A man visits his significant other after hours at work. He walks in on his girlfriend at the mercy of his alpha male friend’s big dick. Both the buddy and his cheating girlfriend put on a front-row show for him that ends in a fountain of cum.

Office Cuckold Stories: How Joel Found Out About His Girlfriend’s Affair

Joel had just purchased an official limited-edition baseball jersey that set him back a couple of hundred bucks. With the store minutes away from his girlfriend Evie’s office, he decided to drop in spontaneously one evening, knowing she was working late, and that no one else would be there with her. Joel had hoped to get a little action with his girl in her office.

Not finding her in her office, Joel walked towards the meeting room after hearing commotion behind a door closed slightly ajar. The noises he heard were a mix of heavy breathing, furniture moving and what almost sounded like plunging. Close to the door, Joel called out Evie’s name and was surprised to hear not her voice, but his buddy Rob’s, instead.

“Uh-oh, your boyfriend’s here!” Joel heard Rob say in a humorous tone.

Rob Fucked Joel's Girlfriend in Front of Him in Her Office
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Though Rob was friends with both he and Evie, he was confused as to why Rob would be with her in her workplace, especially after hours. The closer he walked to the meeting room, the louder Rob and Evie’s breathing got.

“…So big…” Joel heard his girlfriend whimper. “…I don’t want you to stop but…”
“…. But what?” Rob responded jovially. “He’s getting closer…he’s getting closerrrrr!”
“…. take it out…we have to stop!” Evie pleaded insincerely. “He’s coming!”
“…He’s coming! You’re cumming! I’m cumming! Everyone’s cumming!”, Rob laughed.
“Everything okay in there?” Joel said, knocking on the door, without looking inside.
“YES!” Evie yelped. “Joel, please don’t come in, we’ll be out in a second!”
“Naw dude, come in!” Rob said with a grin.
“Please…don’t!” Evie panted, knowing her plea was moot.

Joel shut his eyes, swallowed hard opened the door. He wasn’t an idiot, he knew what he was likely about to walk into. He knew all about Rob’s reputation, his big cock, and how close Evie and him and been as of late. However, nothing could have prepared him for the sight before him.

Joel’s beautiful girlfriend was bent over the conference desk clutching the edges of the table. Her blouse was torn open, her big tits were hanging out, her pants off and her butt cheeks thrusting behind Rob’s big dick. His alpha male buddy was fucking Evie doggie-style, with one hand gripping her waist, the other pulling her brunette hair.

“What’s uuuuupppp!” Rob greeted Joel with a wink and a shit-eating grin.
“I’m….ugh…I’m sorry, baby…” Evie mouthed to Joel, trying to look into his eyes as she was hurled backward and forwards onto Rob’s enormous cock. She made no attempt to stop Rob, especially when both she and Rob caught Joel pitching a tent.

Rob motioned Joel to come closer with his index finger. Joel did instinctively, and his jaw dropped at the sight of his girlfriend’s tight little pussy soaking wet, stretching to accommodate Rob’s girthy cock.

“Balls deep, bro,” Rob said to Joel, clenching his hand out for a fist-bump, which Joel awkwardly returned, dropping his brand-new baseball jersey on the seat beside the adulterous couple.

Rob Fucked Joel’s Girlfriend in Front of Him at Work

“Dude, go sit over there,” Rob said to Joel, nodding his head to the seat across from where they were fucking. “Front row seat!!”

Joel was so torn with emotion that he didn’t know what to do. He wasn’t thinking clearly. He was hurt by the two people in his life who had just betrayed him, but he also didn’t want them to stop. He was in awe of Rob’s big dick – despite knowing he had one, seeing it was a different story, especially as it invaded the love of his life. His gorgeous and loyal girl – the girl he planned to marry one day – was bent over a desk at work, getting deep-dicked by one of his closest buddies. His cock was ready to burst through his zipper, but he didn’t want to take it out, especially in front of the guy with the massive cock.

“You want me to stop?” Rob asked Joel, looking down at the sudden cuckold, smirking, as he clutched a handful of Evie’s hair, yanking it as he thrust into her faster and harder.
“I don’t want him to stop,” Evie said, looking straight into Joel’s eyes.

As Joel rubbed his own cock from the outside of his pants, he realized he wasn’t he wasn’t mad at Evie. He wasn’t even mad at Rob. All Joel wanted to do at that moment was watch his girlfriend at the mercy of his buddy’s big cock.

