You and Mike were not friends. You both shared a mutual friend. As such, you and Mike would see each other regularly, much to your uncomfortably and his irritability.

Party Cuckold Stories: Friend of a Friend Liked Your Girlfriend but Couldn’t Stand You

You were nice to Mike at first, you even tried to make a good first impression on him by paying for his drinks, driving him home, even pulling out chairs for him when out for dinner with the boys. But Mike simply didn’t care for you. He talked to you like you were beneath him. He treated you like you didn’t belong in the group. He did a great job of making you feel like you didn’t. When Mike was around, there was a pecking order.

He would do mean things, like not let you in his car when he was driving with you and the guys. Mike would take your seat the bar when he needed one. He never missed an opportunity to piss on your toilet seat when he was over at your place, as part of your group get-togethers. You would have rather not had him over to your home, but your girlfriend insisted that to exclude him would be childish and insensitive. Unlike you, she got along with him just fine. You appreciated that, because when he was over, the two of them would spend their time talking to each other. She kept him occupied so you didn’t have to be in the same room with him.

He never explained why he was such a dick to you. He wasn’t even trying hard to make you feel like you weren’t one of the guys. He simply established it with his presence, his demeanor, his attitude, his assertiveness.

Mike threw a house party at his place, and only invited you because he wanted your girlfriend to come over. He made good use out of you while you were there, making you the party busboy. You would have rather been chilling with the guys, but you were a guest, and those were Mike’s conditions to have you over. You could have easily grabbed your girl and got out of there, but that wouldn’t have been fair to her. Besides, her girlfriends really wanted her there for some reason, they seemed to be rallying and cheering for her like she had a purpose for being there.

When you saw your girlfriend and your rival talking at the party, they seemed cordial. Mike spotted you staring at him talking to your girl, and instead of scowling as he usually did, he winked at you and smirked. Mike had never smiled at you, so that look felt like he was either mocking you, or giving you his approval. You chose to believe the latter.

You got a text from your girlfriend telling you to mingle without her, so you grabbed a beer and headed over to the patio, where your buddies were. You noticed she was talking to her friends like she was excited about something. You lost her in the crowd when Mike walked over to you. He asked you to do him a favor, calling you “buddy” and putting his arm around you, walking you to his bedroom door. He told you he had a new job for you, which you appreciated, as being the party busboy seemed kind of beneath you.

Cuckolded by Friends After They Pissed on Me
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Your Rival Told You To Listen to Him Fuck A Familiar-Sounding Girl in His Room

Mike asked told you to stand outside his door and make sure no one came in. You were beaming with excitement when he gave you the thumbs-up and walked into his room, as hopes of a friendship between the two of you now appeared likely. Why else would your rival ask summon you to do the things he requested assigned?

You didn’t want to push the issue, but asked him why, and Mike was happy to tell you he was going to give some lucky girl his big fat cock. You stuck your arm out for a fist-bump with your new buddy, but he just laughed, slapped your cheeks a few times and walked into his room, shutting the door behind him. Whomever the girl was, she was already in there waiting for him.

You hoped no one would notice, but you had a hard-on listening to some girl squealing between breaths. You could hear her getting pulverized into Mike’s mattress without any regard for her comfort. Mike was sport-fucking her like she was some kind of trophy, an achievement. No matter how hard he was giving it to her, she was encouraging him verbally, stroking his ego by screaming out things about the size of his fat cock. Your gut told you whomever this chick was, she came to this party to fuck Mike.

People were looking at you and snickering standing in front of Mike’s door while he had sex. Even though you had no idea where she was, you were glad your girlfriend wasn’t around to hear Mike fuck. You never made any woman scream the way he made this girl did. The last thing your girl needed to hear was how big your rival’s dick was.

Cuckolded and Humiliated by Hockey Team Captain and College Girlfriend
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Your Rival Was Fucking Someone Hard, While You Couldn’t Find Your Girlfriend

Thinking about your girl while listening to Mike fuck made your dick even harder than it already was. You knew Mike was about to come when the bed shook rapidly, while both of them made animistic noises. Your erection was throbbing rhythmically with the headboards smashing the walls. You heard Mike pull out and tell the girl to get on her knees, listening to him spew his load victoriously. You imagined this girl’s face being doused in your rival’s cum.

Mike laughed as he caught his breath, giving a much-deserved “whoooo!” before shouting your name, calling for you. You told him you would be inside momentarily, delaying your entrance so he wouldn’t notice your boner. You heard Mike say something about how he had a big mess inside for you to clean up, still laughing. Instead of your raging hard-on softening up, it got even harder, throbbing in your pants. You didn’t want to look up because you knew people could see it.

Suddenly your phone went off, and you saw an incoming message from your girlfriend.

“U heard him, sweetie,” her text read. “come on in.”

And just like that, you shot a load in your boxer-briefs without touching yourself.