It was extremely busy at the store I managed, and I was short-staffed. Sam and Stephanie were the only two people I could have called to help me out. Unfortunately for me, they already had plans with each other. Stephanie was my girlfriend, and Sam was a stock boy at the store.

Workplace Cuckold Stories: I Walked In On My Girlfriend Sucking the Stockboy’s Big Dick

Stephanie worked during the day as a guidance counselor at the very college Sam attended, so their friendship didn’t bother me, as we were all friends. Stephanie was only a few years older than Sam, as his 19th birthday was rapidly approaching. I had no idea what they were doing when they were together. However, the idea of them “together” did intrigue me. In fact, whenever I did think about what they could be doing, I always had a boner to accompany that thought.

I was aware that Sam had a thing for my girlfriend. I always dismissed his schoolboy crush as innocent. He and Stephanie always took the time to talk to each other when she visited my store. Many times, I’d see her blush when she’d catch Sam gawking at her tits. As time went on, my girlfriend seemed to dress less conservatively when she came to the store (she could never wear those clothes at work!), showing more skin, exposing more cleavage, and openly flirting with him without any concern for my ego. The stockboy’s hands on my girlfriend’s waist or thigh when he thought I wasn’t looking. In fact, the more comfortable they became around each other, the bolder they became.

When I got home later, I walked in on Stephanie lying naked between Sam’s arms. Sam had his shirt off, and Stephanie was planting kisses on his stomach. Sam looked up at me, winked and smiled, telling my girlfriend I was home. She didn’t even greet me. She went right into the conversation as if I was standing there the whole time.

“Get comfortable, Daniel,” Stephanie said to me. “Sam and I have something to tell you.”

I didn’t do as she asked. I stood there, watching my girlfriend in my employee’s arms. I was so enraged, yet my cock was getting harder by the second.

“Seriously, honey, you’re going to want to sit down for this,” Stephanie continued. “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and, well, the fact is, we need a man around the house. Wouldn’t you agree?”

I stood there, my head spinning from what my girlfriend just asked. Instead of picking up my things and walking out the door, instead of marching over to my employee and punching him as hard as I could in the nose, I didn’t. I should have been so angry, but my rock-hard cock was preventing me from moving. I didn’t want to let on that the scene aroused me. I suspected that it wouldn’t take long before they both saw my erection, though. I nodded at my girlfriend in agreement.

“There’s something you should know about Sam and me, sweetie,” My girlfriend said sounding unapologetic. “For the last few days, Sam and I have been…intimate with each other.”

“What she means to say is,” Sam chimed in laughing with his arm stretched out on my sofa. “I’m banging your girlfriend, bro. I’ve been fucking the shit out of her for a few days now. We even did it in your bed.”

I froze. I couldn’t move. What the hell was happening?! What was this?!

“He’s strong, demanding, and takes charge in bed. Daniel,” My girlfriend tried to explain. “Sam is going to be the new head of the household, the new man of the house. “What do you think about that?”

“Who cares what he thinks about it?” My stockboy said before I even opened my mouth. “This is the way it’s going to be.”

“He’s joking of course,” My girlfriend chuckled. “He’s not marrying me. But he is going to be staying with us, and you’re going to have to get used to it.”

“Oh, you’ll have to do more than get used to it,” Sam corrected her. “When I snap my fingers, you should be ready to listen to me. Do you understand?” Sam then had the audacity to kiss my girlfriend on the lips in front of me. He broke the kiss and looked at me in disgust.

“Dude, why do you have a hard-on?” Sam laughed. “What kind of sick freak are you?”

“Oh my god,” My Stephanie replied.

Sam stood up and unbuckled his belt, pulling his zipper down just as quick. My eyes bugged out when Sam pulled out the biggest dick I had ever seen. It was thick, about 9 inches, with a huge ball sack hanging down between his legs, which was shaved and smooth. His dick was fat and seemed to have a masculine aroma I could smell from where I was standing.