“Don’t stop.” Joel meekly said.
“What was that?” Rob asked in a mock tone. “I couldn’t hear you.”
“I said don’t stop,” Joel said, looking his buddy in the eyes, accepting the humiliation in front of him. “Please don’t stop.”

This put Evie over the edge of ecstasy – her boyfriend asking his buddy to fuck her was too much, and she began cumming all over Rob’s thick dick. When Rob laughed at his buddy in front of him, Evie began to convulse, having multiple orgasms all over the biggest dick she had ever had.

As Rob flipped her over on her back, Joel got a better look at Rob’s monster of a cock. He felt like Evie traded-up. Rob had it all – the social life, the sweet ride, the girls, a great job, the babyface looks, and now, his girlfriend’s wet hot pussy. Rob’s big-dick confidence was warranted. Joel wondered if he was about to be dumped, and if not, could he stay with a girl, whom he loved, despite being cuckolded like this? If they remained together, how could he possibly compete with Rob in bed?

Joel watched Evie’s big tits jiggling while her body withered on the desk as Rob thrust hard in and out of her shaved wet snatch, her smooth legs over the alpha male’s shoulders. Evie couldn’t take her eyes off Rob’s face as her wet tight pussy inhaled his big dick rhythmically, his sweat dripping on her body, her lips sucking his thumb as he caressed her face with a cocky grin, his big hand squeezing her beautiful huge tits.

Rob looked across at Joel, who was still rubbing his hard-on, still stuck in his pants, and gave his cuckolded buddy a thumbs-up, which made Evie orgasm – she was clearly turned on by his cockiness, his arrogance, his dominance. It was clear who the superior male in the room was. Joel knew the end was nigh when Rob’s breathing began to get faster and more intense.

Rob Pulled His Big Dick Out of Joel’s Girlfriend and Came on Both Their Faces

“Aw, I’m gonna come!” Rob bellowed, that cocky grin embedded on his boyishly cute face. He dragged his massive sausage out of Evie, whipped the condom off his thick tool in one stroke and tossed it forward towards Joel, who instinctively caught the wet and heavy object hurled at his face. Joel didn’t even know they made condoms in this size. Hearing Rob grunt, Joel looked up, only to have one eye blinded by a stinging stream of wet white cum.

Rob cupped his fat cock with one hand and stroked it without aiming it at one particular place. Linear, thick streams began landing everywhere – some splashed onto Evie’s face, some landed on her big tits, and a mess surrounded her body lying on the boardroom table.

Rob began laughing hysterically, and when Evie turned her head to see what was so funny, she tried to hide her own laughter as a blast of cum not only stung Joel’s right eye, but some landed on his nose and dripped onto his bottom lip. Joel didn’t know it was possible for one man to erupt this must semen. A puddle of Rob’s cum was spilling onto the stationary on the table, which dripped down from the edges and onto the floor.

Rob cocked his head back, closed his eyes and exhaled as if he had just finished a hard day’s work. Taking a deep breath, the alpha male opened his eyes, proudly observed the mess he made and gave Joel another thumbs-up.

“Dude”, he said to Joel, as if what had just happened didn’t affect their friendship in any way. “Tight. As. Fuck.”

With nothing to clean themselves up with, Rob reached to the piece of clothing hanging off the chair to his left, not realizing at first that it was the baseball jersey Joel had just purchased. He began soaking up all the sweat and cum off his body with the brand-new piece of sports apparel, then tossed it at Joel. There was so much cum to wipe-up that the jersey was soaked. It wasn’t until the jersey landed that Rob realized what it was.

“Aw dude, you got the jersey, sweet!” Rob said to his friend, referencing the article of clothing they clearly had discussed before. Joel looked at Rob incredulously, not knowing how to respond or react. He was on purposely not making eye contact with Evie, who was quietly cleaning herself up.

As Rob got dressed, he asked Joel what brought him into the office, which also peaked Evie’s curiosity. Joel revealed that he wanted to surprise his girlfriend, hoping to get into some mischief of their own. Rob found his humorous and slightly slapped Joel’s cheeks a few times, suggesting that next time, he better call ahead.

Zipping up his pants, Rob was as good as new and ready to go. He placed his big soft thumb on Evie’s lips, which had traces of his cum on them, winked at Joel, and walked out the door. Joel did not find it surprising that Rob left with a smile on his face. Joel and Evie looked at each other, wiping the cum of themselves, not knowing what to say or do next…