Mike was Andrew’s big brother, and although they looked alike, they couldn’t have been more different. While Andrew was cute, Mike was more rugged, his arched eyebrows intimidating anyone he talked to. When he shook hands with you, his grip would make yours seem feminine. Mike was strong and confident, but also conservative and very laid back. Like his little brother, Mike was very soft-spoken, but you could tell there was a dark side to him anytime he looked or grinned at you.

Best Friend Cuckold Stories: My Wife Shares a Bed With My Nerdy Friend Instead of Me

Andrew had moved in with my wife, Laryssa, and I. Days after his arrival, Andrew had me sleeping in the basement, directly under the master bedroom, where he now slept with my girl. Both he and my wife knew I preferred to sleep alone, often stating how the captain’s bed in the basement was more comfortable than my marital mattress. Although we were the same height, Andrew referred to himself as ‘bigger than me‘, and as such, need the bigger bed and room.

I told Andrew I would have to talk about the bed switch with Laryssa. He chuckled, assuring me she would be under the covers with him that night. In fact, he slapped my cheeks a few times and promised it before walking away, a smirk on his face.

I knew he was right. I can’t count how many times I would come home from work and find my wife passed out in Andrew’s arms either on my couch or bed. I always used the opportunity to sleep in the captain’s bed. Why inconvenience anyone? She was comfortable with Andrew so I knew it was a done deal before I even brought it up to her.

After Andrew moved in with my wife and me, he spent more time with her than me. In fact, I felt left out of the loop when they were together, with all the whispering to each other they did when I was around. She was physically comfortable with him too, her body moving sensually any time he touched her skin. It got to the point where a door was closed if they were together somewhere in the house, a clear physical message: ‘leave them alone‘.

My Wife Said Andrew's Condoms Were Triple the Size of Mine
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Laryssa and I were still a happily married couple, despite our lack of sex, or sleeping together in the same bed. If anything, we became closer after Andrew moved in, but in a different way. She seemed looser, more free, like something inside of her had awoken. She talked to me with sincere smiles – she was happier. I got the vibe she had been given something she didn’t even know existed, and whatever it was, it was big. My wife talked to me, but more like the way she did with one of her girlfriends than the man she married. I knew my wife well enough to know there was something she wasn’t telling me but really wanted to. I think he wanted to give me details of something, and I felt like Andrew knew what it was.

As each day passed, Andrew and my wife became inseparable, once they were both at home. I started to feel inferior around Andrew, just from the way he looked at me, at times. That smirk on his face was very suggestive, like he knew something I didn’t, like he was doing something I didn’t know about. He walked with confidence like he realized he had something others didn’t. When the three of us were together, it began to feel like high school – they were the cool kids, and I was the wallflower.

When the three of us were together, it began to feel like high school – they were the cool kids, and I was the wallflower.

A friend of my wife’s, Amy, saw me at a coffee shop one day, and we ended up talking for quite a while. She seemed fascinated with me, looking at me like I was oblivious to something. As one of Laryssa’s friends, I had no doubt my wife confided in Amy, told her things she wouldn’t tell her husband, girl-talk. But it was obvious Amy knew something I didn’t.

Amy and I saw each other a few times at the same coffee shop. She talked about Andrew and Laryssa like they were a package of some sort, pairing his name up with hers. She loved asking me questions about Andrew and Laryssa, but cryptically, as if she needed an update on a situation, and was dancing around the facts. When I eventually asked her why she brings up Andrew and Laryssa together as much as she did, she surprised me by saying she thinks I’m the most interesting person in her life right now. She failed to explain why.

The last time I saw her in the coffee shop, I mentioned setting her up on a date with Andrew, suggesting a double-date. She laughed and told me “the stud was taken”, but inquired about his big brother, my buddy, Mike. I was happy to set something up but wondered why she thought Andrew had a girl. I never saw him with anyone besides my wife.

I Was a 5th Wheel on a Date with My Wife

Mike invited Laryssa, Andrew and me over to his house for dinner and drinks, to make his first date with Amy less awkward with familiar faces around. I showed up late, coming straight from work. Andrew and Laryssa were already there. I felt like a fifth wheel, with Andrew getting all of my wife’s attention and Amy fawning all over Mike. The four of them had fun drinking, talking, laughing, and eating. I mostly was fetching things from the kitchen at the requests orders of both Mike and Andrew. Trying to be a gracious guest (and to give me something to do), I volunteered to clean up and wash dishes, while the four of them hung out in the living room.

