Sydney lay in bed at night, waiting for her boyfriend’s roommate to come home from work. Her boyfriend slept peacefully beside her, oblivious to her mischievous intentions.

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Joseph was in his early twenties, a few years younger than Sydney and her boyfriend. He tended bar on weekends, played video games on weekdays and occasionally played ice hockey with his jock buddies on weeknights. When he worked, it wasn’t unusual for him to come home around 4:00 am. Sydney originally didn’t like staying over at her boyfriend’s house, as it housed four other guys who reach rented a room in it. But when saw streams of cumshots dripping down the shower tiles one day after Joseph came out of the bathroom, she went out of her way to spend more time at the house.

Sydney was somewhat of a goody-two-shoes, raised in an upper-class neighborhood with wealthy parents, going to the best schools and never wanting for anything. She lived away from her family during university, and that’s where she met her boyfriend, the only guy she had ever had sex with. Like Sydney, her boyfriend was a saint, and they meshed well together.

Joseph was a bit of a slob, a typical alpha male. You could ever see the carpeting in his room with all his dirty clothes thrown on the floor. His unwashed dishes left in the sink each day drove her boyfriend crazy. Over time, Sydney came to see that Joseph was the polar opposite of her boyfriend in so many ways, and that drew her closer to him.

She was in her boyfriend’s room one day listening to him complain about what a slob Joseph was, and how he didn’t respect the other tenants in the house. She didn’t tune into his rant until she her boyfriend insisted on showing her pictures of shower tiles.

“What’s all that white stuff?” Sydney asked.

“That’s his semen.” Her boyfriend replied in disgust.

Sydney couldn’t believe how much cum was left on the shower walls. At first, she was grossed out like her boyfriend but was taken back upon hearing her boyfriend’s answer to how he was resolving the issue.

“I just clean it up myself,” Her boyfriend said.

“You clean up his cum?” Sydney said with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah,” her boyfriend responded. “Almost a whole toilet paper roll is needed to soak up all that cum.”

“Why are you cleaning up after him?” Sydney asked in confusion.

“Who needs confrontation.” Her boyfriend responded with shrugged shoulders. She could see that her boyfriend was clearly intimidated by Joseph – there was no other explanation as to why he would clean up after his roommate.

While Sydney was sympathetic to her boyfriend’s frustration, she was also in awe of the amount of cum Joseph was capable of leaving behind. Granted, there was nothing wrong with her boyfriend sexually, and she never thought about semen one way or another, but the thick white streams of cum dripping down the tiles in those pictures implied that Joseph had a big dick, or at the very least, big balls.

Sydney’s Boyfriend Cleaned Up His Roommate’s Cumshots

Sydney lay in her boyfriend’s bed one evening eavesdropping on Joseph and his buddies as he cheered on his favorite hockey team in the room beside her. Her boyfriend was downstairs in the living room, giving her privacy. She was touching herself listening to Joseph talk trash with his friends. Her fingers circled her wet hot pussy each time she heard Josephs’ voice, and the louder he got, the wetter my girlfriend’s pussy got. Sydney shut her eyes and imagined Joseph being that cocky as he guided her on how to suck cock. Just as she was about to orgasm, her boyfriend walked in. Sydney covered herself up just in time, so her boyfriend was none the wiser. She knew if her boyfriend saw her masturbating, he would want to initiate sex, and Sydney just wasn’t interested in him at that moment.

Sydney decided to go back to her place and finish masturbating, but as she came out of her boyfriend’s room, so did Joseph, who was leaving the bathroom and about to re-enter his bedroom.

When their eyes met, Joseph could tell she was eager to see him. Her eyes lit up, her smile flirtatious, her hands touching his arm and chest a little too much as they made small talk for a few minutes. Joseph cut the conversation short to get back to the game with his friends, but was mindful of all the attention his roommate’s girlfriend was giving him.

“She wants it.” Joseph smugly told himself.

Later that night, Joseph jerked his big cock in bed thinking about Sydney: her beautiful big tits, her perfect ass, her innocent looks. Little did he know that Sydney was masturbating at the same time thinking about him.

The next day, Sydney intentionally came over to her boyfriend’s place before he was expected to be home. She wanted to see Joseph again really badly. All day at work her mind was occupied with this dirty jock of a roommate, an alpha male who spewed enormous cumshots. The only thing that made that hotter to her was that her beta male boyfriend was cleaning up the cum without being asked to.

As Joseph and Sydney made small talk, the other roommates could see the sexual tension between them. Sydney was doing most of the flirting, while Joseph was basking in the attention he was getting.

“This chick wants it soooooo bad,” Joseph thought to himself. One of his roommate’s walked by them, giving Joseph a wink while nodding to Sydney. When her boyfriend came home and saw his girlfriend talking to his roommate, he decided to take the opportunity bring up the cumshots on the tiles. Both Sydney and Joseph could tell that he was trying to look authoritative in front of his girlfriend. She and the alpha male shared a look and a smile as if to laugh at her boyfriend’s bravado.

“…and so,” Sydney’s boyfriend rambled while vaguely referring to Joseph’s cumshots. “If you could clean up after yourself from now on, that would be great.”

“Sure, buddy,” Joseph replied. “I’m sure I’ll find somewhere else to dump my load.” He winked at Sydney before walking away, noticing her legs quiver as he did. Her boyfriend was oblivious to this, looking offended that Joseph was so blunt in front of his girlfriend. He didn’t his pure, innocent girlfriend hearing such dirty words from an ogre like Joseph.

