The contents of my storage locker had been seized and sold by the facility’s owners after I had failed to make a monthly payment. I didn’t mean to miss my payment – I had the money, I simply just made an accounting mistake. As per the terms of the contract I signed, the storage facility was well within their rights to auction-off my items, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Sex-Tape Cuckold Stories: Before He Took My Storage Locker, He Fucked My Girl

My girlfriend, Christine, was pissed at me for losing everything we had in that locker. A lot of her things were in there – sentimental items and possessions she didn’t want to get rid of. Originally the locker was just for my files and paperwork, but with all the extra space, Christine stored some of her stuff in there too. We did not split the cost.

I got a call one day from Brandon, a guy a few years younger than me and the same age as my girlfriend. Brandon made a living by purchasing contents from expired storage lockers, the newest of his acquisitions being the one I just lost. He gave me a time and place and told me to meet him for a coffee that evening, hanging up before I could even say goodbye. Assuming we got cut-off, I finished my day early in order to accommodate Brandon’s request, excited about the prospect of getting my stuff back.

I was immediately intimidated by Brandon when we met. He was about 6’2″ (I was only 5’9″), a blue-collar kind of guy with a football player’s physique. He shook my hand with a cocky grin on his face, which turned into a smirk when his firm handshake almost crushed my frail hands. I had never seen fingers so thick – I felt skeletal standing so close to him.

He was looking at me with judgmental eyes, studying me, amused by his findings. It was like he was trying to make heads or tails of me.

“You’re a lot smaller than I thought you’d be in person,” Brandon said to me. “Yep, she traded down, big time.” Despite not understanding what he meant, I nervously laughed at the big alpha male’s remark.

After ordering a couple of coffees, we went straight to business. Brandon offered to do me a solid and would let me have all the contents of the locker back. My things were essentially useless to him anyway. I was grateful, but taken back by what he said next.

“If you pick up all your shit yourself, I’ll only charge you $200,” Brandon said with his arms crossed. “If I drop it off, I’ll have to charge you $500.”

I told him I would pick up my stuff. Brandon handed me a business card with an address and told asked me to come by his place over the weekend to “grab all my shit.” I told him I wouldn’t be able to come until Monday, as my schedule was etched in stone. Brandon stopped looking at me with amused eyes and now looked down at me.

“No,” Brandon said to me with a raised eyebrow and deeper tone. “I said tonight. But first, we’re gonna have a little fun, buddy.”

I blushed when he called me buddy. Brandon noticed, rolling his eyes and sighing.

“Dude, you homo for me?” he asked, incredulously.

“What?” I replied, taken back by his question. “Oh, no—sorry-—I just—”

“Whatever,” Brandon said, pulling out his phone as if he was looking for something. “Go pay for the coffees and then come back here.”

“Yes, Sir,” I hastily replied, grabbing the bill and following his order. I didn’t have to look at Brandon to know he was smirking once again. He had so easily established himself as the alpha male and effortlessly turned me into a beta male. I was not angry about this – I was impressed, perhaps even honored being in the presence of someone so assertive and authoritative. I had never felt so inferior in front of someone, ever, and I was a few years away from turning thirty!

When I returned to the table, Brandon held his phone in front of me. I was awestruck by the size of his thick fingers, which made his wide cell phone look puny.

“This is why I called you down here,” Brandon said as a video began to play. It was amateur footage that started off blurry, but then came into focus as someone backed away from the camera. Brandon was in the video lying on his back. I laughed at how much his bedroom resembled the way mine used to before my girlfriend moved in with me. I guess men are slobs without women around. He had dirty clothes on the floor and cereal bowls on the desk just like I used to. The walls decorated with sports posters and sexy women like mine was. I think we had the same taste in girls and teams. I was distracted by the date on the bottom, right-hand corner – the tape was apparently filmed two years ago.

As the footage continued, my eyes went from the numbers at the bottom to a smoking-hot female who came into focus on the left side of the screen. A blonde, about my height, with great tits and a beautifully curved ass, crawled up towards Brandon and kissed him before making her way between his legs, sliding down his boxers briefs. Brandon smiled, closed his eyes, exhaled, and gripped the girl’s head like a basketball. She had at first licked Brandon’s grapefruit-sized balls before swirling her tongue around the thick shaft, which seemed to be about nine inches. Brandon’s grip on the back of her head seemed to tighten the faster she bobbed up and down on his huge cock. Even though she couldn’t fit the whole thing in her mouth, it was admirable how determined she was with her attempts to. In fact, at one point, Brandon remarked at how cute the girl looked whenever she was in “worship mode.”

