My roommates decided to invite some of their friends over one evening, the same night my girlfriend, Jessica, had come over to hang out with us. Up until recently, she had no interest hanging out in a house with four guys, but when my buddy Rob moved in, she suddenly had no problem hanging out here.

Roommate Cuckold Stories: Where Was My Girlfriend During the Party?

My girlfriend and I were in our early twenties, with Rob being a couple of years younger than us. I was the nerdy one of the house, which I think drew Jessica to me. She called me “nerdy hot” when we first met, and it stuck. She was way out of my league – smart, gorgeous, and hot as fuck. She looked like Farrah Faucet did in her early twenties.

Rob had moved in with us after having a falling out with his roommate, Barry, who was also his best friend. Barry caught his girlfriend worshiping Rob’s big dick upon coming home early one day, and suddenly, the two were on the outs. What Barry was oblivious to was the fact that Rob fucked every girl Barry ever brought home. Even though these girls were all meaningless hook-ups, but the girl Barry caught Rob throat-fucking was the girl he planned on marrying.

Rob was the burly one of the bunch, about 260 lbs., stocky, with a linebacker’s physique. I looked so meek compared to him, and I wasn’t the only one who noticed. I caught Jessica checking out Rob a few times after I told her about Rob’s conquests, trusting her to keep the gossip to herself. I might have painted a pretty picture for her when describing my bull of a friend, as in her eyes, Rob looked like the ultimate alpha male. I have to admit, I shot big loads all over myself thinking about me in Barry’s place when I masturbated on more than one occasion.

The get-together got crowded very fast. Jessica spent time with friends of hers, while I caught up with buddies of mine I hadn’t seen in a while. I eventually found Jessica a few hours into the party talking to Rob. The two looked like they were in deep conversation, plotting something as they whispered in each other’s ears. The entire time they were together, Rob had a smile on his face, which grew into a smirk when they headed down the hallway and into my bedroom.

As I walked down the hallway to join my girlfriend and my roommate, I heard what sounded like Rob loudly sighing from behind the door of my bedroom. When I opened it, the sight before me made my dick harden up faster than it ever had in my entire life. Rob was standing up with his shorts down, leaning against the window. He was holding Jessica’s head with both hands while she bobbed her blond head up and down on his monster cock. It was about 8” long and about half the width of my wrist. My girlfriend needed two hands to hold my roommate’s big dick as she stroked it.

My Girlfriend Didn’t Take Her Hands or Lips Off My Roommate’s Big Dick

With my jaw on the floor, I watched Rob’s football-sized hands dominated Jessica’s head. He was fully in control of her. What was happening right in front of me was hotter than any porn scene I had ever watched. I mean, I had never seen anyone’s balls bouncing off someone’s chin before. And as far as Rob’s dick was concerned, I felt puny enough standing near him, imagine how I felt realizing his dick’s size destroyed mine. His big balls were proportionate to his huge cock, and my girlfriend licked and slobbered over it like a champ. The entire scenario felt like it couldn’t be happening because my girlfriend never once showed any interest in putting her lips anywhere near my dick.

Rob didn’t flinch when our eyes met. He instead continued to rhythmically shove his big dick in and out of my girlfriend’s mouth.

“Your boyfriend’s here.” An unconcerned Rob said to Jessica, tapping her on the head. She took her mouth of Rob’s enormous cock and turned her head towards me.

“Sorry, not sorry,” Jessica said to me, though she didn’t need to give me an explanation, at least not at that moment. I wasn’t showing any signs of anger.

“It’s not her fault, cuck. She couldn’t resist.” Rob said, shrugging his shoulders as Jessica lapped around the girth of Rob’s throbbing boner. “Just wait like five minutes, I’ll bust my nut all over your girl’s face soon.”

I didn’t know what to say or do. I wanted to watch my girlfriend suck my roommate’s cock in the worst way. Part of me wanted to throw a temper tantrum at them both for betraying me like this, but I wasn’t going to physically fight Rob and he knew it – he was simply bigger and stronger than me. I also didn’t want to dictate my wife, and this was clearly something she wanted to get out of her system. I rationalized in my head that I should just bite the bullet. So she gave a buddy of mine one blowjob. No big deal.

