I didn’t really have a choice when Lubi decided that I should give 30% of my paycheck to him. There was no option for me. He simply told me to do it, and I made it happen. He didn’t thank me the first time I have him his commission, or the second. He relied on it and I couldn’t let the big guy down.

Lubi and I met at a popular automobile buy-and-sell magazine in the data entry department. I had recently been fired and was taking what I could get to put food on my table. The data entry job paid decent cash at the time, and the people there were all great. I stayed at the job longer than I thought I would, and within six months, pretty much everyone knew and respected me. Some even looked at me as an authority figure.

I met Melissa in the graphics department, she would often come to my table and work on a particular ad with me, and we got to know one another well enough to start dating. She was officially my girlfriend within a month of us going out, and I let everyone know it, bragging to anyone who would listen how a meek and timid nerd like me scored such a model-hot 10. She looked like a cuter version of Sienna Miller.

When Lubi was hired, he was assigned to me to train and orient him with the job. Even though I as technically his supervisor, I felt intimidated by his presence. He was quiet, but spoke articulately, which was impressive considering he had only come to our country from Croatia a year prior. He was taller than me – I was 5’9, one foot shorter than my girlfriend. Lubi was at least 6’3”. He worked out, and you could tell bench-pressing was his favorite activity, the way his leaped out at you. His bulky physique was matched by his flat stomach, and his baggy pants weren’t loose enough, as they were still practically painted to his legs. Lubi sweat a lot, but he didn’t stink. He smelled like you would expect a jock to smell.

Lubi sensed my intimidation on the day we met, but kept it to himself, at least at first. I could feel him smiling down when he looked down at me, a boyish grin that made me feel like I was his buddy. In fact, I was the guy he talked to the most at work, despite him getting along well with the other guys there. It didn’t take him long to become one of the guys.

I’ll always remember the day Lubi met Melissa. She sat beside him in the lunchroom, unable to take her eyes off him. Lubi sensed this too and introduced himself. I watched my buddy and my girlfriend from across the room talk to each other as I approached their table, but when I got there, no extra seat was available, and both Lubi and Melissa seemed oblivious to this, taken more with each other. Standing around awkwardly, I went to eat lunch outside in the courtyard, allowing them to get to know one another without me around.

Lubi slapped me on the back, harder than he probably thought he did, telling me how hot Melissa was, with no regard for our relationship. I told him that she was my girlfriend, but Lubi just shrugged that off. I could see Lubi stroke his boner through his basketball shorts looking at her walk from the other side of the room, and when she turned around and saw us staring at her, she smiled back, a moment that made my heart melt. I looked at Lubi and immediately felt like that smile wasn’t meant for me. For some reason, my dick began to twitch uncontrollably, which Lubi noticed. He loudly called me out on my throbbing boner for a laugh. It was a humiliating moment to have the entire office look at you and laugh because you’re popping a rod. I wasn’t mad at Lubi though. That’s what dudes do to each other, we bust balls.

Melissa and I went out for dinner that night, but all we talked about was Lubi. She was asking me all kinds of questions about him, and I told her everything I knew about the big guy. She went to bed early when we got home, which I was happy for because I really was in the mood to watch some internet porn. Funny thing was, I had my laptop set to mute, and when the girl in the movie was about to cum, I could hear an orgasmic moan coming from my bedroom. I shot my load at that very moment, blasting myself in the left eye, causing me to spend the next 20 minutes flushing the cum out of it.

I walked into the lunchroom the next day and once again, Lubi and Melissa were having lunch together (and again, no chair for me). There was plenty of room around the table, yet they were sitting right beside each other. I wanted to tell my girlfriend not to be so rude, to give my boy his space, but he didn’t seem to mind. In fact, at one point, he put his arm around her shoulder while showing her something on his phone.

When Lubi came back from lunch that day, he told me to give him my girlfriend’s number. I asked him why he wanted it as I texted it to him. He immediately made a call when I gave him the number, and I could see Melissa answer her phone across the room. She smiled in our direction again, and put down her phone after Lubi hung up. Lubi grabbed all the work on his desk and dumped it in my inbox, telling me he was leaving early. I asked if he wasn’t feeling well, but didn’t get any response as he bee-lined out the door.