Meanwhile, Brandon was watching me watch the video. He let out a chuckle when I realized why he was showing me – someone he didn’t even know – a video of him having sex. Though the footage was blurry enough to conceal her face, the girl bobbing her head up and down on Brandon’s big cock was obviously my girlfriend.

The Woman Sucking the Big Guy’s Cock in that Sex Tape is Your Girlfriend

It was like looking at a completely different person. Christine never gave me a blowjob. Further, our sex life was very romantic, and not at all like what was happening in the footage playing before me. Christine was worshiping the big alpha male’s big dick, putting so much effort into slurping and sucking every inch of his cockmeat. It looked like this wasn’t her first time doing it, either, based on how she seemed to hit all the right spots for Brandon.

Brandon pulled his phone back and fast-forwarded the video to the money shot. Believe it or not, I almost asked him not to fast forward, wanting to see more of this new side of my girlfriend. With my mouth hanging down, I watched Brandon shoot his load all over the face of the girl I planned on marrying one day. I had never seen that much jizz in my life – enough to paint her lips and tits. She was talking and acting like she had no idea there was a camera on her. I doubt very much that she would be behaving so uncharacteristically if she knew she was being watched. I should have been so mad at Brandon for recording my beautiful girl submitting herself to him, sexually. Instead, I was struggling to control my boner from bursting out of my jeans. The footage ended with Brandon smiling at the camera with a condescending thumbs-up.

“That was the first of twelve clips,” Brandon said to me, smugly. “I used to fuck Christine all the time, bro. Brandon, not threatened by me in the least, leaned back in his chair sipping his coffee. “Your girlfriend knows what my balls taste like, you know,”

I nodded, and fake laughed as he talked for a while about how he met my girl. He told me they went out for a couple of dates before realizing they had nothing in common. A week afterward, she called him, confessing that, while she wasn’t interested in dating him, she had been masturbating to him every night since they parted ways. Brandon seemed like the kind of guy who was used to girls offering themselves to him and gave her what she apparently wanted. He punched me in the arm and told me my girlfriend was the best deep-throater he ever had.

I couldn’t believe half the things Brandon did with my girl; it did sound like he was talking about someone I had never met. Within five minutes, I heard the words “no gag reflex,” “licked my taint,” “lapped up my balls” and “cum-face.” When I asked why they stopped, he just shrugged and said he moved onto newer pussy, very nonchalantly.

“Dude, hers was the tightest pussy I had ever fucked.” He said to me, then looked at me and chuckled, “And from the looks of things, she’ll be just as tight now.” I realized that was an insinuation about the size of my penis, but I nervously laughed at his joke anyways.

“Anyways, I found your number after going through some boxes and figured I’d give her a call.

“Well, she’s with me now,” I said, which seemed to amuse Brandon.

“There’s no way you could be giving it to her the way she needs, bro,” Brandon disrespectfully remarked.

“That’s really none of your business, Brandon,” I said, feeling more intimidated than ever.

“Don’t call me Brandon, numb-nuts.” Brandon curtly replied raising his eyebrow again. “We’re not friends. Stick to Sir, show some fucking respect when you’re around men.”

“Yes, sir,” I replied. Why wasn’t I standing up for myself?!

“Good boy,” he said. “Here’s what ‘s going to happen. I’m gonna fuck my girl…. sorry, YOUR girlfriend…for old time’s sake.”

My Girlfriend Couldn't Fit Brandon's Big Cock in Her Mouth in Storage Locker,0,0,0,33117

“Well, that’s not going to happen.”

“The fuck it’s not,” he said sternly, reaching over and grabbing a handful of my shirt, pulling me towards him effortlessly. He pointed at me with his girthy index finger before turning his hand into a fist. “You can have your shit back when I finish dumping my load all over OUR girl’s face. Man, I loved doing that to her”, he chuckled, letting me go. A couple of college football players walked by us and snickered in our direction.

“I’ll talk to her about it when the time is right, I guess…” I said, incisively.

“Fuck that,” he said, chugging his beer down. “Let’s go surprise the bitch right now.”