I turned around and was about to leave, but Rob snapped his fingers and told me to stay. He wasn’t inviting me to watch, nor was he requesting my presence. He told me what to do, and I think it was because he knew I wanted to watch and was giving me an “in”. Or maybe cuckolding me emasculated me in some way, and he was treating me like the sissy cuckold I was for watching him shove his dick in Jessica’s mouth.

I scurried over to the couch and got comfortable watching my girlfriend suck my roommate’s big dick.

“You’re doing great, babe.” Rob encouraged Jessica, looking down at her with a thumbs-up. “Don’t get lazy though. Consistency, keep that wrist pumping. And don’t forget about the balls.”

I knew that last comment alone made Jessica have an orgasm without touching herself. She was way into being submissive to Rob.

Cuckold Masturbation Stories: I Can Taste My Roommate’s Cum on My Wife’s Lips

“Masturbate, honey,” Jessica said to me as Rob’s dick popped out of her mouth with a large wet pop. “I want you to beat off watching me suck your roommate’s big dick.”

I looked at her with a look of discomfort on my face, but Rob’s voice quickly snapped me into place.

“Do it,” Rob said with a raised eyebrow, looking down at me, angry that I was interrupting his blowjob. At that point, I realized he had his phone out on the windowsill. He was recording Jessica sucking his big dick.

“Dude, no cameras.” I insisted.

“Shut the fuck up, cuck.” Rob shouted in my direction. “Chill, this’ll stay between us. Right sweetie?”

“Mmmmmmpphphhhhhh….” My girlfriend tried to respond with a fat dick in her mouth.

“Attagirl,” Rob said, winking at her while thrusting his hips in and out of her face. I had ever seen Jessica with her mouth full of anything before. I was also in awe of her dismissive she was of the camera on her sucking dick. She had never been so reckless. Her sudden irresponsibility spoke volumes about the power of my roommate’s big dick.

I wasn’t going to challenge Rob on the video. I wasn’t in the video, so Jessica had more to lose, anyways. Sure, I’d look like a loser for being cuckolded by my big cock roommate, but it wasn’t worth getting my ass kicked by him in front of my girlfriend. I put aside the fact that, when this was over, that video was no doubt cause some trouble.

Again, the power of Rob’s cock forced my girlfriend and me to get lost in the moment.

At that point, I realized I wasn’t that mad at Jessica. This was very uncharacteristic of her, but part of me was rooting for cutting lose a little. If she was going to cheat on me, at least it was with someone who was “worth it”. Her wanting a taste of a cock that big was understandable, despite everything.

“Keep pumping your fists, stroke faster,” Rob said, breathing heavy. “I’m just about ready to cum. You ready, baby?”

“MMMMMPHHHH!!!” My girlfriend screamed with a mouth full of dick.

Rob pushed her face back and jerked his cock rapidly. Four globs of cumshots blasted my girlfriend in the face, so much that she could barely open her eyes. My roommate’s cum dripped down my girlfriend’s face and onto her lips. Rob breathed out a large sigh, cocked his head back and stroked his cock and the remnants of his load coated Jessica’s lips.

“First time sucking big dick, eh?” Rob asked Jessica as he reached for his phone to stop recording. He then grabbed a pillow of mine, pulled off the pillowcase and used it to wipe the sweat and cum off his dick and balls.
“Never wanted to suck dick before…” Jessica said, wiping up her face with a t-shirt of mine on the bed. “…until I met you.”

Rob gave her a wink and a smile, and with his eyes on hers, he nodded towards me with a smirk. I swallowed nervously as Jessica walked over to me, leaned in and French-kissed me on the lips. I could taste Rob’s thick warm cum on her tongue and lips. When she pulled her head back to break the kiss, I leaned in again, which surprised her at first before she kissed me back.

“How do I taste, cuck?” Rob asked me rhetorically as he pulled his jeans up. Tucking his phone into his back pocket. My roommate walked right out of my bedroom without an ounce of guilt on his face.

Part of me admired what a stud Rob was for doing what he just did to my girlfriend, in front of her boyfriend. I wondered if Barry had felt what I did at that moment, secretly happy to be cuckolded by my roommate and his big dick.