My girlfriend came home late that day, acting fatigued like she had just finished a CrossFit session. Her hair seemed a little tangled, she was walking funny, and her lips had a gloss I had never seen before. She fell asleep not long afterward, and as I snuggled into bed with her, I could smell a familiar scent.

My Intern Fucked My Girlfriend Behind My Back
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When I came to work the next day, people seemed to be snickering at me. Lubi, on the other hand, was Mr. Popular, apparently achieving something I couldn’t quite determine. As Lubi dumped his work pile into my inbox once again, I asked him what all the hullabaloo was about. He smacked my cheeks a few times before telling me to get to work. Our boss, Chad, walked in right after he said that, so I was thankful to Lubi for the heads up (at least that’s why I assumed he ordered me to “get to work”). The boss made small talk with Lubi, high-fiving him at first before asking him questions. The look on his face not only told me that Chad was intrigued and riveted by answers, but that he identified with a fellow alpha male.

When I got home that day, there were a bunch of people at my house, most of which were Melissa’s friends, and some of Lubi’s. Apparently, my girlfriend decided to have some people over on a Friday night, and while I had no problem with it, I was a little irked that she didn’t ask me. I saw her sitting on Lubi’s lap having a beer while he talked with the guys, his arm around her waist. When Lubi saw me coming, his expression suggested he was irritated by my arrival, as if I was some sort of buzz kill. Lubi scooted my girl off his lap, got up and whispered in my ear to meet him in the washroom in 2 minutes.

Wondering what kind of surprise I was facing, I waited there eagerly as a crowd began to gather around the bathroom. Everyone then got a mass text on their phones from Lubi, telling them to follow me. The crowd parted like the sea as Lubi walked into the bathroom, where I stood between the toilet and sink, awkwardly, with all eyes on us. Lubi walked past me, then reached his arm out, his hand clutching my hair. He yanked me to my knees, and my head landed on the toilet, my cheek against the toilet seat. Lubi’s big size 13 sneaker sandwiched my face between the seat, and though I couldn’t see him pull it down, I heard his pants unzip. A stream of his piss went into the bowl, missing my lips by a centimeter. The last of his piss splashed under my nose and bottom lip and he zipped up without flushing.

Jock Intern Dunked My Head in Toilet in Front of My Girlfriend
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I was in shock. What had just happened? Why did Lubi do that to me? I looked for my girlfriend in the crowd as soon as Lubi lifted his big foot off my cheek, and spotted her face to face with Lubi, caressing his chest with her hand as he spoke to her. They were both smiling so brightly, eyes locked. The crowd’s laughter died down about a minute later as they shuffled out of the bathroom, and I awkwardly splashed water on my face in the sink to rinse away Lubi’s splashes of piss on my face.

“Asshole,” I muttered, looking at Lubi and Melissa engrossed with one another in the reflection. Where was her concern for me? Why wouldn’t she take that smile off her face? Why wouldn’t she stop rubbing his chest as he talked to her? Why were their faces so close as they spoke? If they had been any closer, their lips would have been touching!

I clutched my crotch as my dick began involuntarily twitching in my pants again. Lubi caught the movement from his peripheral vision and recognized the activity in my pants. He laughed and called everyone back into the bathroom, and as I turned around to face him, I was picked up and flipped upside down. Lubi dunked my head into the un-flushed toilet. The laughter was muffled as my head came out of the bowl, as his piss leaked out of my ears. I tried to yell but with my mouth open, my head was dunked back into Lubi’s piss. Lubi was enjoying nerding me out as if this was some sort of hazing.

My head made contact with the bowl of Lubi’s piss one last time before the toilet flushed, and when my head came back up the last time, the boys were chanting “swir-lee”, “swir-lee”. Lubi tossed me into the bathroom corner and threw me a towel, laughing just as loudly as the crowd, who shuffled back out of the bathroom once again. Lubi was the last to leave, his arm around my girl, who was doing her best not to make eye contact with me. Her hands were covering her face, and if I didn’t know any better, I would have thought she was trying to conceal her amusement.

I was glad Lubi was at least nice enough to hustle my girlfriend away. What he had done to me was beyond humiliating, and I didn’t want to face her, or anyone, at that moment. I also didn’t want to her to see the pre-cum leaking through my boxer shorts and the crotch of my pants.