“This is what a real man’s cock looks like,” Sam started to say, showing his mighty cock to the both of us. “Once you’ve had this, you can’t go back to anything else, can you Stephanie?” My girlfriend just nodded in approval gawking at his impressive package. Could Sam’s cock be that powerful enough to hypnotize my girlfriend into behaving completely out of character like this?

“Stephanie, I think I’m going to start calling your boyfriend ‘No-Dick,’” My stockboy said to my girlfriend in front of me. “Yeah, that’s a perfect name for you. It describes you to the letter! Don’t misunderstand, No-Dick, I don’t ever want to see it, and I know your girlfriend doesn’t either. You keep it in her pants at all times, especially when I fuck her.

I Begged the New Kid at Work to Shove His Thick Cock in My Girlfriend’s Mouth

“You’re impressed with this cock of mine, aren’t you No-Dick?” Sam continued while stroking his enormous cock in front of me. “You want me to put this big dick in your girlfriend’s pretty mouth, don’t you? Beg me. Beg me to fuck her mouth with my fresh thick cock. Come on you little sissy cuckold, beg me to let her suck it!”

“Let me see my girlfriend suck your big cock, Sam” I groveled.

“What did you say, No-Dick? I couldn’t hear you. Did you ask me a question?” Sam said, the strange, yet appealing aroma suddenly getting stronger.

“Please let my girlfriend suck on your big cock.” I attempted to shout, intimidated by my girlfriend’s young boyfriend. I felt different when I said it that time, though. I tried to mutter it out again. “Please let her suck down that monster you’ve been hiding in your pants, dude! Let her feel what a cock in her throat is all about! Beat her pouty lips with that thick monster! Please, Sam! Do it!”

Stockboy Cuckolds Boss With Hot Wife and Big Cock
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Sam turned around, grabbed a handful of Stephanie’s hair, and shoved his huge cannon down my girlfriend’s throat. “You heard the sissy cuckold, baby. Get down and smoke my cock!” He pulled his dick out and smeared pre-cum all over Stephanie’s soft, pouty lips, making his cock bounce off of them, which in turn was making him harder!

I had adapted to this scene fairly quickly, and I had no intention of leaving. This was hands down, the most erotic thing I had ever witnessed. I was so turned on, as evident from my growing hard-on. To me, I always pictured Sam as an ordinary kid. I had no idea of the beast within, of his aggressive, dominant attitude–of his massive cock! Watching the scene before me, I was mesmerized by girlfriend’s lips sucking big dick. Sam was sweating with an ear-to-ear smile as his balls bounced off of Stephanie’s chin. There was also the mystery of the scent emitting from his cock. What was that? Sweat? Cum? I couldn’t pinpoint it, as my attention was always broken by my employee’s intimidating stare.

As my girlfriend attempted to swallow him whole, Sam gave me a wink of satisfaction. Stephanie bobbed her head up and down on his cock, using both hands to handle his throbbing member. When Stephanie came up for air, Sam took his cock and rubbed it all over her face, drenching it with a mix of her spit and his cum.

“Yeah baby,” Sam said as he tried to work her up. “Suck my fucking cock, shove that huge dick down your throat, suck this cock, you little slut!”

Sam grabbed a handful of Stephanie’s hair and started to rapidly thrust his big cock in and out of her mouth, fucking it like a pussy, making her almost choke on it. He then pulled his thick dick out of her mouth and glanced at me again, slapping her face with his fat cock.

“Look at her, No-Dick,” My stockboy barked at me. “I bet you didn’t know she had this kind of potential in her!”

I noticed that while Sam was talking, my girlfriend was trying to catch his cock with her lips every time he smacked her with it. Sam smiled down at her, admiring her determination.

“Dude, she loves my cock,” He said to me. “Look at her. She’s all over me. Hey Stephanie, tell your boyfriend how much you love my cock.”

I looked back at her, watching her lick Sam’s cock like an ice-cream cone. She looked at me and smiled.

