My Wife is Flirting with the Jock She Tutors in Front of Me

My wife, Laryssa, volunteered to be Rob’s tutor. Rob was about 6’2”, had the body of a football player, and was the complete physical opposite of me. He lived in the neighborhood, and the two of them had seen each other around. Upon meeting one day through mutual friends, Laryssa learned that he wasn’t doing so well in a few subjects and needed to ace several exams to graduate. Laryssa volunteered to help him get what he needed and asked nothing in return. That told the big jock that my wife had a thing for him. He, too, found he drop-dead gorgeous, despite being three years older than him. Rob was eyeing her up and down, checking out her beautiful rack, tight ass, and curly blond hair, and while he was doing that, she was checking out all the features she liked about him, from his big chest to his cocky smile.

What Laryssa was completely dismissing was that Rob was also the neighborhood bully. His assertiveness, aggressiveness, and attitude kept you on your toes – you didn’t want to get on the big jocks’ bad side. Plenty of guys in our neighborhood were thought of as wimps because of the way Rob publically humiliated them. He liked to do these things to get a rise out of people and loved to make guys look bad in front of their girls. This did not work against Rob – girls were drawn to his bad-boy appeal.

When Laryssa told me she was going to be tutoring Rob, she referred to him as ‘Moose.’

“Moose?” I asked Laryssa. “What kind of a nickname is ‘Moose’?”

“That’s what his friends call him, sweetie.”

“Wow. So, you guys are friends then, I guess.” I said with my head down, uncomfortable with my wife giving some other guy her attention.

One day I came home, and Rob was having a beer with Laryssa on the couch. It startled me, as they were sitting right beside each other, almost intimately. They barely knew each other, so their closeness was an odd sight. My wife was very affectionate towards him, and he loved it. When they saw me enter, neither one of them got up or moved. Layrssa invited me to join them for a drink. Rob, who didn’t even get up or greet me when I came home, gave me a look that screamed “Leave us alone. Now.”

I excused myself to get some work done and left the two of them alone, though I could hear traces of their conversation at times. At one point, Laryssa was on the edge her seat listening to Rob brag about some of the things he had done to “a few puny wimps in our neighborhood.” When he nodded to me saying the word “wimps,” he got a giggle out of my wife, making Rob smile confidently. Both he and I knew where this was going.

Somehow, the conversation started getting sexual, where my wife argued that most bullies are insecure on the inside, likely to compensate for something, looking at his crotch. I expected Rob to get mad, but he just laughed, saying that was not his problem at all.

“Just ask around.” He said with a smile, winking at her. “Or check out the goods yourself.” My wife playfully hit him on the arm, he lightly hit her back, and just like that, they were now sitting so close, they were almost snuggling. I couldn’t hear the rest of their discussion, but I could hear Rob tell my wife, “one day you’ll find out why they call me ‘Moose.’

Later in bed, she got a text from Rob. I was surprised at how fast their friendship was evolving. They went from knowing each other through a mutual friend, to having a beer on my couch, to texting one another at night. I looked over Laryssa’s shoulder to read her correspondence with the meathead.

“…You know exactly what I wanna see.” My wife’s message to the neighborhood bully read.

“Want a sneak peek?” Rob replied.

“Fuck yeah,” Laryssa said.

Suddenly, Laryssa squeezed her legs together and bit her lower lip. I placed my hand on her stomach sensing that she was ‘in the mood,’ but my wife seemed indifferent about my touch. The screen of her cell got all her attention, and her keypad was getting all her energy. It was as if I wasn’t even in the room. In fact, she excused herself to use the bathroom, reached into her drawer and pulled something out that I couldn’t see. Once she closed the door to the bathroom behind her, I could hear the unmistakable sound of her vibrator buzzing. Whatever Rob texted my wife, it really got her going.

Rob came by the next day, books in hand, ready for a tutoring session with my wife. He seemed irritated that I answered the door like he was expecting me not to be home. I invited him in, but was taken back when Rob grabbed me by my shirt and yanked me close to him with ease, asking me if I had any car wax in my garage. When I told him I did, he told me to make myself useful and wash his car before waxing it. My wife was standing behind us when this happened, and his sudden dominance of me was making her bite her bottom lip. Both Rob and I could see her subtly squeeze her legs together.

“You’ll find the hand-vac in the backseat,” Rob said to me, tossing me his keys. I failed to catch them, even though he was only 10’ away from me, which made Rob facepalm and shake his head. He looked at Laryssa while thumbing over his shoulder to me, chuckling. This dumb jock was subtly making me look like a wimp in front of my wife. Rob placed a finger on my shoulder and pushed, and just like that, I was on my ass at the front door looking up at the big jock. Rob gave me a thumbs-up and shut the door in my face. Laryssa made no attempt to check to see if I was okay.

It took me almost two hours to make Rob’s car pristine. For some reason, I wanted to leave him with a good impression. I was proud of the way I made his truck shine. When I came back inside, Laryssa and Rob were sitting on the couch, the meathead’s thick arm around my girl’s shoulders. Rob was sitting so close to her that Laryssa was almost cuddled up with him. My entrance was his cue to leave, and Laryssa told him to call her after getting the results of some exam back. Rob grabbed the keys out of my hand as he walked past me without even acknowledging the work I did on his truck.

