My girlfriend, Laryssa, and I were having a romantic picnic behind a school in our neighborhood. Even though we had a pleasant time, I was distracted by her beautiful legs, her cleavage, her gorgeous face…just the way she moved made my heart skip a beat. I made no attempt to hide my devotion to her, and had no shame admitting she was way too hot for a guy like me.

My Girl Gave Some Wigger Her Number, Right in Front of Me

While I was distracted by Laryssa, she was distracted by a wigger named Chris, who was playing basketball shirtless on a court parallel to us with his buddies. Laryssa’s eyes watched his chiseled body drip sweat as he dunked shot after shot.

Chris wasn’t a stranger to either one of us, though we didn’t know him personally. He went to the same schools I did, although he was a year younger than I was. He hung with a different, much cooler crowd, and truth be told, I would have loved to be friends with the kid. He was popular, and getting attention from that guy felt like some sort of social validation.

Laryssa knew of Chris from mutual friends, and from seeing him around our neighborhood often, though they had never spoken to one another.

Chris noticed all the attention Laryssa was giving him and paused his basketball game. He grabbed a towel and wiped himself down as he walked towards us sipping a water bottle. He introduced himself to my girlfriend, and the two started talking. Chris made no conversation with me, nor did he look at me when he handed me his sweaty towel and now-empty water bottle. Feeling awkward, I got up, folded the towel and left it on a nearby bench, tossing Chris’ bottle in the garbage on the way. I thought it was peculiar that he just handed me those two items as if it was my duty to clean up after the kid.

“Where’s Chris, dawg?” One of Chris’ thuggish friends asked another.
“Over there, mackin’ on another bitch.” The other wigger replied, pointing in my girlfriend’s direction.

Chris kissed my girlfriend on the cheek before walking back to the basketball court, walking right past me without any acknowledgment, as if I wasn’t there. He flashed the screen of his cell phone at his friends and received fist-bumps in response. From what I could see, it looked like my girlfriend’s phone number was what he was showing them.

I Cleaned the Thug’s House While He Fucked the Shit Out of a Mystery Girl in His Room

My girlfriend was out with a friend the next day, so my buddies and I went to the park for a hike. We were just hanging out, and at one point, I excused myself, needing to take a piss. Overhearing moans over the wall I was pissing on, I quietly hopped up and peeked over to see what was causing the noise. To my surprise, it was Chris, who had his back to me. A girl’s legs were wrapped around his ass, and although I couldn’t see her face, it seemed like she was kissing his sweaty chest and torso. Sensing someone watching, Chris turned his head and looked up in my direction, spotting me right away. I hopped back down and scurried away, rejoining my friends, worried that Chris would think of me as a peeping Tom.

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Chris saw me on the street a few days later and confronted me about spying on him. I was honest and told the wigger to him exactly what happened, though I was trembling while explaining myself to the kid. I realized that was the first time he and I had ever spoke.

Chris seemed to be judging me while I nervously rambled in front of him, finding it hard to maintain eye contact with the alpha male. I felt less intimidated when the wigger invited me over later that night, I didn’t ask why, I just said I would be there when he told me to swing by at 10:00 pm sharp.

I showed up at Chris’ house at 10:15 pm, not expecting him to be as irritated as he was about my tardiness. The wigger told me he was in the middle of fucking some hot chick, and that he had to drag his big cock out of her to answer the door. I realized that if I had arrived on time, Chris would have started to fuck whoever the girl was he had upstairs after letting me in.

Clean My House While I Fuck Your Girlfriend
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“I want you to clean my place up while I’m upstairs fucking my new bitch,” Chris said to me with a serious look on his face.

“Why did you invite me over if you had company?” I asked. That earned me a slap from the wigger. A very hard one.

“I just told you, faggot,” Chris replied as I held my cheek. “Man, I dunno what this bitch is doing with a guy like you.”

I don’t know what he meant by that, but it was clear that Chris was taking advantage of the inferiority I had towards him. He sensed my disappointment.

“Why else would I invite you over, faggot?”

I had no reply. Did he think I was some kind of clean-up boy? Did he think I was gay?

I didn’t feel bad about cleaning up Chris’ home, in fact, I wanted to leave a good impression on him, though I’m not sure why. I vacuumed, dusted, washed the dishes, did his laundry, scrubbed his toilet, and tided up his entire home, and by the time I had finished, Chris was still fucking his girl upstairs. Even though the hip-hop music was blasting out of his speakers, the vibrations of the bass were on par with how hard Chris’ bed was shaking and slamming against the wall. I had never heard a woman scream the way this girl was. It was hard not to be impressed by Chris’ sexual superiority.

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I left my number behind for Chris before I let myself out, not wanting to ruin another moment in bed for the kid. I was shocked when I got a text from him later that night, telling me how I half-assed it, and that he shouldn’t have had me over to begin with.

“I don’t know what I was thinking.” Chris’ text read. “Your girl says you do a good job maintaining your place.”

I guess Laryssa at some point told Chris I kept my place clean, maybe that’s why he invited me over to clean his house?

“I should charge you for wasting my time, homo.” Chris’ message read.

I texted the wigger back, apologizing profusely. I told him that I did my best, begging the kid to me another chance, again, not really knowing why his approval meant so much to me. Chris definitely had a hypnotic presence about him, that’s for sure. The wigger was gracious enough to let me be his “clean-up boy”, as he officially called me, again.

“Anything less than spic-and-span will be considered a failure in my eyes.” Was the last thing he texted me.

The More the Kid Ordered Me Around, the Less I Saw My Girlfriend

I made sure I didn’t do anything to leave a negative impression when I returned the next day. Despite Chris’ friends being over at the same time watching the basketball game with him, I managed to make the wigger’s place look immaculate. I ignored the names and taunts Chris’ bully friends hurled my way, but obliged whenever I was asked to fetch someone more beer or snacks. The guys saw me as a house boy, the hired help, and yet, no one was paying me to do what I was told. I really didn’t know why I was doing whatever Chris instructed me to, especial since we were practically strangers until the day he introduced himself to my girlfriend. I didn’t question why. I didn’t question Chris.

I left Chris’ apartment that day feeling great, mostly because of the compliments Chris gave me. He realized he had a good thing with me, and told me to come by on a more regular basis. By the end of that week, he had me doing his laundry, cooking his dinners, and washing his car. Chris no longer called me names, and instead, called me things like “good boy” and “little buddy”. I felt like I was his friend when he gave me a thumbs-up after I completed one of his tasks.

Instant social validation. Mission accomplished.

I got a rush listening to the girl Chris was fucking in his room every time I was cleaning up his place. I silently rooted for him each time that girl screamed out his name in orgasm. I never saw what she looked like though, since she always seemed to be on the business end of his big dick while I followed the kid’s orders.

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Unfortunately, the more I helped Chris, the less I saw my girlfriend. I let her know that Chris was now one of my “friends”, which seemed to make her giggle whenever I brought that up. I didn’t want Laryssa to know that I was running errands and doing chores for him, in case she would think of me as his “clean up boy” instead of his buddy. I never texted or called her when I was at Chris’ place either, because when I was there, the wigger’s instructions were my primary focus.