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Joseph went to work the next evening, while Sydney and her boyfriend went to bed around midnight. Around 3:50 am, she woke up without awakening him and prettied herself up in the bathroom. She heard Joseph trample in the hallway and enter his room without closing the door. Sydney walked into Joseph’s room, happy to see he hadn’t locked it yet, as a knock might have awoken her snoring boyfriend. You could not have scrubbed the cocky smirk off Joseph’s face when he saw his roommate’s girlfriend approach him wearing something she had just purchased from Victoria’s Secret.

My Girlfriend Sucked My Roommate's Big Cock While I Was Sleeping
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“How was work?” She asked him with a devilish smile, her hand caressing his chest and torso.

“It was good.” He said, the hard-on in his jeans getting thicker as her fingers traced his upper body. “Long night.”

“Can I help you…unwind a little?” She said, not-so-innocently.

“Only if you ask nicely.” He said, the smirk on his face growing, with only a centimeter of space between their bodies at this point.

“Please?” She asked him, smiling, and looking up.

“Please, what?” He said, knowing he was making her wet by getting her to beg for it. He placed his hand on her cheek and rested his thumb on her lips.

“Please…” She whispered while taking his thumb into her mouth. She licked the tip, then sucked it. Joseph laughed as his roommate’s girlfriend shamelessly threw herself at him. He wasn’t going to turn down this hot juicy pussy. Besides, she came to him, and Joseph didn’t like her boyfriend that much anyways.

“Have at it, baby.” He said unbuckling his belt. She gave him a hand taking his jeans down. Her eyes went wide, and her jaw hit the ground as she freed Joseph’s throbbing boner from his boxer briefs. Sydney could smell the sweat, leftover piss and pre-cum emitting from his package. Joseph placed his big hand on Sydney’s head and pushed her down to her knees. She was suddenly face-to-face with her boyfriends’ roommate’s big dick, and she realized she didn’t actually know what to do. This was her first time sucking big dick. She had never wanted to taste a man’s dick up until a few days ago.

Joseph’s big dick traced Sydney’s lips from left to right, and she could taste the salty pre-cum his dickhead left behind.

“It’s even bigger than I imagined it would be,” Sydney said. She realized the tip of her thumb couldn’t touch any of her fingers. It was the most impressive thing she had ever seen.

“Bigger than you’re used to, eh?” Joseph chuckled, nodding his head to her boyfriend’s room.

Before Sydney could respond, Joseph grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face towards his pelvis. It was adorable to see this girl struggle to accommodate his girth, but her coughing and gagging would have woken up the house. Joseph knew he wasn’t dealing with a cocksucker, and this made him smirk. He was going to have some fun with her. Even though she obviously had never given head before, Joseph felt proud that she wanted to do so for him.

“I’m not very good at this…” She said when taking the head of his cock out of her mouth, wiping the pre-cum trail away that was attached to her lips.

“You’re kidding,” Joseph said sarcastically.

Getting impatient after watching Sydney play with his big cock, Joseph aggressively shoved his cock straight into her mouth. She was a fast learner and began moving her head back and forth in sync with his pelvic thrusts. Before long, he didn’t need to move – he had two hands full of Sydney’s blonde hair as she slobbered all over his massive cock.

Inevitably, Joseph was ready to blow his load, and he intended to send this girl back to her boyfriend her mouth full of his cum. However, both were interrupted by someone clearing their throat. Neither one of them had to look to the doorway to know Sydney’s boyfriend had caught them.

Sydney boyfriend was woken up by her gagging and coughing earlier. Not seeing his girlfriend laying in bed beside him, he assumed she was in the bathroom. However, after she didn’t return after several minutes, he went to check to see if she was okay, wherever she was. He followed the sounds of Joseph’s heavy breathing and wet sucking sounds. The last thing he expected to see was his girlfriend on her knees in front of his big cock roommate. She was bobbing her head on his big dick while Joseph had his head cocked back. Joseph was holding Sydney’s hair and using it to guide her movements in a tempo that suited him.

After Sydney’s boyfriend had cleared his throat, Joseph pulled his big dick out of Sydney’s mouth, held her chin and began stroking his throbbing, pulsating dick. Sydney went from being concerned about getting caught cheating on her boyfriend to being impressed that Joseph genuinely didn’t give a fuck. Sydney’s boyfriend was enraged at first but then realized if he had interrupted them, he probably would have gotten his ass kicked in front his girl. Joseph didn’t see Sydney’s boyfriend as a danger at that moment and instead saw him as an audience.

The first cumshot blasted Sydney right between the eyes, the second and third shots landed in her hair, the fourth on her forehead, the fifth covered her mouth, and the rest poured onto her cleavage. Sydney’s boyfriend was now the one with his jaw to the ground. It was one thing to see Joseph’s jizz dripping down shower tiles, but to see him shoot it – on his girlfriend’s face, no less – left him speechless.

“Well, at least I didn’t leave it on the bathroom tiles this time,” Joseph joked while panting. He gave Sydney’s roommate a thumbs-up and backed away from her to grab a towel. Sydney assumed it was for her, but Joseph began wiping his dick before tossing it her boyfriend.

“Toss that in the laundry for me, will ya, bud?” Joseph asked Sydney’s boyfriend with a smirk. Sydney used her shirt to wipe the cum away that was seeping into her eyes. “I need to get to bed, guys. Thanks for that, by the way.” Joseph made the jerk-off gesture with his fist to Sydney before looking at her boyfriend and giving him a cocky wink.

When Sydney and her boyfriend got back to his room, they didn’t say a word to each other, at least not immediately. Her boyfriend instinctively did what he was conditioned to do – clean up Joseph’s mess. The only difference was that this time, he was wiping it off his girlfriend’s face instead of the bathroom’s shower tiles. The smile on her face as he did matched the one Joseph fell asleep with.