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I had prom night all planned out. I even prepaid for a limo and hotel room! Both were put to good use by my steady girlfriend and my high school bully.
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I told my wife that my 19-year-old pot dealer had become my bully. She went to his place to stand up for me, but didn't come out of his bedroom for hours.
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My wife volunteered to tutor a meathead student to help him pass an exam. 48 hours later, she lay on our collapsed bed as his cum oozed down our wedding photo.
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Kyle was a white thug who lived in our neighborhood. The kid kicked my ass, fucked my wife and turned me into his servant. Then he took our wedding rings away.
My Bully Made Me Watch Him Fuck My Girlfriend

After I left the party, my bully took my girlfriend into a bedroom. When I got caught spying on them, I endured a night of extreme cuckold humiliation.
Office Intern Fucked My Wife on My Desk

A bully's bad attitude rubbed off on my protege, and within weeks, the kid took my job, moved in with my wife and kicked me out of my own house.
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I froze, standing outside my house, seeing my girlfriend snuggled up with my bully inside. After he threw her over his shoulder and onto my bed, they called me.
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My wife and I attended a party at the frat house next door. I left early after Mikey Ford, a college student living there, invited her into his bedroom.
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My wife told me to man-up and tell the frat-boy next door to keep the noise down. He refused, slapped me around and took a piss on my face, in front of her.