“Please don’t call my girlfriend a bitch, Brandon,” I said to him politely.

“What’d you say, dipshit?” he replied.

“Nothing, sir.”

“I guarantee she’ll be wet the second she sees me. I’ll prove it; I’ll let you smell my finger.”

“…thank-you, sir,” I said with my eyes down. My submission made Brandon laugh triumphantly.

“Guys like you crack me up,” Brandon said with a smile before chugging down the rest of his coffee. “Let’s go,” Brandon said while snapping his fingers and thumbing to the door behind him.

“Where’s your car?” he asked me. When I pointed to my Prius, he laughed. “That’s the perfect car for a guy like you,” he said with a smile. I smiled back, in spite of knowing he was making fun of me in a way I couldn’t understand. I felt obligated to respond to anything he said. I had never been so attentive to anyone before, not even my girlfriend!

“We’ll take my truck,” Brandon instructed. “Hop in the trunk with my tools and shit.”

Under Protest, I Reunited My Girlfriend With Her Ex-Boyfriend

Using his GPS, Brandon drove us to my house. I was overridden with confusion and fear the entire way home. What was my girlfriend going to say seeing me bring her ex home? And why was I so docile towards this cocky alpha male, anyway? It was incredible that he flat out told me what he was going to do, in addition to telling me what to do. Brandon talked at me instead of to me. He was telling me instead of asking me. Hours ago, we didn’t even know each other, and now I’m driving this kid home to fuck my girlfriend, just because he decided to.

Suddenly, my girlfriend called. Christine began talking about dinner, but sensed something was off based on my tone. I told her I was bringing home company, which she was fine with. When Christine asked who was coming, I told her it was the guy who owned the locker, who was going to give us our stuff back.

When we pulled into the driveway and got out of the car, Christine walked out, eager to see who I brought with me. You couldn’t have scrubbed the smile off her face when she saw Brandon.

“Hey, babe,” the big alpha male said with that cocky smile of his, which I was now used to. “Been a while.”

Christine embraced Brandon, who bear-hugged her off the ground. A kiss on the lips that lasted three seconds longer than I expected led to small talk. Though I was standing right in front of them, Christine was oblivious to my presence – Brandon had all her attention. I noticed that as she asked him questions, her hand stroked his meaty chest. As she said something in response Brandon’s touched Christine’s cheek, and his thumb traced her pouty lips. Christine opened her mouth and sucked Brandon’s dirty thumb dry right in front of me. She was putty in his hands, and Brandon’s smirk returned – now the both of us were exhibiting such inferior behavior towards him.

“Oh, hi honey,” Christine suddenly said to me snapping back to reality. “This was…quite the surprise you brought home.”

“I was telling your little man here how we used to, uh, date,” Brandon said with air quotes. “He insisted on taking me home to see you again. Isn’t that right, squirt?”

“Uh…yeah, sure,” I replied, worried about the consequences of not going along with Brandon’s revisionist history. “Thought you guys should catch up and all that, I guess.”

As we walked inside, Brandon had his arm around my girlfriend, the two of them continuing to talk to each other without involving me in the conversation. Brandon had me fetch him a beer from the kitchen before sitting down with Christine in the living room. The big alpha male put his arm around my girl and both legs up on my coffee table.

Christine looked down in awe at Brandon’s sudden dominance of her boyfriend. Seeing her ex-boyfriend order her current one into taking his boots off made her wet. When he dismissed me with a nod of his head, Christine squeezed her legs together. Brandon noticed this too and gave me a thumbs-up, just like in the video he showed me earlier.

I watched their faces so close to each other as they talked, their lips inching closer together. I stroked myself with my jeans on when I overheard her say, “God, I’ve missed you.” That was the last thing she said before he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her up close to him, their lips meeting in the leap. Within seconds of their kiss, Christine’s body jerked and quivered. Brandon made her cum without even taking his pants off. I never gave Christine an orgasm with my dick inside of her!

Christine had never mentioned her ex-boyfriend before, and yet here he was, in my house, sitting on my couch, finger-blasting her while they made out. As the woman I loved betrayed me with this brute of an alpha male, I suddenly recalled the date on the screen of the video Brandon showed me earlier that night. I was so distracted with the footage of my girlfriend sucking big dick that I disregarded the fact that the video was shot two years ago.

Last week, my girlfriend and I celebrated our third anniversary together.