Laryssa and I didn’t even talk about Rob afterward. I didn’t to talk about what a wimp I looked like being manhandled by some football player. I didn’t to talk to my wife about someone she clearly had taken a liking to, either. So we just ignored the elephant in the room, which didn’t bother my wife at all. Laryssa was walking around like she was on cloud nine.

Meathead Jock Asked My Wife Out in Front of Me
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The Meathead My Wife is Tutoring Kissed Her on the Lips in Front of Me

A couple of days later, when I pulled up my driveway, Rob’s truck was parked in front of our garage. Laryssa was leaning against his truck while he stood in front of her, almost hovering over her. His forearm rested against the door window, and she rested the back of her head as if his giant forearm was a pillow. Again, my entrance was his cue to leave. Rob looked at me and thumbed outward, signaling for me to back out of the driveway so that he could pull out. As I did, Rob leaned in and kissed my wife on the lips, a slight peck that made her knees wobble.

“I’ll pick you up at 7 pm,” Rob said to my wife while caressing her cheek. He didn’t look at me before getting in his car and motoring out.

I walked over to Laryssa, who was swooning, almost oblivious to my presence.

“What was that all about?” I asked my wife.

“Rob aced his tests!” Laryssa said to me ecstatic, grabbing my arm. “He said he couldn’t have done it without me. So, he’s taking me out to celebrate.”

Laryssa dolled herself up for her night with the meathead. One would have almost thought she was going on a date with him. I mean, she had her hair done up even prettier than on our wedding day. She wore the sexiest dress I had ever seen her in and was wearing fuck-me pumps that were clearly just purchased. The way her blond curled hair trickled over her cleavage intentionally drew attention to her big tits, which were practically popping out of her brazier. Man, I wanted to nail my wife so bad, but anytime I tried to touch her, she pushed me away.

“Don’t!” She said, shushing me away. “I wanna be immaculate for Moose. Do me a favor though, hun, zip me up, will you?”

“So…why do they call him Moose, anyway?” I asked my wife as I zipped up her dress from behind.

“I dunno.” She said, though her facial expression suggested she had a suspicion about the nickname’s origins. “He said I would find out tonight.”

I heard Rob’s noisy truck pull up to the driveway, and a moment later, the doorbell rang. When I opened the door to greet the big jock, he looked right past me as he walked into my house, making me back away timidly to get out of his way.

“Toss that for me, will ya, sport?” Rob handed me an empty fountain drink cup without even turning his head in my direction. Babe, you ready?” He shouted towards our bedroom.

Laryssa walked out looking gorgeous, and both Rob and I were speechless.

“You look amazing,” Rob said to my wife with a smile, his hand on her bare shoulders. “So fuckin’ hot.”

“Look who’s talking.” Laryssa flirted back, returning the smile as she traced his chest with her index finger. I don’t know why my wife would say such a thing – Rob was wearing a football jersey and jeans.

They began to make their way towards the door before Laryssa turned to me.

“See you later, sweetie,” Laryssa said to me. At that moment, I wasn’t her husband. I was a friend of hers watching her leave with another guy on a date. That didn’t even deter her one bit. Rob wasn’t looking at me, but his eyes did catch the boner protruding out of my pants before they left.

The Meathead Fucked My Wife So Hard That the Legs of Our Bed Collapsed

My wife got home that night happier than I had ever seen her. I asked how the movie was, and she said it was fantastic, but when I asked what it was about, she couldn’t tell me, she wasn’t paying attention. Her lips were glossy, and her hair was a mess, like the back of it had been gripped. She went to bed early that night, complaining about her throat being a little sore.

The next day I was frantically getting ready for work. Suddenly, Rob stopped by, and when I let him in, he told me to get started on another wax job on his truck. I told him I was on my way out, which he seemed happy to hear.

“You didn’t do that great of a job last time,” Rob said to me in a disapproving tone. “You need to work on that.”

When I returned home several hours later, I could hear moans coming from the house all way from the driveway. In fact, the closer to my house, the louder the moans got.

I walked straight towards the master bedroom when I got inside, and the sight before me made my cock almost burst through my pants. The legs of the bed had collapsed, so the mattress was at a 45-degree angle. Laryssa was on all fours, while Rob hunched over her from behind. Both were naked, and the air smelled like a mix of sweat and cum. While both of their eyes were closed, Rob’s mouth was wide open and was exhaling in gaps. I realized the big jock had just finished cumming inside of my wife.

Meathead Jock Came Inside My Wife in My Bed in Front of Me
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As he pulled his enormous cock out my wife’s tight little pussy, I could see that Rob’s cock was ridiculously thick, full of girth. It didn’t take a genius why his nickname was “Moose.” The meathead pulled the biggest condom I had ever seen off his huge cock swiftly with one hand and tossed it at a wedding picture of my wife and me on the nightstand. The condom was the size of a deflated balloon, and his cum filled at least half the bag! At least it did initially – parts of Rob’s cum came out of the condom when he tossed it, making globs of semen ooze down our wedding photo. In fact, his cum dripped down between my wife and me in the picture.

I backpedaled out of the doorway as he turned around to lay on the broken bed. Laryssa cuddled up in Rob’s arms to keep from sliding off the bed. They had whispered to each other before silence took over, and I realized my wife had passed right out, likely from the hard fucking the jock just gave her. I know I should have been mad, but part of me was in awe of this stud. He could have cared less that Laryssa was a married woman. He wanted to fuck my wife, and he did because he could.