My girlfriend, Alicia, constantly flirted with the neighborhood bully, Sam, probably not realizing how far it would eventually go. Her friends encouraged her to get some of Sam’s cock-meat inside of her, knowing about our lackluster sex life.

College Cuckold Stories: This Meathead Bully Has a Reputation for Turning Boyfriends into Cuckolds

I should tell you where this all started: my girlfriend’s office. She was one of the faculty at the college Sam attended. Sam was THE jock, and pretty much bullied his big cock into any girl he wanted whether they were taken or not. Making cuckolds out of boyfriends was something the big bully was renowned for. Alicia would have been the first non-student Sam would take, however.

What struck me as peculiar about these cuckold boyfriends is that they remained with their cheating girlfriends after Sam had fucked them. I couldn’t process what the thinking was there. How can any self-respecting man endure such humiliation? I thought about how I would react if Sam had fucked Alicia, and suddenly dick began to harden and throb uncontrollably. Suddenly, I instead of being disgusted by those cuckold boyfriends, I was feeling…jealous of them?

My girlfriend would often call Sam a tease. Whenever he was called in to be disciplined for bullying one of the students, he wouldn’t take it like any of the other students. He’d lean in real close to my girlfriend, his lips inches apart from hers, daring her to back off. But Alicia never did. She never, ever pulled away when Sam invaded her personal space. She never stopped him when Sam copped a feel, touching her breast, squeezing her ass, smelling her hair. But he never kissed her. And for that, she called him nothing more than a tease.

This always bothered me, because it was like my girlfriend wanted him to kiss her. And if this was the case, what was I going to do about it? Tell Sam to stop? I’d get my ass kicked by a student, and I’d never live that down. Truthfully…I kind of wanted to see how far this game between them would go.

Alicia and I had planned a visit to a cottage one weekend, which I was very excited for, as I wanted a romantic, secluded area to rekindle our love life. The plans were somewhat spontaneous on her end, but I was all for the trip. Alicia picked out the exact location and made all the plans – all I had to do was pack a bag and drive!

It turns out, Alicia’s plans were somewhat dubious. She revealed that Sam and some of his meathead friends were also going to be at the same resort we would be staying in. Alicia suggested that the two of us take some alone time while we were away from home that we didn’t have to spend the whole weekend together. I felt like my girlfriend was preparing me for something more than just a weekend getaway.

It didn’t take long for Sam and Alicia to meet up once we arrived at the cottage. The body language between them was very telling. My girlfriend was swooning over the big jock with no qualms about touching his biceps or chest too much. The smirk on Sam’s face was like a punch in my gut. Sam was sporting a cocksure smile that was clearly turning my girl on.

Alicia popped into the cabin for a moment to let me know she was going to hang out with Sam and some of the other students. She kissed me on the cheek and told me to have fun with whatever I had planned before darting out the door. It was like being away from the school bully was killing her, that’s how magnetized she was to the kid at that moment. I looked out the window to see Sam embrace her with one arm as she walked towards him. His other hand was holding a beer bottle, which he held up upon spotting me in the window. Sam’s cocksure smile and the wink he gave me sent a shiver up my spine. My girlfriend’s obliviousness to me seeing her in another man’s arms was astonishing. Without question, the college jock had stolen my girl without breaking a sweat.

My Girlfriend Sucked College Bully's Big Cock at Cottage
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I watched as Sam guided my girl towards the hot tub area where his friends were, most of which were with girlfriends of their own, making out, smoking weed, and living out every other cliché you can think of. My jaw hit the floor, and my cock twitched as I watched my girlfriend sit on the meathead bully’s lap. Her face was nuzzled in his neck. She was whispering in his ear, and the cocky smirk on his face only seemed to grow. This kid was something else.

Before I could even process what was happening, Alicia lowered herself to her knees, pulled Sam’s jogging pants down, and buried her face in his boxer briefs. Sam leaned his head back and slowly exhaled as my girlfriend’s bobbing head motioned towards and away from his crotch repeatedly. I could hear slobbering and slurping sounds all the way from my window. The other students were either watching and grabbing their own crotches or having sex in some capacity as well. I wanted to jerk off so badly watching my girlfriend betray me with the school bully, but felt ashamed of even considering doing so at the same time.

I Spied on My Girlfriend Sucking the School Bully’s Big Cock

My girlfriend walked into the cabin about an hour later and crawled into bed with me thinking I was napping. I could smell marijuana on her. I rolled over to surprise Alicia, not sure of what I would say, so I did what I usually do and kissed her on the lips. I had just remembered what she had been doing with those lips before I went to sleep, and the incredulous look on her face matched my sentiment. Her lips were glossy and tasted salty. I walked over to the bathroom and began gargling with mouthwash. When I came back, Alicia was out cold. I let her sleep and went out for a walk around the woods.

Alicia and I didn’t talk about what I saw her do to Sam when she woke up. We talked like it never happened, and quite frankly, that’s the way I wanted it to be. I didn’t want to lose my girl, no matter what she did. But I also, deep down inside, wanted her to keep doing whatever she was doing with Sam. In a weird way, I was rooting for the meathead bully to nail my girlfriend.

In the afternoon, I went to get groceries from the general store, and when I returned, my girlfriend was nowhere around. I took a walk and heard Alicia calling out Sam’s name in his cabin. Walking around from the back, I peeked into Sam’s bedroom, and once again my dick began twitching. Sam lay on his back in bed with my naked girlfriend on top of him. Her hands were squeezing her big c-cups as her blonde hair swayed with each grind she gave his pelvis. Sam stuck his index finger into my girlfriend’s mouth. She sucked it, looking into his eyes with such passion. Sam’s eyes suddenly darted towards the window, and I ducked down, not wanting to get caught. I scurried back to my own cabin in fear hoping the college meathead didn’t see me.

My girlfriend came back later, and once again, we didn’t speak about what I saw her do. Thankfully, Sam had left before she returned, and she told me she wanted to “say goodbye” before he left. We left it at that before she made her way towards the shower.

Then I did something completely spontaneous. I grabbed my girlfriend by the waist, spun her around and kissed her on the lips passionately. I pulled back and smiled at the love of my life. I could taste Sam’s breath on her lips and was thankful it wasn’t cum I was tasting.

“We should—” my girlfriend tried to say, caught off guard. “I should probably take a shower…”

I kissed her on the lips again, and this time she kissed me back, wrapping her arms around my neck as I lifted her onto my lap. I walked her over to the kitchen island and lay her on top of it. Getting on top of her, I swiftly pulled my shorts down to expose my throbbing, rock hard boner. My girlfriend was smiling ear to ear as she spread her legs and pushed her panties to one side. We continued to kiss as my hard cock teased the lips of her soaking wet, cum-flooded pussy. An hour ago, her vagina was tight. Now it was sloppy, oozing with some college jock’s cum, and pulling me in the more my dick grinded against it.

Alicia and I are still together. It’s been a few weeks since that weekend away, and as far as I’m concerned, it was the greatest thing that ever happened to our relationship. Sam and I have yet to speak to each other verbally or otherwise. Alicia and I don’t ever talk about him, either. But every time my dick enters my girlfriend now, Sam leaves a little bit of himself (well, a lot of himself, quite frankly) behind. I guess you can say the school bully’s cum is the metaphorical glue keeping my sex life with Alicia intact.