There I was, standing alone at a house party hosted by my bully, Mike. I watched helplessly as my buddy’s little brother, Andrew, lead my girlfriend, Laryssa, into Mike’s bedroom. Just watching my girlfriend and my tag-along friend hold hands walking towards a bedroom was giving me a boner, but when I saw Mike hand Andrew condom along the way, my dick started throbbing in my pants. Mike and Andrew fist-bumped and looked in my direction with smirks on their faces. Before Andrew closed the bedroom door, he gave me a thumbs-up. My view of the door was suddenly obstructed by Mike’s big chest in my face.

“Alright, asshole, you can leave now.” The big meathead said to me, pointing to the door. “You were only supposed to drop off Andrew, no one said you could stay.”

My Bully Hooked My Buddy’s Little Brother Up with My Girlfriend

I didn’t know what to say. I came with Andrew to Mike’s party because he asked for a ride. When I walked in with him, my girlfriend met him at the door, oblivious to me behind him. Perhaps I blended in or maybe the shadows concealed me. It was like she had tunnel vision for Andrew at that moment. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous she looked. She looked like a sexy bridesmaid wearing a dress I had never seen before, likely just purchased. It was in pink and black, Andrew’s favorite look on a girl. Is that why she asked me what his favorite colors were the other night? So she could buy a new outfit for him to see her in?

I had no idea my girlfriend was going to be at my bully’s part. She told me she was going out with friends that night, and I didn’t question it. She clearly had no idea I would come there – the last place she would ever find me would be at my bully’s house. She clearly knew Andrew was going to be there, the way she was all over him. Andrew! My tag-along friend, of all people! As I stared at them disappear into the house together, Mike came over to greet me and told me to leave.

“Get out,” Mike ordered. “Before your girl sees you. Don’t ruin this for Andrew.”

“I….I don’t understand…” I stammered.

“Take a hint, douchebag,” Mike said to me walking towards me, making me back up against the wall. Your girl’s finally getting the fucking she needs tonight.”

“Fuck off, Mike,” I said, frustrated, but that was a mistake. Mike grabbed my shirt and shoved me against the wall.

“What did you say?!” He said to me, his other hand raised in a fist and aimed at my head.

“I’m—she—I don’t understand–” I stammered.

“Dumbass, I set Andrew up with her,” Mike said, letting me go, perhaps feeling sorry for me. “She’s getting some deep-dicking tonight from a real man, bro.”

“Your Girl’s getting some deep-dicking tonight from a real man, bro.”

“No…no, she wouldn’t….”

“She would. Just the other night, she came out with the boys and me. She and Andrew sat together at the movies behind us. I don’t think they saw most of the movie if you know what I mean.” Mike said, making the jerk-off gesture with his fist. Mike’s meathead friends were ease dropping and laughing.

“No…it’ can’t be…” I whimpered, my head down.

“Yes, it is,” Mike said triumphantly before pointing to the driveway and walking away, queuing me to leave. I stood in the same position for a while before deciding to go back in and confront my girl and my tag-along friend. I was afraid, though. What would I say? The more I thought about them together, the more my dick began to twitch.

When I went back in, I saw Andrew and Laryssa walk towards a bedroom. Which brings us to now, where Mike’s chest is blocking my view of the bedroom my girlfriend and my buddy’s little brother were in.

My blood was boiling. I side-stepped Mike and marched towards the bedroom Andrew and Laryssa were in, and the closer I got to it, the louder my girlfriend giggled and Andrew laughed. Were they mocking me? Were my girlfriend and my tag-along friend laughing at me…together…in my bully’s bedroom? I could hear her moaning and him sighing loudly. What were they doing behind closed doors?!