His arm was at a right angle moving backward and forwards.

Big Dick Buddy Fucked My Wife in Toilet Stall Beside Me
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“Got everything you need, buddy?” Sam said as he turned his head to me without moving his arm.

“Uh, yeah,” I responded. “I think so…”

“Good. Make yourself scarce now, buddy,” he said, turning back to my wife.

“But I–|

“It wasn’t a request. Am I gonna have to repeat myself?” Sam’s tone was suggestive that I was testing his patience. It also made my wife moan sensually.

“We’ll…. we’ll see you later swe—sweeetie” My wife said to me without looking in my direction. I walked out the room without saying goodbye, frustrated that all my efforts were upstaged by friend-turned-bully.

I sat at the conference, dumbfounded, wondering why I was getting an erection thinking about Sam and my wife together. I got up and left the conference early, which was probably going to get me fired, but at that point, I had built up enough courage to confront the man who was responsible for the impending end of my marriage.

As I stood outside the hotel suite’s door, listening to the headboards bang against the wall, hearing my wife scream out Sam’s name, shouting things like “SO DAMN THICK,” and “IT’S SOOOO BIG!!!”, I wondered what I would say. I fondled my junk through my pants, as I was so turned on listening to my wife call out another man’s name, my friend, no less, who had turned into my bully – a fear I always had.

Big Cock Bully Fucked My Wife in My Hotel Room
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I slowly crept inside, being careful so they couldn’t hear me. I walked into the bedroom and watched my wife on her back, her legs up in the air, her arms wrapped around Sam’s back. I watched Sam’s naked ass thrust into my wife HARD, his sweat dripping down on her. He was lunging at her like a madman; he was fucking my beautiful wife so powerfully.

Sam suddenly turned his head around and saw me watching him and my girl. His eyebrow was raised, but the tempo of his thrusts didn’t slow down at all – if anything, my bully sped up the jack-hammering of his thick tool inside my wife’s tight pussy.

I broke the stare and looked down, intimidated. I didn’t want to get my ass kicked by the guy who was literally fucking my wife. The sound of wife screaming Sam’s name was almost as loud as the slapping of two sweaty bodies colliding repeatedly. I walked out of the room not angry, but smiling. In a twisted way, I was proud of Sam for easily scoring with an unattainable girl, and I was happy to hear my girl in such bliss.