When I had finished, Andrew and Laryssa were missing. Mike and Amy were making out, and when he saw me approaching them, Mike raised one of his arched eyebrows at me, which spoke volumes. I excused myself, telling Mike I was going to leave early and asked him to tell my wife and Andrew that I did. I asked him where they were, but he just snickered and went back to kissing Amy.

After I left, I noticed my wife’s car across the street, but no one inside. I called her cell and asked where she was. Laryssa told me she was still at Mike’ house with Andrew. When I asked where, I heard Andrew blurt out, “IN BED!”, before she giggled, told him to shut up, and corrected him in saying they were in the “BEDROOM…guest bedROOM”. She began panting heavily before the connection ended.

My Wife Was Cuddled Up in My Friend's Arms in My Bed
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I left Mike’ house early, leaving my wife behind with Andrew, while his older brother got to know my wife’s friend, Amy, a little better.

I forgot something, and when I re-entered Mike’ house, no one was in the living room. I looked around in the kitchen, basement, bar, and couldn’t find anyone until I heard a thud coming from upstairs.

After walking up to the second floor, I stood between two bedrooms with closed doors. Andrew and my wife were apparently in the guest bedroom, while Mike and Amy were in the room parallel to it.

All four inhabitants of the rooms started making moaning and grunting noises, and at one point, bedsprings started to bounce in both rooms, simultaneously. Those squeaks turned into rumbles, like furniture was shaking, perhaps smashing the walls. It was like Mike and Andrew were trying to outdo each other…but at what?

I suddenly heard the unmistakable sound of my wife screaming, and ran to the guest room’s door, but stopped short when I heard her giggle. She wasn’t in danger, but the closed-door dividing us clearly meant ‘do not disturb’, something I picked up on after Andrew moved in with us. Behind me, I heard Amy moan, in slow motion, about how thick something was. Not to be undone, Laryssa was trying to get words out between breaths.

“Sooooooo fuckinggggg biiiiiigggggggg……” were the only words I could decipher coming out of her mouth.

Mike asked if I had any condoms on me, as he already broke his last two.

Suddenly, Mike’ door opened and he walked out. He was a sweaty mess, wearing only boxer briefs and a t-shirt. Mike was surprised to see me standing in his hallway, but relieved, asking me if I had any condoms on me, as he already broke his last two. I looked in my wallet and happened to have one, something I picked up from the doctor’s office and forgot about. He looked at it and flicked it at me, chuckling, “dude, those condoms are way too small for me…”

I looked at the packet – they were large-sized. He laughed as he walked to the guest bedroom, knocking on the door, turning his head back to me.

“…and probably way too big for you”. Mike said with a grin.

Andrew opened the door, asking what we were talking about. Mike thumbed in my direction and mentioned my condom’s size, and the brothers shared a laugh while looking at me. Andrew reached into his back pocket and gave Mike a bunch of condoms. They fist-bumped before Mike walked back to his bedroom, dropping a condom in the hallway before shutting his door. Andrew pointed to the condom and asked told me to pick it up and toss it to him.

I grabbed the sealed condom packet and saw the size difference – his were XL magnum-sized. I raised an eyebrow, impressed, which made Andrew smile. I tossed the condom to him, he caught it with his right hand, gave me a thumbs-up and shut the door. Before he did, I saw the bare legs of my wife lying on the bed.

Mike and His Brother Andrew Were Fucking Their Girls in Parallel Rooms
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“Your Condoms are Way Too Small for Me, Buddy”

Hearing my footsteps walking down the stairs, Mike yelled for me to come into his room for a moment. When I walked in, Amy was under the covers with Mike. I couldn’t see her head, but she wasn’t keeping still. Mike pointed to a pile of clothes in the corner and asked me to do him a favor and wash them. I told him I didn’t have time but immediately changed my answer once Mike raised his arched eyebrow at me.

“I’ll have them clean and folded by morning, Mike,” I said, obediently. Amy immediately popped up from under the covers.

“Wow!” She said to Mike. “Andrew really has him trained!”. This made Mike laugh hysterically before looking at me, winking and nodding to the door, suggesting I take my leave. I grabbed all of Mike dirty socks, underwear, and t-shirts before making my way out.

“Wait, you forgot one!” Mike shouted. I turned around, my hands full of his dirty laundry. He reached under the covers, grabbed his boxer briefs, and sling-shot them at my face, making them fall into the pile of clothes in my hands.

“Thanks, buddy!” He said, before giving his attention back to the girl in his bed, a girl he was on his first date with, no less. Looking over at the guest bedroom, door still closed, I chose not to disturb Andrew and my wife, hearing furniture move in thrusts with each step I took down the stairs.