“Sorry Daniel, but I really do love Sam’s monster cock!” My girlfriend revealed. “It fits perfect my mouth. I’m starting to believe that my mouth was made to suck Sam’s cock! It smells so good, and it tastes delicious.”

“Suck this cock bitch,” Sam commanded her before he held my girlfriend’s head in place, ramming his cock back down her throat. “You need me to give you what you’ve been missing this whole time, don’t ya?”

Stephanie didn’t verbally respond, but she did put more of an effort into pleasing the big bully. Sam fucked Stephanie’s throat harder and faster with every thrust. My girlfriend’s mouth opened up a little wider every time his balls smacked her on the chin. I became hotter and sweatier watching the incredible scene before me.

My Employee Fucked My Girlfriend in Front of Me After She Sucked His Big Cock

“Oh yeah, I like what I see here, baby. You are one hell of a cock-smoker. I’m gonna plunge this huge cock into your girlfriend. You know what, Steph? All the fucking you’re going to be getting from me will make up for all the sex you’ve been deprived of. If you have any objections, please feel free to voice them.”

Stephanie didn’t say a word. She just smiled at Sam and told me to hurry up. She was excited about what Sam was about to do to her.

I found myself pushed to the floor by Sam, who was suddenly standing over me. He looked down at me, chuckled, then turned around and faced my girlfriend. He looked her in the face and slid his cock into her with one stroke. Stephanie’s legs wrapped themselves around Sam’s waist, her arms around his back. His belittling of me continued.

“Watch how a real man fucks a woman, sissy cuckold,” The stockboy said as he slid his cock deep into my girlfriend’s tight wet pussy, filling her up with all 12 inches of his thick meat. Stephanie’s eagerness to accommodate Sam’s length and girth was impressive. I sat down on the floor and watched the two of them fuck passionately as Sam snickered at me.

“Oh Stephanie, you love this fucking fat missile inside of you, don’t you babe? You like this dick filling you up and hitting spots no one else ever could, don’t you? Oh god, take it, bitch. Take my fucking cock.” Sam spread my girlfriend’s legs wide as he pounded deep and harder into her. She screamed loud, cumming with every thrust after she couldn’t take it anymore.


Stephanie looked up at Sam and kept talking. “Pound into me with that massive cock of yours!” I belong to you; I’ll be your little slut!”

“Yeah baby, take it like a champ, take all of my cock. Hey, No-Dick, I want you to remember this moment. I want you to remember this every time you kiss your girlfriend. I want you to remember the kid who made a slut out of your girlfriend, just like she was destined to be. Hell, if I didn’t do this to her, some other guy would have, so you should be grateful that it’s me.” Sam grabbed Stephanie by the hips and fucked faster.

“Yeah baby, I’m going to blow my sack!” Sam looked down at me and pulled me by the hair. “Get over here No-Dick, kneel in front of me like a bitch.”

“But Sam, I–” I tried to say something, but Sam wasn’t having it.

“Don’t make me say it again, No-Dick.” He warmed me with a raised eyebrow before smacking me with his massive backhand. This startled me enough to do what he ordered. Sam pulled his cock out of my girlfriend’s pussy and shot his thick load onto my face. He pumped his cock, squirting globs of his hot cum all over my face, and I couldn’t help but be impressed. He didn’t stop cumming until my entire face was doused with his spunk, with only my eyes visible. I licked my lips, tasting his salty cum.

When he was finally done squeezing the last drops of cum from his big cock, Sam slapped my face with it a couple of times. He collapsed on my couch again and snapped his fingers, pointing to the fridge. I grabbed him a beer and brought it over to him, watching my girlfriend cuddle back into his big arms as she, too, cleaned herself up with a nearby towel. I wiped my face with my shirt, watching Sam and Stephanie pass out from exhaustion. I admired them together as I sat down on the couch across from them. The stockboy I hired kick-started his reign as man of the house with a bang, literally and figuratively.